Sama Sama


Unique surf trip, search for and surf perfect uncrowded waves anywhere in surf rich Indonesia on this super stylish and cosy surf charter yacht

Rates & Packages

Rates & Dates

Price per person / nightCharter / night
SingleGroupPrivate charter max. 8 persons
230,- €210,- €1470,- € 
2019 Schedule
104.02. - 14.02.
Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
219.02. - 01.03.
Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
305.03. - 16.03.
Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
421.03. - 30.03.
Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
504.04. - 15.04.
Sumba - Sabu - Roti - Timor
619.04. - 29.04.
Timor - Roti - Sabu - Timor 
703.05. - 13.05.
Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
818.05. - 28.05.
Sumba - Sumbawa - Lombok - Bali
901.08. - 10.08.Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
1010.08. - 17.08.Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
1128.08. - 06.09.Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
1214.09. - 21.09.Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
1329.09. - 09.10.Sumba - Sabu - Roti - Timor
1414.10. - 23.10.Timor - Roti - Sabu - Sumba
1528.10. - 07.11.Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
1612.11. - 21.11.Sumba - Mengkudu - Sumba
1726.11. - 05.12.Sumba - Sumbawa - Lombok - Bali

What is included / What not

Boat Trips include

  • Airport transportation to and from the boat
  • Full-board (3 meals per day, mixed Asian and Western food)
  • Drinking water, coffee and tea
  • Spot Guiding (no Surf Coaching)
  • Snorkeling- / fishing gear
  • SUP-Boards



  • Domestic flights (depending on route, organized by us)
  • Soft drinks, alcohol
  • Rental-Board on request

Extended Description

Get aboard the SAMA SAMA!

SAMA SAMA – you are welcome is the name of our boat and we would like to welcome you aboard to a journey to the other end of the world. This will be the most unique adventure of your life. We have successfully extended our routes from Timor up to the Banyak Islands / North Sumatra and even Maluku Island in the Pacific – pretty much everything Indonesia has to offer. And we are very proud of being the only boat offering this choice of routes!

The SAMA SAMA and its experienced crew will drop you next to world class waves, unbelievable secret-spots fit for advanced to professional surf level and to the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever lay your eyes upon, all lying in the midst of untouched nature at the centre of the Indian Ocean. Get aboard to enjoy a life in perfect harmony with nature and surf – SAMA SAMA!



Legend – average wave conditions according to surf level:
* Beginner ** Intermediate  *** Advanced **** Experienced ***** Pro


Bali – Lombok – Sumbawa – Komodo – Flores *** - ****

After the highlights in Lombok the SAMA SAMA takes us to the coastline of Sumbawa, home to secret-spots and world famous waves such as the perfect a-frame, Lakey Peak. For the grand finale we then lay anchor upon the shores of Komodo, to explore the depths of its fascinating underwater world, and pay the resident, pre-historic, gigantic lizards a visit.

Flores – Komodo – Sumba – Sabu – Rote – Timor ****

Giant lizards, untouched reefs, perfect lines, point breaks at dawn, virgin beaches at dusk, natives that have rarely seen a tourist and waves that have seldomly seen a surfboard. That’s what we’re talking about! A route into the pearl of the Indian Ocean!

Timor – Rote – Sabu – Timor ****

Spots unknown to marine charts, solitary beaches, stone-age villages and the island of Rote, famous for one of the most consistent left-hand-waves in this part of the Indian Ocean! Back to the roots!

Sama Sama Boat Routes

West Java – Panaitan Island – South-Sumatra – Enggano – Bengkulu **** - *****

More spots, more waves, more experiences, more adventure! Let´s discover the untouched flora and fauna of west Java, Panaitian Island and the active volcano Anak Krakatau. Surf highlights include Indonesia´s longest left on the Sumatran south coast and Enggano´s secret spots – an absolute must for every explorer and surfer.


Mentawai Islands **** - *****

The Mentawais are an island group to the west of Sumatra. Due to their extraordinary location, the Mentawais are blessed with literally thousands of waves. Countless islands offer an abundance of waves to a breathtaking, tropical backdrop. Waves, you have probably already seen in various surf magazines or movies, at every swell altitude and wind direction. Macaronis, Telescopes, Thunders, Lances are only a few of the many famous spots we will hit up together.


Padang – Telo – Hinako – Nias *** - *****

On this route, north of the Mentawais, you will cross the equator and cruise along islands with a huge potential of waves, consistent surf, several lefts and rights for all kind of tides and winds including surf spots suitable for the intermediate surf level. Like Nias, an island with more than “only” the world famous right-hander at Lagundri!


Singkuang – Banyak Archipelago – Simeulue – Singkuang **** - *****

Starting from 2011, the SAMA SAMA is heading further North. The Banyak Archipelago is a group of – it is said 99 – mostly uninhabitated isles, but home of great surf and world class waves like long deep barrels and nice walls.


Ternate – Northern Maluku Islands– Ternate **** - *****

In cooperation with the publishers of the world famous Stormrider Guide, the SAMA SAMA will explore the easternmost archipelago of Indonesia – the Maluku Islands in the Pacific. The surf potential in this area is enormous and the waves are very consistent between November and March. This trip will guarantee 100 % virgin waves, crystal clear water, beautiful beaches, untouched nature and native culture – get ready and be a part of it!


Explorer and individual trips for surfers, families and lovers of nature

Next to perfect waves and unscathed landscapes the Indonesian Archipelago also offers a spectacular underwater world. Dearly wishing you to be part of our unbelievable experiences, we offer individual boat trips to surfers, families and nature freaks in total boating lifestyle fashion, which includes campfires, hiking, snorkeling and fishing. Please do not hesitate to ask if interested. We are more than glad to help with any individual planning.

PP/Night from US$ 203