Pohnpei Surf Club

Micronesia: Pohnpei

All year round warm water surfing in a riverside setting close to all amenities. Easy access by boat transfers to a choice of waves including P-Pass.


Our staff is the heart of our operation. They are the ones who will make your trip easy and enjoyable while in Pohnpei. Fishermen, dive masters, spear fishermen, tour guides, surf guides, story tellers…all these guys know their island, the land, and ocean like no one else. This is what they have been doing all their lives. This is what they love doing (but they still like fishing better than they like surfing). Years ago enjoying this life style was their daily routine. Now they share their island life, secrets, local knowledge and stories with us. You will be surfing, cruising, fishing or just hanging out with some of them on a daily basis.

By the end of your trip you will understand why we consider them the center of our operation. 

Meet your new friends:

  • Beru — Boat driver, surf guide, fisherman, mechanic, scientist, story teller, tour guide, movie star.
  • Roro — Boat driver, surf guide, fisherman, tour guide, singer.
  • Jerry — Boat driver, surf guide, fisherman, spear fisherman, master of the oceans and jungles.
  • Justin — Dive master, surf guide, tour guide, boat driver, fisherman, spear fisherman.
  • Anson — Boat driver, surf guide, tour guide, fisherman, spear fisherman, diver.
  • Walik — Tour guide, security, master boat repair man.
  • Atele — General Manager, Ukulele player/singer.
  • Veronica — House keeping.
  • Janet — House keeping.
  • Polly — House keeping.
  • Eddie — Fisherman, mechanic, electronic engineer.

Over the last 8 years we have been catering to the needs of surfers, divers, fishermen, and tourists in general while they're vacationing or working in Pohnpei. Enjoying Pohnpei is what we do for a living and we would be very happy to have you with us on your next trip.


Conservation Society Of Pohnpei

Considered to be the “emerald” of Micronesia, Pohnpei is a lush, green island formed five million years ago by turbulent volcanic activity. The island is home to a wide variety of natural habitats including barrier reefs, lagoons, mangrove forests and upland forests. Pohnpei’s dwarf cloud forests are among the lowest in the world at 450 meters and the volcanic bowl of the island boasts the largest intact lowland tropical forest in the world. These habitats support a remarkable abundance of unique flora and fauna, sixteen percent of which is found nowhere else on earth. The Serehd (Pohnpei Lory), a brilliant red bird with hints of green and gold, and the Pohnpei mountain skink, a tiny coppery lizard, are both completely unique to the island. Outside the reefs of Pohnpei, scientists recorded the largest grouper spawning aggregation in the Indo-Pacific region. Recent assessments have revealed new coral and fish species on Pohnpei’s reefs, as well as coral species range extensions. Unfortunately, the unique habitats of Pohnpei are disappearing at an alarming rate and will continue to do so unless preventive measures are taken. In the past 25 years, the intact interior rainforest of Pohnpei has been reduced by more than 25 percent. Native plant and animal species are being threatened by introduced non-native species. The importance of these environments is only beginning to be understood and the possibilities of their future value are immeasurable. The protection of these areas is not only a necessity for ecological health and natural preservation, but also for the welfare of present and future generations of Pohnpeians. The Conservation Society of Pohnpei was founded in 1999 by a group of local individuals concerned with the need to preserve Pohnpei’s natural heritage while encouraging sustainable development. Over the past eight years we have grown to become one of the region’s premier conservation groups, leading the way in Pohnpei’s environmental movement through our myriad of partnership work with local communities, government agencies and organizations. We strive to mobilize community participation in resource management, promote conservation policies and laws, and develop successful alternatives to resource exploitation.In its first year, CSP completed several public education and awareness activities.  These included conducting quarterly island-wide cleanups, producing radio programs and publications, and hosting school and community presentations to raise awareness about Pohnpei’s rich biological diversity and the threats to these resources. The results were very encouraging. Municipalities and communities are now carrying out regular cleanups and aluminum recycling, traditional and political leaders are aware of CSP and support our programs, and schools and communities are starting their own conservation projects. Over the past eight years, the organization has grown to include 20 full time staff members and several volunteers working on a variety of conservation related projects from Watershed Management to Marine Protected Areas. Since its first day in Pohnpei, the Pohnpei Surf Club has joined CSP, helping them financially, with man power and donating their boats and labor to help keeping Pohnpei pristine. A part of every PSC guest’s payment goes to CSP. All the mooring buoys you will see at most surf and dive spots are a joint effort between CSP and PSC. Year round our staffs monitor, replace and install new mooring buoys so your boat can safely tie to them, and at the same time avoid coral destruction by boat anchors.  PSC highly encourages it’s guests to visit the CSP office, and join them in keeping Pohnpei beautiful.

When to come 

Which is the best month to come?

For the last 4 seasons waves have been good and not so good during every month of the season. Every year it is different. During our early season, September, October, November, up to mid-December, we get the cleanest conditions. There were years where September had more good days then peak season. One thing is for sure during early season. We get the least winds and get to surf the East, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and possibly even the outer atolls. Not only do the conditions get really clean during early season, the winds also shift from trade winds (NE) to Southwest, bringing the east side alive. Early season swells can come from typhoons to the West, from North Pacific lows off Japan or trade winds swells from the East. During the month of December and January the trade winds can come back and some times they do come back strong. The trade winds cycle can last all the way to May but not necessarily strong. Light to moderate trade winds are good for P-Pass. During the last two seasons wind conditions were perfect during the month of February, March and April. During the months of December thru April, most swells come from the North and P-Pass is the place to surf. As we said, we have seen perfect waves every month from September thru late April but not necessarily every month of every year. It is different every year.

On average 85% of our guests do surf good waves, 60% surf it under epic conditions. So which is the best month to come? We will let you answer this question.


Surgical Strikes

The Pohnpei Surf Club, World Surfaris, Wave Hunters and Global Surf Guides do have the Surgical Strike trips figured down to the minute. No more waiting for waves. Fly in, surf and fly out. We will drop you in a perfect line up one hour after you get off the airplane. Working with the best surf forecasters and travel agents in the surf industry and the Pohnpei Surf Club local knowledge will get you into perfect surfing conditions with 24 hours to a week notice.

If you have the flexibility to leave in a minutes notice, send us an e-mail and we will put you in our Surgical Strike list.  


December 24th, 2008
Allois and crew, you guys have got this place dialed up. From the boats to the endless sashimi on the sushi train this may have been the best surf trip ever!
From the moment I stepped off the plane the waves never dropped under head high and I never surfed with more then 5 people out at one time. Had the most perfect wave of my life. Never thought it was possible to get 3 shacks on the same wave. Had the best session of my life just me and Isaac (surf guide) trading perfect P-Pass barrels all afternoon by ourselves…something I will never forget!!!
Thank you for making me feel like part of the PSC family.

Allois, Hayley, Katie and Milla, Best to the family.


Isaac, you're the man!
Thank you for being on the shoulder to watch me get barreled off my head.

Much love, John Pickle, San Diego.


January 5th, 2009
Kaselehlie (?) / Aloha Allois
Best tubes of my life (backside).
3-6 foot Hawaiian with bigger sets.
What can I say? This trip was a dream. We also went diving and trolling just to add icing on the cake.
The food was good, the boat men were great and Isaac was a stoked surf guide (and he rips too!).
I hope to return but don't know if it will ever be this good again.
Aloha and Thanks.

Rodney Collins
U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq.


January 6th, 2009
PSC Crew
Thank you for the wonderful hospitality. Good luck moving forward with your family Hayley + Milla.
So many great moments. The people, their culture, the landscape, and most important the water and magic that it entails.
From the best conditions of the season to date (31/12/08) to the awesome crew that shared a couple of perfect days at Palikir.
A special thank to your drivers + staff included Isaac, the PCR restaurant staff, always willing to extend a helping hand.
The fishing trip to Ant and snorkeling was awesome.
Many thanks to Jerry, Walik, Toshio, Johnny, and all the special characters that made this trip the best holiday I had.
I shall return
Until then may you continue to enjoy the success that comes from running such a good ship.

Peter Varney (Victoria, Australia)


I would definitely say it was the best right I have ever surfed. It was unbelievable. They were easily the most perfect waves I have ever caught in one trip for sure.

Shane Dorian


The trip was amazing! thanks for organizing our flights etc. That day of surfing at P-Pass was easily the best of my life! the wave is like reverse teahupoo! everything was so well organized pick ups, boats, food and accomo it was all epic!

Mark Matthews


It was the best session of surfing I have ever had. To surf waves like that with me and only two other mates out was incredible, its the best right in the world by far.

Dan Ross


Thanks for inviting me along. This has been one of the best trips I have ever been on. We scored good waves every day. That right-hander Sonden's on the big day blew my mind. I wish I had my 6'8" on the boat so we could have had a go at some of the 10-12 foot bombs. The beetle nut was a memorable experience along with the hazard control chicks. Loving the Sakau and vodka deadly.

Tom Innes


Cheers Allois and Chris had a great trip, plenty of things to do. P-pass looks amazing and the few moments it came to life was sick. One good barrel made my trip and all my mates that are here with me. Food was good if not great. Weather was sick pretty much the whole time. Thanks guys you have done a great job. Stoked to have been here.

Ian "Wooly" Macpherson, West Aus.


An epic adventure to the heart of Palikir. Looking out more than in. Riding fast and high, exploding ocean warping by…some of the best barrels of my life… Stoked. Thanks boys. 
Keep it up

Kierren Perrow


Thanks for the great time. Didn't get much surf- it didn't reach the high waves of the prior epic sessions but it was a fun wave the whole time. The hikes to the ruins, gun emplacements, waterfalls, and fishing added a whole other layer of things to do. The larger falls are some of the best I've ever seen. I'll be back.

Jeff Divine


Amazing place you have here guys. Never ran out of things to do. P pass is perfect. Can't wait to come back and get it with some more size. Stay away from Allois. He is a creepy man, nah LEGEND. Chris and Sonden all top guys. I will be back for more perfect barrels and big pits. Adios.

Simon Ormerod


That P-pass wave is a piece of shit. Wish it would barrel, ha kidding. The best wave I have ever surfed and the afternoon beers don't taste any better. Cheers.

Beau "Naughty" Emmerton


Been around the world a million times. Seen the best waves in the world but this trip was one of the best. P-Pass is f*@#!ing sick at two feet or eight to ten the place unbelievable. To all the boys at the camp…great work.

Gary Kong Elkerton


Just had the best surf trip of my life. Insanely sick barrels, great crew, and great people. Thanks for giving us a taste of paradise. Allois and Chris, Sonden, Biro and Roro - you guy's rock.

Donny Valenzuela


Thanks to all the boys; Allois, Chris, Sonden, Biro and Roro. The trip of my life. Best barrels and best time ever. Can't wait to see you all soon.

Chris "Roots" Ruotolo


We scored six to eight foot P-pass. Everyone calling it their best day of surfing ever. Thank you Allois and Chris and the boat boys. I'll be back

Andrew Shield


Thanks Allois and Chris.
Surfed some of the most perfect waves of my life. The most tubes I have ever had on a trip that's for sure. Thanks again to Fred and the boys. This island is paradise.

Brenden Margieson


Most epic session ever.
P-pass is by far the best right in the world

Dylan Longbottom


Thanks for all the hospitality and the most fun I've ever had at a surf camp with a flat spell… Never laughed so much in my life. Good on ya crew. I'm going to bed early.

Spider from Coolum


Allois, Chris, Sonden, Biro, and Roro you guys have shown me something I'll never forget. Thanks you so much. Scored perfect P- pass with only a few guys. Longest and best barrel I've ever surfed. Can't wait to come back. Keep an open room for me if the swell is supposed to be big. I'll be on my way.

Ian Powell


What a fantastic place. P-pass has the perfect setup. Allois, Chris, Sonden, biro and the crew were great.



To all you crew out there may be wondering about going to the Carolines. I first came to the Carolines 5 years ago. I fell in love with the island, the people and the waves. P Pass on its day would be one of the best waves in the world. It is ever possible that you may get the barrel of your life. There are also some really fun set up around the island. These can offer up some great option when it is to small for P pass. Allois runs a great camp with good ac-com and great fishing trips and loads of great day trips for those flat days. There is never a 100% that you will get waves, but that is half of the adventure. Either way you will really enjoy your stay with Allois and his great staff, and you may get barreled off your face.
Many Thanks for so many great memories.



I have been wanting to send you some pics from our trip back in Feb 2007 for months. Our computer has a virus and I had to get all our photos off the computer, a good chance to make another copy to send to you guys. I mainly wanted to send the few shots of Gerry, to show him. He was a top guide and played a big part in our trip being such a perfect holiday. We where all very impressed with all your staff and cleaners and facilities that made the trip so good.
Every part of our trip was excellent, from our rooms, the local food, local hospitality, daily island tours, transport, weather, and the waves just topped off the perfect trip.
We all regularly call each other on the phone or emails to just relive every part of our trip, the photos just help to keep the memory there daily. I have 360 shots which Jye and I look at regularly. I think we will keep doing that for years to come. I still haven't edited our video yet, 3 hrs footage to try and cut down to an hour or so. Not just the awesome waves but the landscape, people, views and local culture was a big part of our trip, that we all treasure as fond memories.
Thanks for a great time, we all hope to get back soon. I have to take my wife on our 20th anniversary for a holiday this summer but hope to get back the next year. I just hope the place isn't too popular by then with every surf team and surf magazine wanting to get there whenever it is on. The trip with Mark Matthews and Shane Dorian was an awesome session, big topic in mags at the mo with the big call BEST SURF TRIP EVER>!!!!! It definitely looked it.
Well thanks again, say hi to Gerry, Beero, Wally, Sirpino etc., and if you ever need a building team to help you build the new facility, let us know. Love to help build your new camp.

Dave, Jye & Brad


I want to thank you for the best trip of my life!!  I caught the best waves I have ever seen and the trip of a lifetime really held up to it's expectations.  As you know I was in Pohnpei for a total of 8 days and surfed for 6.  Just swell after swell.  The hospitality of the locals was unmatched by any other place I have been too.  Not to mention the insane fishing that we also did.  I have never been fishing and caught something in less than 1 minute of getting the lines wet.  Unreal.  The second day I was there we went to Ant atoll as we were waiting for the swell to arrive.  We caught a Wahoo on the way, and then went snorkeling on a reef that was thriving with marine life.  Saw a black tip swimming below us and all kinds of tropical fish as well.  After we snorkeled we went to a deserted beach, started a fire and cooked the Wahoo.  Just like the show survivor.  Had a few cold beers and just floated in the bluest water I have ever seen.  After that I thought this is the most perfect day I have ever had and we didn't even surf yet!!  After relaxing on the beach we left Ant and headed to pass to see if the swell was early.  Luckily it was and I got a barrel on my very first wave.  We surfed for 3 hours then headed back to the camp for dinner.  The next day the swell fully arrived and it was insane.  4 foot overhead + and no wind.  It was one reeling barrel after barrel.  I had never seen anything like it.  I surfed three sessions and we stayed all day.  During the trip I took a total of 600+ pictures in between sessions and had just as much fun watching the waves as I did surfing them.  As you know I traveled by myself and was a little apprehensive about that.  It didn't matter because I met some of the coolest people on earth and still keep in touch with all of them by email.  Aussies, Brazilians, Americans, and a US soldier that came from Iraq .  There were all different types of people and every one of them I consider a friend.  If anyone is out there looking for a trip and wants to surf perfect un-crowded waves book it now!!  Palikir is an awesome wave that breaks just like all the pictures and videos show.  I came all the way from NJ and would leave again tomorrow if I could.  Thanks for helping me realize a dream that I have always wanted.  All surfers want that same thing, perfect unspoiled waves that break for ever.  Palikir is that wave and you will find it is worth every cent.  I could go on for hours about the trip (my friends know this because I talk about it almost daily) but I will keep it short.  Thanks again, I can't wait to go back!!

All the best,
Joe Butler (Buttress), Avalon NJ

PP/Night from US$ 148