Pohnpei Surf Club

Micronesia: Pohnpei

All year round warm water surfing in a riverside setting close to all amenities. Easy access by boat transfers to a choice of waves including P-Pass.

Amenities & Activities

The Pohnpei Experience 

Here at the Pohnpei Surf Club we want every guest, surfer or non-surfer, to really enjoy The Pohnpei Experience: to see the most and the best of Pohnpei without hassles. We want to keep our guests busy with all the island has to offer from the moment they step off the plane. At the Pohnpei Surf Club we do our best to make sure there is never a dull moment.


There is so much to Pohnpei besides surfing that it is hard to find a place to start:

  • Nan Madol. Ancient, incredible are the mysterious Ruins of Nan Madol. Words or pictures are not enough to explain what you are about to see. You have to be there in person to feel and try to understand the meaning or try to figure out how it was built.
  • Waterfalls. From a five minute easy hike to an all day six waterfall tour. What would you expect from an island with tall green mountains and lots of rain? There are more waterfalls in Pohnpei than you will ever be able to see on one trip.
  • Outer Atolls Excursions. Ant and Pakin are located 10 and 30 miles off shore, respectively. Incredible diving, deep sea fishing, beaches, reef passes, snorkeling, and bird watching. All the guests we have taken there said these were the most beautiful beaches and unreal water they have ever been to or seen in their lives. Other places you have visit in order to enjoy the feeling and understand the islands are Nahlap and Black Coral. These two islands are located on the barrier reef on the south west side of the island, tranquil local style resorts with thatch roof bungalows. Black Coral is a Marine Protected area where fish such as grouper spawn during certain times of the year. It's one of the best places in Pohnpei to dive and see the aggregation of these fish by the hundreds. Nahlap on the other hand is one of the best fishing grounds in Pohnpei.
  • Hiking. Let's not forget all the hikes and lookouts like Sohkes Ridge, the World War II historical sites located in many different locations around the island, and the many good restaurants and bars.
  • Fishing, Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing, Hiking, Exploring, Diving

A day with no waves in Pohnpei means only you will have a lot to choose from the list above.

Other must-see-and-do things in Pohnpei:

  • Go to the Rusty Anchor. One of the best bars on the Island and now with an excellent menu and wood oven baked pizzas.
  • Coco Marina. Bar, restaurant, hang out, good grinds.
  • PCR All You Can Eat Rotary Sushi. Only $8.00. Eat until you drop! From 11:30 am until 2:00 pm. Also open for dinner with an Ala Carte Menu.
  • Sunset, happy hour and dinner at the Tattooed Irishman Bar/Restaurant at The Village hotel.
  • Simon's Market for some fresh (alive) mangrove crabs.
  • Cliff Rainbow restaurant for the best pizza and fried ice cream in town.
  • Joy Restaurant for the best Pohnpei Pepper Steak.
  • Cupids for good food, drinks and the best sunset on island.
  • Arnolds for a good meal.
  • Don’t forget Ocean View and Club Flamingo just across the street.
  • Plenty to do seven days (and nights) a week!


Most of our fishing is done outside the reef: casting, trolling and deep sea fishing. Most fish caught in Pohnpei when deep sea fishing are skip jack (aku), yellow fin tuna (ahi), Wahoo (ono), mahi mahi, sail fish, marlin, dog tooth tuna and rainbow runners. Our trolling is done anywhere from the drop offs all the way to Ant and Pakin Atolls, up to 30 miles off shore.

For guests who bring their own fishing gear, we recommend light tackle to fish at places where we surf. Small poppers and spoons, jigs or rubbers work good on most reefs. Big lures do not work in these areas. In front of the hotel really small tackle works the best. The smaller the better here, with spoon, small poppers or similar lures for fish like travelly, barracuda and snappers.
For a real fishing charter with excellent chances of getting big fish by spin casting or trolling, the Pohnpei Surf Club does half and full day charters to less fished areas, where you will not only get a chance at a big GT or a black Marlin, but also enjoy seeing parts of Pohnpei and surrounding islands which most people don’t get to see.

The Pohnpei Surf Club has won local and international fishing tournaments and has hosted fishing magazines and TV shows such as Hawaii Goes FishingHawaii Skin Diver (magazine and TV Show) two years in a row, and many articles in Hawaii Fishing News Magazine. When we asked Ben Wong (co-producer for Hawaii Goes Fishing) about how good his fishing trip to Pohnpei was, or how he would compare Pohnpei to one of the many other good fishing destinations he had been to, he told us his fishing trip to Pohnpei was as good as the best he had ever been too. That's a lot coming from someone who has fished all over the Pacific with the best charters.

Spin Casting and Trolling are our specialty. The Pohnpei Surf Club does fishing trips and also works with other local fishermen who can take you out on half or all day fishing charters. 


Yap has the Manta Rays. So does Pohnpei. Palau has the Blue Corner. So does Pohnpei. No wrecks here but lot’s of waterfalls and other land attractions, bars, restaurants, a little night life and the best of all, hardly any divers in the water. For most of our dives, your group will be the only one you will see out there, not to mention so many places to dive from a short 10 minute boat drive to outer atolls with top notch world class diving.

Pohnpei has nine Marine Protected Areas, an incredibly healthy reef ecosystem, reef passes, walls, manta rays, sharks, schools of travelly and barracudas, and dolphins. Let's not forget the outer atolls of Ant and Pakin. What else can you ask for?


 This is where we hope you will spend most of your trip — inside the boats using them to get to the best surf spots, fishing grounds, exploring Pohnpei waters or just cruising around. Our main priority with the boats is to get you quickly and safely from point A to B. In eight seasons we never had a boat accident with guests or a boat that had to be towed back to the camp from any unsafe location. Even if we have a motor problem we always have a boat on standby at the camp to come pick you up, or many friends on the island that would be happy to help us. Our boat pilots are born and raised here. No need of GPS for these guys. They know these reefs like the palms of their hands.

All our boats are very well maintained and equipped with cell phones, radio, first aid kits, GPS (when needed) coolers for food and drinks, ice, lots of shaded area, seat cushions, fishing and diving equipment (when needed). During the summer of 2012 (around July, August and September) we will be upgrading, fixing and adding a few new motors to the boats so they might look a little bit different (and better) than the ones described below. As of today, July 2012, we have four boats in operation. From 27 to 33 ft long, all fiberglass and mostly Honda latest generation outboard motors. We total more than 800 hp in our fleet. Our boats are ideal for rides in the lagoon, to the surf, shallow and deep water, with an average speed of 25 to 30 mph under good conditions. We do take pride in our fleet of boats to make sure you have a safe and comfortable ride. 

Boat Rides

We leave it up to the guests to choose when they want to leave based on weather, waves and activities to be done that day.

With up to eight guests we use only one boat. When we have more than 8 guests we use a second boat.
On most surf days we have a good breakfast and go. For long days out, we always make sure to pre-order take-out food for a second meal later in the day.

If we have two boats going, the first one leaves early, with or without breakfast, and the second one leaves around one to two hours later. That helps to break the crowd apart. We usually bring some snacks and water on the boat but you are welcome to bring your own food or order some take-out from the restaurant.

Ideally, we want to spend the whole day out, especially if the surf is good. When we do have two boats out, a group that wants to return to the hotel can go back on one of the boats, usually leaving the bigger boat out at the line up for a later return to the hotel.


PP/Night from US$ 148