The Balicamp

Indonesia: Bali

Beautiful surf camp in Balinese surf villa for only 16 people max. - arguably the best guiding of the island

Rates & Packages

Rates & Dates

Lodging & Board
Double Shared RoomNightWeek
Adult45 €315 €
Youth (13-17 years)-25%34 €238 €
Kids (8-12 years)-50%23 €161 €
Infant (4-7 years)-75%12 €84 €
(0-3 years)FreeFree
Single RoomNightWeek
Adult60 €420 €
Surf Guiding & Coaching
BSS - Balicamp Surf School260 €
BBG - Balicamp Basic Guiding260 €
BCG - Balicamp Charger Guiding340 €
BPG - Balicamp Private Guiding
70 € / session
BYG - Balicamp Young Guns - Kids (8-12 years)
26 € / session
Youth (13-17 years)195 €
Rental Board50 € / week
Lodging + Food + Surfing Lessons
Package1 week2 weeks3 weeks
Rookie Rider575 € (BSS)1081 € (BSS + BBG)
1484 € (BSS + 2x BBG)
Easy Rider575 € (BBG)1081 € (2x BBG)
1484 € (3x BBG)
Solid Rider655 € (BCG)1231 € (2x BCG)
1690 € (3x BCG)
Private Rider665 € (5x BPG)1250 € (10x BPG)
1715 € (15x BPG)
Young Guns (8 - 12 years)239 € (3x BYG)449 € (6x BYG)
616 € (9x BYG)
Young Guns (13 - 17 years)433 € (BYG)815 € (2x BYG)
1118 € (3x BYG)

What is included / What not

Lodging & Board Inclusions

  • Airport transfer
  • Shared 2-bed room AC & private bathroom Daily Full Board:
  • Early Bird Breakfast
  • Surfer’s Lunch (Mo.-Fr.)
  • Dinner
  • BBQ buffet every Friday

BSS - Balicamp Surf School Inclusions

  • 5x 1,5h in the lineup
  • 2x Ipad Video Analyses
  • Technique Soft Board
  • Surf Level Absolut Beginner

BBG - Balicamp Basic Guiding Inclusions

  • 5x 2h in the lineup
  • 2x Ipad Video Analyses
  • Surf technique

BCG - Balicamp Charger Guiding Inclusions

  • 7x 2h in the lineup
  • 4x Ipad Video Analyses
  • Surf technique
  • Day trip or extended session

BPG - Balicamp Private Guiding Inclusions

  • 1x 2h in the lineup
  • 1x Ipad Video Analyses
  • Surf technique

BYG - Balicamp Young Guns - Kids (8-12 years) Inclusions

  • 1x 1.5h in the lineup
  • 1x Ipad Video Analyses
  • 1x Basic Surf Technique All Surf Level

BYG - Balicamp Young Guns - Youth (13-17 years) Inclusions

  • 5x 2h in the lineup
  • 2x Ipad Video Analyses
  • 2x Surf School / Beginner / Intermediate Surf Technique All Surf Level

Extended Description


Lodging & Board

Service Features

  • Mango shaped pool
  • Chill Gazebo & tropical garden
  • Video corner
  • Spacious living and dining area Restaurant and Bar
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Friday Cocktail night
  • Camp Bicycle

Lodging + Food + Surfing Lessons

The Balicamp packages are including Lodging, full-board as well as Surf Guiding & Coaching. Benefit from a several week stay for best progress in surfing, a significant price discount incl. flexible upgrade and downgrade options.

Our eight rooms of different sizes are all air-conditioned and come with private bathrooms (one room has an outside bathroom). Some of the rooms have a balcony, a terrace or chill areas outside the room.

BSS - Balicamp Surf School

Surf level: absolut beginner

Are you a beginner with zero surf experience? Or do you want to refresh the basic skills?
With the Balicamp Surf School, you will learn the essentials of surfing in the safest way and quickly master the arts of board handling, paddling, pop-up and riding the white water. Our Rookie Rider Package jumpstarts you into Surfer’s paradise and gets you ready for the line-up.

BBG - Balicamp Basic Guiding

Surf level: beginner / intermediate / advanced

The Balicamp Basic Guiding & Coaching is designed for surfers who want to discover the best spots and develop their level from beginner/intermediate to advanced. Assembled in small groups according to your surfing level, our coaches will support you in the water for peak positioning and wave selection. During the Ipad video analyses, the feedback will help you to improve your surfing technique. The Easy Rider Package also gives you enough free time to enjoy other holiday activities like sightseeing, shopping, party etc.!

BCG - Balicamp Charger Guiding

Surf level: intermediate / advanced 

With all benefits of the Basic Guiding & Coaching tailored to suit your individual surf needs and goals, the Balicamp Charger Coaching offers two additional wave-rich sessions with filming. This Solid Rider Package is ideal for more serious surfers with intermediate to advanced skills and requires a higher level of physical fitness. This package includes day trips to places like Medewi, Balian, Jasri as well as extended surf sessions at the Bukit or the east coast of Bali. Also part of the package are two extra video analyses sessions - a real bonus for the super motivated among you.

BYG - Balicamp Young Guns Kids (8-12 years)

All Surf Levels

Our Kids Coaching from 8-12 years focuses on fun and safety and provides an instructor-student ratio of 1:2. Surf sessions are hold at Batu Bolong, Sandbar or Berawa Beach and include filming and Ipad video analysis.

BYG - Balicamp Young Guns Youth (13-17 years)

All Surf Levels

Students who participate in our Youth Coaching join either the regular Balicamp Surf School or the Basic Guiding & Coaching groups depending on their abilities and physical fitness. This Young Guns Package offers the advantage of a great discount.

BPG - Balicamp Private Guiding

All Surf Levels

With your own private coach, this Private Rider Package is the most progressive and individual form of Balicamp Surf Coaching to boost your personal ability level while getting the best technique advice. Suitable for every surf level. Private coaching sessions are tailored to meet the individual’s needs and involve a one-on-one, 2 hour session incl. Ipad video analysis.

Additional Information

BALICAMP Ipad Video Analysis

Review & analyse your surf sessions with your coach who will identify your common surfing mistakes and show you methods how you can improve your surfing technique step-by-step using the Ipad video analysis software.
Save your best surf clips on your USB stick, smartphone or computer and share it with your friends at home or on social media.

BALICAMP Surf Technique Theory

Explaining the key technique & most common mistakes of different surfing levels:

Surf School

  • surf equipment
  • board handling
  • paddle basic technique
  • positioning & stance
  • white water pop up
  • jump off
  • eskimo roll
  • white water turn

Beginner Surfer

  • green wave
  • wave selection
  • positioning / timing
  • paddle technique 3 phases
  • pop up green wave angle
  • middle line

Intermediate Surfer

  • high & low lines
  • speed generation
  • bottom turn
  • cutback
  • floater
  • carve

Advanced Surfer

  • finishing turn
  • reos / snaps
  • finner / reverses • flow / linking
  • combos
  • barrels
PP/Night from US$ 70