Surf Berbere Surfcamp

Morocco: Taghazout

Customize your package at this Taghazoute based camp situated right above the water and a point break in front.

Rates & Packages

Rates 2016 & 2017

Surf packages in Taghazout Surf Camp
PackagesPrice per person per week
Surf School package390 £
Surf & Yoga package430 £ 
Experienced Surfer230 £
Surf Instructor Course4500 £
Bed and breakfast in Taghazout Surf Camp
Type of bedPrice per person/night
Double bed20 £
Single bed40 £
Bunk bed28 £
 Daily ActivitiesPrice per day
Beach Drop-Off and Pick-Up with Lunch8 £
Surf Coaching / Lessons with Lunch15 £
Extras Price per day
Surfboard Hire8 £
Wetsuit Hire8 £
Dinner8 £
Yoga8 £

What is included / What not

Surf Camp package includes:

  • 1 week bunk bed & breakie
  • Packed lunches & camp dinners
  • 5 surf lessons incl. kit hire


Surf & Yoga package includes:

  • 1 week bunk bed & breakie
  • Packed Lunches and Camp Dinners
  • 5 surf lessons incl. kit hire
  • 5 Yoga sessions


Extended Description

The Surf School

On your surf holiday, we will ensure that you learn to surf from the best qualified, most experienced and respected surf instructors in Morocco. Our surf coaches are all BSA trained and from Morocco. No other surf camp in Taghazout, or Morocco can boast that!At Surf Berbere we have very strict rules about how many people we will take to a point break. We are not interested in dumping 40 people on one spot and watching all of the locals get disgruntled as their surf session is ruined. We would prefer to break the groups up and help you learn to surf under the close guidance of your groups surf instructor. We limit groups to eight guests to one surf coach so you can be sure of some fantastic instruction.


Surfing Morocco

Morocco is a surfing haven for all levels of surfer. We have some of the best breaks in the world for experienced surfers, but also have perfect waves for beginner and intermediate students. Our experienced surf instructors are committed to taking your surfing abilities to the next level and are all fully qualified with SURFING GB (the new BSA). Each morning we will carefully select the best surf spots for the day taking you to some of Morocco’s most stunning surf locations. To save you the hassle of bringing out your own equipment, Surf Berbere can provide everything you need for the week. We have a full range of summer wetsuits and an impressive selection of surfboards from foam boards, to long boards, mini-mals, short boards, fish and even a bodyboard!

Taghazout Surfers Paradise

Taghazout has surf breaks for everyone. The beach breaks of Panoramas or Devil’s Rock are perfect for beginners learning to surf in safe sheltered bays. The reefs of Boilers and Mysteries give the more adventurous surfers the chance to experience the thrill of big take off’s on some pretty hairy boiling reefs. Finally, the world-class right-handers Killers and Anchors, give you the chance to stretch your legs and pump through some heavy barreling sections. We’ll defiantly find something suitable for you - whatever your standard! Our surf guides are dedicated to finding the perfect waves. Throughout your week you will visit as many of these as possible so you get a real feel of the area and the range of waves that it has to offer. Check out our Taghazout surf spots page for more info, pics and surf videos of the Taghazout area.

Surf Guiding, Surf Lesson and Beach Drop-Off

The experienced surfers often want to go for the surf guiding to hit all the best spots at their peak. They want to travel up to boilers early in the morning to get the glassy offshore conditions. We don’t offer this as an online booking option, as we need to make sure that people are being realistic about their ability. 
On the other extreme, there are lots of our guests who are learning to surf and keen to get the basic lessons on calm, safe, sandy beaches. These guests need to opt for our surf lessons package so that we can drive them to most suitable beach for the day, give them a solid morning of surf instruction, feed everyone on the beach and then have another full afternoon of surf instruction. 
Finally, we have plenty of guests that are in the intermediate phase, where they do not want to pay for surf lessons, but still want to be part of the group and get all the benefits of being taken to the best conditions. These people should opt for the “just beach drop off option”. (Ideal for the partner wanting to take photos!)



Intermediate / Advanced Surfer

If you're an experienced surfer then the choice of world-class point breaks should be all the temptation needed. Devil's rock, Panoramas, Hash Point, Anchor Point, Killer Point, Dracula’s, Boilers, Tamri and Immesouane are all within an hour of our camp. Taghazout is Morocco's best surf destination for a reason. Our guides will take you to every spot, show you every rock off point, and every exit that you need to try out some of the best waves in Morocco.
The coaches have been surfing all their lives, surfing is their life. They will help you with your bottom turns, your cutbacks, your floaters, every possible maneuver you need to work on. What else, well you know this thing they call localism, the local is guiding you. With Surf Berbere you get to avoid all the hassle, ride the waves that you are due, and so long as you respect the line-ups, the other surfers in the water will respect you.
If you don’t fancy lugging your board on the plane we have a pretty decent selection of short boards and fish boards for you to try out. Just make sure that you pay for a board when you make your booking and then you can test them all out. The general rule is that you are allowed to damage one board before we start making you pay for the damages! – You have been warned!

The Beginner Surfer

Morocco and Taghazout have plenty of good quality beach breaks ideal for all standards of surfing. Whether it's been a while since you've managed to get some water time or you're a complete beginner, we will find the perfect spot for your level. 80% of the people who come through the surf camp have done under two weeks of surfing and so you will not be in any on your own if you are just starting out!
We have a full range of NSP boards suitable for those who need to brush up their surfing technique as well as a full range of beginner soft-top boards for those first attempts at arguably the best sport in the world!
And where better to see if you're the next Kelly Slater than in the warm water and the sun!


Surfing Equipment and Lessons

All your surfing needs are catered for.  The surf equipment is included in the prices, including board hire, wetsuit hire and surf instruction lessons.  At all times there will be two locally trained surf instructors in the water with you.  These guys have been surfing these waves their whole lives.  They have trained and completed in all the tournaments and have years of coaching experience.  Essentially you can't beat local knowledge when it comes to hunting down the perfect waves in parts of Morocco that no guide book will ever find.

Surfboard Hire

We don't discriminate between long boarders and short boarders. In fact we even had a body-boarding manager! The price is the same, we have a pretty decent quiver, catering for most people's needs. These range from big foamies, NSPs of all sizes, some fishes and a few short boards. The second you start taking the short boards out, you start taking out the staff favourites, so be sure that they come back in one piece!Again, this is a phenomenal price, but it is only on offer for people staying at the surf camp! If you try and rent a board in town you will pay at least twice for a dinged up waterlogged plank! You have been warned!

Wetsuit Hire

We have excel, ripcurl, billabong, adler, boys, girls, mens, ladies, xl, xxl, xs and just mediums! Unless you are going to really throw a curveball at us, or you are a group of 16 XXL's we should have a few wetsuits that will fit you pretty well!Another decent price and really should make you think about whether you want to lug that mouldy hole ridden thing all the way out here and back!



Surf Camp Package

Enjoy one week full of surfing and don't worry about the details. Our package combines all that you need to have a great experience: Accommodation, food and surf lessons+hire. Be our guest at the Surf Berbere Camp and save money with taking the entire package!


Surf & Yoga Package

Give your surf holidays a special taste and combine it with yoga. Yoga is a perfect supplement to activate mind, body and soul. Enjoy the benefits of the surf package plus 5 yoga sessions, and save money!

PP/Night from US$ 36