Praia D’El Rey Beach Resort

Portugal: Peniche

Experience both top waves with a 5 star hotel at this perfectly located golf/beach resort on the west coast of Portugal, where guests can relax and enjoy the best of what Portugal has to offer.

Weddings & Occasions

Wedding Certification
Dream weddings don't just happen, they're planned. Certified Wedding Planners are trained to help. After completing demanding coursework, each Certified Wedding Planner is qualified to coordinate weddings of all types, including ethnic and military weddings. Relying on experience, training, tradition and old-fashioned intuition, Certified Wedding Planners can help you determine an overall vision for your wedding and help you execute each detail. That includes setting an event budget; deciding on a menu; arranging table settings; finding florists, fotographers and other entertainments for your big day.
  • Outstanding catering capabilities to enhance weddings, social events and theme parties
  • Skilled planners to coordinate events from start to finish
  • Wedding and Social Events Department to help you with unforgettable event
  • Wedding Planner to help you out to coordinate everything for your "special day"
  • Incredible interior areas with sea view to do any event that your imagination could think of
  • Fantastic exterior areas (garden, terraces, etc..) for you to do any event you could think of
PP/Night from US$ 155