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Morocco: Tamraght

Traditional Moroccan surf riad with all modern amenities offering excellent value for money - Yogis welcome!


What do I need to know about coming Surfing in Morocco?


You cannot bring Moroccan Dirham/MAD into the country our out of the country and most places here do not accept traveller’s cheques (including us). You will need to get your holiday money either from the Cash Machine/ATM at the airport or change currency when in Morocco (we are happy to help you change currency also).



Morocco is a Muslim country so when you are walking through the towns it is respectful to cover up shoulders and knees. On the beach though, it’s perfectly fine to be in your bikini/board shorts but no topless sunbathing please ladies.


Tapwater is a NONO

Don’t drink the tap water. We advise everyone not the drink the tap water as it can make you ill so still to bottled water please.


It's Hot

Morocco is really hot so make sure you avoid sunstroke by wearing a hat, sun cream and drinking bottled water.


It's Not Libya

Unlike the problems in Libya, Morocco is a very peaceful country so you can relax on your surfing holiday! The local area is tourist friendly without being too touristy! It still has a unique untouched charm, yet many people speak english, french, berbere and arabic.


Surf for All Levels

You may have seen big waves in Morocco in surf movies like Sipping Jetstreams but Morocco also offers beginner beach spots so there is a great range of Surf Spots for all levels. Depending on the swell our Surf Guides will take you to the most suitable spots in the area.


Your Address Needed On Arrival To Morocco

Riad Imourane, Tamraght, Souss-Massa-Draa, Agadir, Morocco. (imourane is the name of the local area which also means Romance!)


Surf Star

We really take care of our guests so if there is anything you need, you will have someone around all the time! Check out our Trip Advisor Reviews to see guest feedback. We are a real moroccan Registered Company to trust with a patient caring staff to make your holiday really enjoyable.

PP/Night from US$ 33