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Sri Lanka: South West Sri Lanka

Plunge into the blue-aquamarine hue waters of the mighty Indian Ocean. Surf extraordinary breaks in Mirissa that will leave you feeling stoked.

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Experience the very definition of luxurious pampering at our exclusive Mirissa spa hotel in Sri Lanka. We offer a range of authentic wellness treatments ranging from ancient Ayurvedic techniques to more modern therapies and massages. Feel your stress melt way as the nurturing hands of our expert masseurs gently soothe your weary body and natural healing oils and lotions revitalize your being, bringing you a sense of perfect peace and calm.


From romantic walks along an isolated coast to lying in wait for the elusive leopard at the Yala National Park, there is an astounding assortment of magical destinations waiting to be explored.

Visit the colourful fishing village of Mirissa and soak up some local culture, as well as indulge in the pleasures of whale and dolphin watching.

Discover a treasure trove in Galle, steeped in all its colonial grandeur. From the Galle Fort to the picturesque Galle International Stadium, where the world’s cricket crazed flock to at game time, the historic has something of interest for everyone.

Wildlife enthusiasts will treasure every moment spent at the Yala and Udawalawe National Parks where feline predators lurk in the grasslands and majestic elephants can be found grazing by a water hole. You may also want to call at the Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery in Galle to witness hatchlings scurry towards the comfort of the ocean. On your way, why not hone your surfing skills in Weligama?

Encounter local village folk as you cycle along dusty country lanes which pan out into lush expanses of greenery. Indulge in a good dose of culture and revel in the authentic vibrance the region offers. A mosaic of wonders are waiting to be discovered from your Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa’s doorstep, a veritable haven amongst Mirissa beach hotels.

  • Galle

    If you are interested in sightseeing in Sri Lanka, Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa is the place to be. Visit Galle, only a 30 minute drive from Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa, a city that lures you in with its alluring old world charm. It exudes the essence of colonial influence as vaguely familiar European architectures dominates the cityscape. Salty winds waft through the bustling boutique shops and markets set against the captivating backdrop of the grandiose Dutch fort – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Having served as a major trading port before colonial times, Galle is a historically rich tourist destination. Adding to the list of many attractions in the city the Galle International Cricket Stadium seamlessly blends in with the age old architecture of the city. The stadium has been the venue of a number of prominent cricket games over the years, drawing in thousands of fans from all over the world.

    The city plays host to the famed annual Galle Literary Festival, with the participation of numerous globally acclaimed writers as well as literary enthusiasts.

  • Unawatuna

    An idyllic coastal escape tucked away along Sri Lanka’s sundrenched south coast, Unawatuna is set against a picture postcard backdrop of golden sands, tropical greenery and an endless aquamarine ocean. Only a 25 – 30 minute drive from Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa, the ideal base from which to set off on Sri Lanka excursions, Unawatuna is famed for its crescent shaped shoreline and resplendent bay, with November through April being the best time to visit this corner of paradise.

    Surf the waves in freedom, watch as turtles plod their way to shore and snorkel in clear azure waters that harbour some of the most vibrant coral reefs and colourful fish. This charming coastal locale is home to a mangrove sanctuary and is also a bird watching hotspot, playing host to an array of endemic birdlife that can be found in the marshy areas.

    The many restaurants and bars that lie along the coast provide the ideal setting to enjoy a meal and some drinks while watching the sunset in all its grandeur. As the day bids a sweet farewell, Unawatuna becomes the perfect getaway to enjoy carefree nightlife.

  • Turtle Hatchery

    The tropical island paradise of Sri Lanka is famous for her natural miracles. This is why excursions in Sri Lanka are bound to have you coming back for more. The period between September – November is the turtle-nesting season, which sees 5 of the 7 species of sea turtles waddling towards the southern coast of Sri Lanka to lay their eggs for the next generation.

    Located 35 km from the Villas, the Sea Turtle Farm and Hatchery is a non-profit organization that helps ensure the next generation of sea turtles survive the hazards of poaching and other environmental concerns. Witness the organization’s commendable work by touring the facility and catch a glimpse of the tiny baby turtles paddling about their large cement tanks.

    You are also welcome to be a part of this worthy cause by donating to the facility. Or prepare for a night watch as the wonders of nature unfold outside of the Villa, when the majestic sea turtle merges to lay her precious cargo.

  • Wildlife

    Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa is an ideal base from which to visit a multitude of tourist attractions in Sri Lanka including both the Yala and Udawalawe National Parks, known for their exhilarating wildlife safaris that take you deep into the jungle.

    Yala National Park is one of the world’s best places to spot and photograph the majestic leopard. Best observed early morning or in the evenings, the endemic Sri Lankan leopard can sometimes be seen strolling along jungle tracks or basking on a rock observing its vast kingdom.

    Udawalawe National Park is famed for its safaris that give you a chance to spot the island’s iconic Sri Lankan elephant as they wander around in herds, oblivious to visitors. From regal male tuskers to calves playing in the water, these safaris let you observe these pachyderms like never before.

    On your adventures to the Yala and Udawalawe National Parks you may also come across deer, sloth bears, toque macaques, crocodiles as well as a stunning array of birdlife, making for a truly awe-inspiring excursion for the whole family.

  • Weligama

    Nestled a mere 15 km from Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa is the idyllic town of Weligama where colourful fishing boats are a familiar sight. Well known for its sandy crescent shaped bay, from which it is believed to have earned its name, Weligama is a secluded paradise that beckons one to unwind and indulge in the experience.

    • Should you be on the lookout for local supplies, then a journey to the area will prove to be worthwhile. From essential items to other ‘odds and ends’, the town is filled with an abundance of everything you would need on your travels.
    • Weligama further provides those wanting to hone their skills in the art of surfing, ample space to discover the thrills and spills of this absorbing outdoor activity. However, if you long for the more leisurely pace of life, heading over to the Taprobane Island. This enchanting isle pans out into lush green gardens where a private villa is found. Steeped in tales that date back to times long gone, the island once served as a playground for elephant polo matches and is today, a prominent tourist attraction Sri Lanka is quite proud of.
    • Whether it is the luxuries of the outdoors or the privacy of your very own island adventure, the absorbing locale of Weligama is sure to be a worthy companion.
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