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Morocco: Tamraght

Traditional Moroccan surf riad with all modern amenities offering excellent value for money - Yogis welcome!

LowPressure’s Stormrider Surf Guide says

Despite its North African location, Morocco is very much a part of the European surf trail. Located between 20° and 35° latitude with a NW facing coastline, Morocco has all the key elements for an outstanding surf destination. The Tarhazoute area in the south nestles behind a big cape, which funnels the predominant north winds into an offshore direction. The spots are all easily accessible by road with the waves generally breaking right over flat rock and sand. With balmy winter land temperatures, cheap living and a fascinating cultural diversity, Morocco is a must for the European surf traveller.

Taghazout has enjoyed legendary status for decades, as a place to escape the winter blues and surf the great pointbreaks clustered around the famous Anchor Point. Known as 'Madraba' in Arabic and called 'Ikhflout' in the local Berber tongue, Anchors (or Ankas) has the ability to hold huge size and break down the perfectly angled headland for over a kilometre. The warm, green walls are powerful yet accessible to intermediates and provide a relatively safe environment for less accomplished surfers to improve their pointbreak skills, at least when it is small. Just to the north, past the reefs of Mysteries and La Source is another great, righthand pointbreak called Killers. It is this concentration of quality that has attracted surfers to this mellow fishing town, which is now showing the signs of development and ever increasing numbers of surfers and surf camps. There are more waves in town like Hash Point and Panoramas, then miles of beginner beachbreak running south to Banana Village at Tamrhakht. A few reefs, including a rare left, complete the picture towards Agadir, where there are more local surfers. Winter is the only time to go because the bigger swells are needed to get into the series of headland protected bays that make this area so good. Anchor Point often sleeps from April to October, although Killers will break on much smaller swells. The N/NE winds get bent and funnelled offshore by the coastal ranges, but in summer there are more NW onshore winds to contend with.

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Beginner/Intermediate Surf Spots Morocco

  • Banana Beach: (includes 2 other spots k11 and k12) right and left waves, very fun spot
  • Devils Rock: fun sand bar, great atmosphere, right and left waves, cafes and restaurants too.
  • Crocodiles: the shape of the land looks like a giant crocodile, no actual crocodiles here! Left and right waves and camels to ride too!
  • Panoramas: a perfect beginner spot, a vast long sandy beach with a point break too, left and right waves
  • Camel Point: yes there are camels around here; you can take a beach camel ride!
  • Desert Point: great for learning to surf here! Very fun waves when theres small swell


Intermediate/Advanced Surf Spots Morocco

  • Boilers: Reef/Rocky, Right wave, a total beauty, set around an old ship wreck and ship boiler.
  • Spiders: point-break, flat rocks and sandy bottom.
  • Hash Point: point-break, sandy/rock bottom, great right.
  • Anchor Point: a notorious wave which will give you the ride of your life
  • Mysteries: point-break, flat rocks
  • La Source: reef/rocky, sandy in the centre, right and left, really fun waves
  • Killer Point: a locals favourite and a sunset you’ll never forget
  • Draculas: Reef break, right wave, the rocks look like Dracula’s teeth – its stunning
  • Imessouane: exceptional site, 2 spots; the bay is Morocco’s longest wave (500m), sandy bottom, located in a sweet fishing village and surrounded by mountains. Cathedrals is a fast and fun right wave close by the bay.
PP/Night from US$ 33