Surf Star Morocco

Morocco: Tamraght

Traditional Moroccan surf riad with all modern amenities offering excellent value for money - Yogis welcome!

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How close are the surf spots from the surf camp?

In all of our surf packages we provide transport to a range of surf spots in search for the perfect wave. Here’s just a taster of some of our local surf spots.

  • 5mins walk – taghazout beach break crocodiles
  • 5/10min walk – devils rock, spiders and banana point.
  • 15min walk – k17 surf spot on taghazout beach
  • 5mins drive – K11, K12, panoramas taghazout beach, hash point, Anchor point
  • 10mins drive – mysteries, killer point,
  • 30min drive – boilers
  • 45min drive – tarmi
  • 1.5 hour drive – immsoane


How is the surf? Where is the camp located?

Morocco is one of the world’s prime surfing destinations. It is unique because there is something for everyone! Our Surf Camp is located on the famous Atlantic coast of Morocco, stretching across over 17 surf spots reachable in a day. Surf Star is a 5 min walk from taghazout beach (crocs), and walking distance from devils rock, banana point, spiders and k17. Famous surfers like Kelly Slater ride Anchor Point, Killer Point and Boilers while complete beginners can enjoy super easy going swells at surf spots like Crocodiles and Panoramas. The swell is bigger during the winter months, yet there are always sheltered spots for beginners to learn happily at.

When should I come?

Morocco offers great weather year round. Beginners can come to learn how to surf at any time of year. Intermediate and advanced surfers can get waves most of the year yet the swell peaks between September-April, as May-August the swell drops a little.


Do you offer surf photography and video feedback?



Which wetsuit?

3/2mm is good for most of the year. Sometimes you won’t need a wetsuit as it can get super sunny and hot with crystal warm waters!


Are the surf instructors local? Are they qualified?

Definitely! Our surf coaching team are local to the area (most are from the area!) and are highly experience, and fully qualified in surf coaching and surf lifesaving with Surfing GB and ASI. They have unbeatable local knowledge and excellent local connections within the Moroccan surfing community.

Nick Thorn, former ironman and accredited assessor of surf instructors internationally, named our surf instructor Mohamed “the best surf instructor in Morocco”. See our tripadvisor reviews to hear about the teaching and surf guiding quality we offer here. Everyone of all levels are welcome!


Can I fix my surf board in Morocco?

Yes, no worries. Fixing your surf board here can be very inexpensive. If we can’t help you out at the surf school we can take you one of the many local surf shops and help you arrange the best price.


What is the temperature of the water?

The water temperatures range from around 16-25 degrees celsius with May – November being the warmest waves.


What should I bring to the beach?

You will get your surfboard, leash, water bottle and wetsuit at the surf school which the surf coaches will load on the surf transport for you. Bring a beach towel, board shorts/bikini, tshirt and shorts/skirt, 20+ sun cream or higher, a hat, (umbrellas are provided, camera and case, a little money, maybe a good book).


Are there set dates/times?

As we intentionally have guests from all over the world, we do not have set dates to our surf holidays and surf yoga retreats. Instead, we have a flexible date system which means that guests can arrive and depart on any day that suits their travel plans. Most guests however come for 7-10days so we have included discounts in the prices for these options. Check in is usually at 4pm and check out is usually at 12pm, but it is possible to arrive at anytime.


Can guests cancel anything they have booked?

If you need make changes to your plans please let us know ASAP to see how we can help! If you have already booked something, it is the decision of the Surf Star Morocco manager to decide whether or not you are allowed to cancel/change it. This is because we work hard organising your holiday which takes a lot of organisation, money, staff and time. Please let us know in advance thank you!


Where do the yoga classes take place?

The yoga classes at surf star take place on the surf camps’ ocean view terrace overlooking the colourful Moroccan sun setting over the ocean. In the mornings, classes face the atlas mountains as the sun rises. There is a beautiful view of the Moroccan village rising up the mountain in one direction and the soulful Atlantic ocean in the other. To top the cultural experience of practicing yoga in magical Morocco, you also may hear the sounds of the local mosques eccoing across the village.


What styles of yoga are taught?

Vinyasa Flow, Classical Ashtanga, Hatha, Surf Specific.


Do we need to bring Yoga mats?

No yoga mats are provided.


What should I wear?

Bring loose comfortable clothing you can easily stretch in and some warmer layers for extra warmth in Savasana (relaxation at the end of class).


Do you get a lot of Beginners at the Yoga Classes?

We always have a mix of experience levels and abilities at the yoga classes. Surf Star intentionally offer mixed level yoga classes, so that beginners can try out something new on their holiday, and experienced yoga practioners can deepen their own practice through the introduction of our teachers extensive experience and passion for the practice. Most participants have also been surfing so this is also considered in the classes.


What is the currency of Morocco?

The currency is Moroccan Dirhams (written as Dhms or MAD). Collect your holiday money at the airport cash machine/ATM on arrival or in Aourir – a 2 minute drive away.


When is the full amount due by?

The amount is due on arrival to Surf Star Morocco, however if you need to collect money from the ATM/bank machine we can easily drive you there (2mins away) to collect money before paying. Travellers Cheques are not accepted. Morocco is a closed currency so dirhams are not allowed to be brought in or out of the country. We advise collecting money from the ATM or bringing euros/pounds.


Can I bring dirhams into the country?

Just 1000mad is currently the accepted amount to bring in or take out of Morocco. Morocco is a closed currency.


Should I tip?

Usually the money you give to one person in Morocco, brings food to their whole family. So yes please tip as you like, whether it’s 2mad or 200mad it’s good for the country.


How much money can I bring to the beach? Is it safe?

Maybe 50mad for a coffee/ snack. It is your responsibility to take care of your things when you are here but when you surf with Surf Star, there will always be someone around to keep an eye on your stuff. Most people bring their cameras and we leave them on the beach in bags together. You can also lock them in the car. The area is really safe and we have excellent local connections.


Can I pay with traveller’s cheques?

No. We do not accept traveller’s cheques. And nowhere locally do that we know of.


Do I need a visa?

If you have an EU (European Union) passport, valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date you don’t need a visa to visit Morocco as a tourist. Check with your nearest Moroccan Embassy for details if travelling from other locations.


What will my Moroccan address be?

Riad Imourane, Tamraght, Souss-Massa-Draa, Agadir, Morocco. (imourane is the name of the local area which also means Romance!)


What do I need to pack for a Surf Holiday?

Passport, flight boarding pass/tickets, bankcard (Visa if possible) or £/€ in cash, your moroccan address: Riad Imourane, Tamraght, Agadir. Hat, sunblock, beach towel, bikini/board shorts, t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, flip-flops, optional surf kit (surf board, wetsuit, rash vest), camera, laptop, chargers, travel adapter for Morocco (round with 2 bars 220 volts), a good book/magazine, clothes for chilling out/dress up as you like, hairdryer. If you come in the winter bring some warmer clothes for the evenings (jeans and sweater). You may want to pick up duty free alcohol from the Airport.


Do I need to get any Vaccinations?

Most people do not have any vaccinations done before (or after ) travelling to Morocco. If you have any concerns, please contact your doctor for professional medical advice.


Do I need medical insurance?

Yes. It is not compulsory but strongly recommended.


Which plug sockets are used?

Plug sockets here are round with 2 bars with 220 volts.


Can I bring a hairdryer?

Most rooms have hair dryers but we advise bringing your own to be 100% sure you have one. The surfed out messy hair look is welcome tho hhh!


Can I store my valuables somewhere?

Yes! Most rooms at our Surf Camp have number code safes to use free of charge. You can set your own code to lock it. There is also a security guard around 24/7 and sevurity cameras. This is just to be overly secure, Tamraght is a really safe area! We offer a really helpful and safe environment to stay in. You will be really well cared for, supported and looked after by our great team. The local area is quiet, safe and has a really nice community feel. We take excellent care of guests.


Can I drink at the surf camp? Can we go clubbing?

Yes! You can drink at the surf camp anywhere – around the pool, on the terrace, in your rooms etc. Agadir has loads of nightclubs and bars too if you’re up for a clubbing!


Which plug sockets are used?

Plug sockets here are round with 2 bars with 220 volts.


Can I bring a hairdryer?

Yes! Please bring your own hairdryers.


Can I fix my surfboard in Morocco?

Yes, no worries. Fixing your surf board here can be very inexpensive. If we can’t help you out at the camp we can take you one of the many local surf shops and help you arrange the best price.


We are a family; do you teach and accommodate children?

Yes! We love families! We adore teaching children how to surf and there’s something for the whole family here; Camel rides, Massages, Paradise valley adventures, beach time and lots of fun in the sun!


Do you have Wifi/Computers with Internet I can use?

Yes we have computers available for you to use with free internet. There is also free wifi available at the surf camp.


Morocco is a Muslim country so what should I wear?

Most people wear shorts and t-shirts in towns. Bikinis/board shorts are normal to wear on the beaches. It is respectful to not walk around town in your bikini as most Muslim women choose to cover arms/legs. Flip flops and hats are comfortable as it gets really hot and you can buy them here if there’s not much sun where you are. If you come in wintertime bring some jeans/trousers and a jumper for after the sun sets.


Do you supply bed linen and towels?

Yes we do.


What do I need to wear / whats the religion?

Morocco is a Muslim country so when you are walking through the towns it is respectful to cover up shoulders and knees. On the beach though, it’s perfectly fine to be in your bikini/board shorts but no topless sunbathing please ladies.


What’s the language?

We teach in English. The local languages are French, Berbere and Arabic. It’s a heart warming culture with friendly welcoming people. Shukran means thank you, Salam means hello, and its is common to shake someones right had and put your hand on your heart when saying hello.


How can I book Paradise valley trips, hammams and massages?

Yes when you are here. This ensures that is it a good day to visit Paradise valley (or that you don’t miss an amazing surf day). Simply let us know you are interested when here about hammam and massages, we will book you in and walk you to the door ( its just 2mins walk away from the surf camp).


Where is the souk (market)?

The local souk is on each wednesday in banana village Aourir (2mins drive away). The Agadir souk is on each day except Monday and closes early on Friday.


Can I ride a camel?

Yes you can ride a camel at the local beach and even get the token surfer on a camel pick with your surfboard.

PP/Night from US$ 33