Surfblend Zarautz Surfcamp

Spain: Pais Vasco - East

Fun, sociable campsite surf camp close to the beach with its own bar, restaurant, mini-ramp and San Sebastian nearby



Zarautz is an idyllic Basque surfing town that lies between San Sebastian and Bilbao. The streets of Zarautz are always lively thanks to its plentiful bars, discos, tapas bars, surf shops and restaurants. At night, the town is a paradise for party-lovers!

During the day you can chill out on the beach, skate on the mini-ramp or in the park on the boulevard, and get in lots of surfing! Zarautz is situated in a fabulous surfing bay. Its location means that there is less of a current and the waves come in pretty clean as a result. An ideal spot for learning how to surf or for improving your surfing skills. It's no surprise that it has played host to international competitions for many years now!


1. Payment

How do I know if my payment has been received?

When we have received confirmation of your payment we will send you an email. If you think you have not received this email, check your Spam messages. 
Remember that it always takes a few days before payment from the Netherlands/other countries reaches us.

How do I pay?

After you have made your booking we will send you an invoice including a remittance slip; you can also pay directly online. 
Don't forget the structured message!

What details must I include when paying?

Payments can be made to the Belgian bank account no. 330-0708562-31 or Dutch account no. 667071733.
Make sure you include the reference number from the invoice. Otherwise we will be unable to assign the payment correctly.
Each booking has its own individual reference number!

I have paid but have not yet received any travel details?

You will receive your travel details by email about 2-3 weeks before departure.
If payment has not been carried out correctly then we will not send you any travel info.
This may be as a result of incorrect information; double-check your invoice for the details.

2. Accommodation

Do I need to bring my own tent?

No, we already have the tents set up at the camp. You will be sleeping in tents that accomodate 4 people, each with two separate sleeping compartments. You must bring your own airbed/mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.

Are the surfing lessons included, and are they compulsory?

Lessons are only included in the standard package for the Junior camp; for all the other camps they are not included! The standard price covers the bus journey, accommodation, use of all equipment and the programme at the camp. The lessons are therefore optional and not compulsory.

What is included in the surfing lessons?

The package consists of four days of one-and- a-half hour lessons, a contest with lots of goodies on offer and a hooded sweater that you may take home with you. Lessons are given in small groups and include both theory and practice. Our qualified surfing instructors will teach you everything you need to know about surfing, of course, but also about safety, the ocean, equipment etc.

What does half-board mean?

We have a team of cooks on location that prepares meals each day. From the day of arrival to the day of departure, they will prepare breakfast, which includes coffee, tea and fruit juice. Dinner will be served every day from the day of arrival to the day of departure, including one trip to a restaurant. It is, of course, also possible to order vegetarian meals.

If I don't take the half-board option does that mean I have to bring my own pots and pans?

Don't worry about bringing your own pots and pans, you can use whatever is available at the camp to prepare your own meals.

Are the city trips compulsory/free?

City trips are entirely optional so you don't have to go on them if you don't want to. The price depends on the distance to be travelled. You can sign up and pay for the city trips at the camps.

Do I have to take part in the activities?

No, all of the activities are optional. We have an "after surf programme" in the evenings that is free of charge.

Can I decide on the spot if I want to stay an extra week?

Yes, you can decide on the spot but we cannot give you any guarantees.
Chances are that the camp and/or bus will be fully booked for the following week, if you book in advance then you avoid that risk!

Where can I store valuable items?

You can rent a safe at the reception at the camp. However, there is always someone present at the camp, so your personal belongings will be safe in your tent!

What kind of spending money should I bring?

This varies from one individual to the next. Make sure you have some extra money for city trips. You also have to pay a 50 euro deposit per tent. You can buy a drink voucher card at the bar, 10 euro for 9 soft drinks or 9 beers.

Do the tents have electricity?

No, but there is electricity elsewhere in the camp (e.g. restaurant & bar).

How can I charge my mobile phone or camera?

You can charge your mobile phone, camera etc. at the camp. We make a number of power points available for our guests for this purpose.

Is there an ATM nearby?

Yes, there is an ATM in close proximity to all of the camps . 

Will I be able to get vegetarian meals?

If you are a vegetarian then please inform us upon arrival at the campsite. Our cooks will do their very best to satisfy your wishes.

Is there a fridge I can use?

At the SURFandBEACHCAMP camps there is a fridge that may be used by everyone at the campsite. Please remember that you share that fridge with everyone else. If you really require your own fridge then please ask at reception. 

3. Cancelling your trip

How do I cancel my trip?

You can only cancel your trip by sending a registered letter to GlobEvents/Surfblend. Cancellation costs are as follows:

Cancellation costs:

- more than 8 weeks before departure: € 50
- less than 8 weeks before departure: 30% of the total price
- less than 6 weeks before departure: 50% of the total price
- less than 4 weeks before departure: 75% of the total price
- less than 1 week before departure or no show: 100% of the total price


If I don't pay will my trip be automatically cancelled?

No, if you decide not to travel or decide to cancel your trip then you must ALWAYS inform us of this via a registered letter in accordance with the terms and conditions of cancellation!

4. Insurance

What is included in the insurance?

Together with AXA Assistance we have devised three insurance plans: Cancellation, Classic and Global. With Cancellation insurance, you are insured from the date of booking until the date of departure.  With Euro and Mundo you are insured both before departure and for the duration of your trip. 

I have taken out cancellation insurance, will I be refunded if I cancel my trip?

In order to be refunded through the insurance, then the insurance company must be in agreement with the reasons for cancellation. Refunds are paid by the insurance company, not by Globevents.

5. Transport

What do I need to bring with me on my trip?

It's nice to be able to lie comfortably in your tent, so take an airbed, sleeping bag and pillow with you.

Where do I get on the bus?

The bus stops in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Gent and Leuven. Departure times and points can be found in the departure information that you received with your booking.

How much luggage can I take with me?

You may take along 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 suitcase/bag (max. 20 kg). More is simply not allowed!! Want to bring your own board? No problem; you can bring it free of charge on the bus! NB: your surfboard must be no longer than 3m. Otherwise it cannot be taken on the bus.

When do we depart/return?

Departure from Belgium/the Netherlands is always on Friday evening, the time depends on point of departure. You will arrive at your destination on Saturday morning/afternoon. The return journey is on Saturday evening and you will arrive in Belgium/the Netherlands on Sunday morning/afternoon. You will receive more information by email about 2 weeks before departure, provided you have already paid.

If I decide to travel independently, what time am I expected to arrive?

You are welcome to arrive at SURFandBEACHCAMPCamps any time from noon on Saturday onwards.

6. Last Minutes

Am I entitled to discounts if I book last minute?

Last minute bookings do not qualify for any discounts!

What about the departure info if I book last minute?

We recommend that you email your confirmation of payment to us as it may take a few days for this to be processed by our system and this will help avoid any confusion. When we receive your email confirming payment then we will email you the departure info.

7. Other information

Are Surfblend camps only suitable for beginners?

No, absolutely not! You'll have just as much fun if you are a skilled surfer! You can try out different board sizes or bring your own board with you on the bus free of charge. Our experienced crew goes surfing every morning and evening and will be only too glad to take you along.

I am travelling alone, is that a problem?

No problem at all. Every week we have people at the camp who travel alone. The camps and the programme are designed in such a way that you will get to know everybody else in no time at all. If you wish, we can reserve a tent for you alone, depending on how busy it is. However, experience has taught us that most people find someone on the bus, before they've even arrived, to share the tent with.

Am I too old or too young for the surfcamp?

The minimum age is 16. We serve alcoholic drinks at the camp and we go out at night, so 16 is a good minimum age. There is no maximum age, anybody who feels young enough is welcome to come along. The average age in 2009 was between 20 and 21. We have our own Junior camp in Moliets in July and August for 12 to 16-year olds. The camp is run by our very experienced crew, all of whom have pedagogical training.

Do I need permission from my parents if I'm under 18?

If you are younger than 18, then we need written permission from your parents. You don't need a document from the local authorities or anything like that. Just get your parents to sign this document. Take a copy of the document with you on the trip!

Do I need to bring my passport?

You don't need a passport for travel within Europe. But do bring your ID card with you!

Do I need to have my travel documents with me at the camp?

No, that's not required. But print them out and take them with you anyway, just in case.

PP/Night from US$ 40