Surfblend Zarautz Surfcamp

Spain: Pais Vasco - East

Fun, sociable campsite surf camp close to the beach with its own bar, restaurant, mini-ramp and San Sebastian nearby

Amenities & Activities

Surf Lessons

The classes in Zarautz are given by well-instructed, enthusiastic surf coaches. Our teachers have all been trained as beach lifeguards and are certified with the ISA Surf Instructor certificate level 1. These certificates are internationally recognized and thus we can guarantee your safety.

Some key points to note are:

We have our own surf school license and a wealth of more than 15 years of experience!

ISA (International Surfing Association) certified surf coaches.

All coaches have a Beach Lifesaving Diploma.

High-quality equipment: every year we replace a large amount of our material.

We have a system of 1 coach per 8 students: loads of attention for everybody!

We divide the groups into beginners and intermediates.

Our coaches love surfing. So, whenever you feel like surfing, don’t hesitate to ask the coaches to accompany you. Also, you can always ask them any questions and they love to help you with tips.


We offer two types of classes:

Package M: theory, 3x class and surf gear rental

Package L: theory, 5x class and surf gear rental

Surfing is fun, but much more fun if you know what you are doing. That is why we offer classes from certified surf-instructors. They have had intensive training and are qualified to teach you to surf responsibly and safely. They will tell you everything about the ocean, the beach, the material and surfing during the course. The surf classes are given in three days and always consist of classes of 1,5 hours. Also, you can make unlimited use of the surf gear which means you can practice for as long as you wish! Due to the mix of classes and hours of freesurf, we are sure that you will have your surf skills ready within no-time!

Classes are given in small groups with a maximum of 8 students and we only use softtops (soft surfboards) during the class. 

Groups are divided according to your level: beginner or intermediate. The beginner course is for everybody, ranging from those who have never surfed or surfed only once or twice. The intermediate course is for when you’ve already had some experience, for instance during a week of surf camp with class.


The intermediate classes are perfect for when you already know some basics. Did you already stand up on a surfboard, surf frontside and backside and are your pop-up skills well covered, then you can best join the intermediate class. In this course, we bring your skills to the next level. Our coaches join you in the water, so we can give you proper feedback and help you take the best waves. There is more attention to technical level and less for general theory. The aim is to help you surf down-the-line perfectly after these classes.

Surfing is fun, but much more fun when you know what you are doing. Also, you’ll be protected against the dangers that the sea and surfing can have. A short course is the minimum that we recommend you to have when surfing alone, and our base course consists of this:

M-package: € 99 (Theory, 3 x class and surf gear rental)

L-package: € 139 (Theory, 5x class and surf gear rental)

Surf Rental 

Already have some experience and don’t think you are going to need extra lessons? Then just rent surf gear for the entire week and you can make unlimited use of our surfboards and wetsuit. We offer different boards, mostly softtops (soft surfboards) in several shapes and sizes, but also some hardboards. Of course, wetsuits are available in all possible sizes. Rental starts on Sunday and ends on de departure day Saturday. Before being able to take your gear, we organize a general theory instruction so that we can be sure you will be safe.

Surf Essentials 

For a successful surf holiday, you of course make use of a surfboard and wetsuit, but that is not where it ends. Especially for you, we have made a sick selection of Surf Essentials which we believe will make your holiday a lot more comfy!

In this package, you will find a surf-poncho made of the softest cotton, a very practical surf-hat which will protect you from the sun on those long beach days, a waterproof bag for putting your wetsuit in and of course a zinc-stick which will protect your face from the sun. All and all these items are a part of a surfers life and a very good addition to your holiday!

City Trips

The whole week is packed with voluntary activities. Besides the welcome drink, we offer you the legendary beach party with burning torches, loads of music and even more punch. We host also a very chilled night on the camp with the MovieNight, where you can get cozy in your sleeping bag and watch a good film with a drink at your side. All these activities are included in the price. L'open (best bar in town) organizes an awesome night once a week with a live band, this is guaranteed to be an epic party! Besides all the activities in Moliets, we also organize two city trips:

San Sebastian

During your stay with Surfblend, you will get the opportunity to join us on a great city trip to San Sebastian. Go on holiday on your holiday.

San Sebastian is a city in northern Spain, also known as the Barcelona of the Atlantic Coast. In this beautiful city you come across all sorts of funky shops, tasty little tapas bars and at night we introduce you to the very lively nightlife. We end up at a club on the beach. We will ensure that you get good prices all across the city.

The tapas-capital of the world is a must see for everyone! San Seb is known for the delicious food and drinks and for always having a lovely atmosphere in the streets. Discover the old and new city center and prepare to be amazed by the true beauty of this city.


The second trip in the week takes us to the fantastic Bilbao. This beautiful city is perfect for the surfer who occasionally likes to shop. There are many different shops ranging from major brands to cute little local boutiques.

Besides the shops, for those looking for a cultural side to their holiday, you can find the famous Guggenheim museum. Besides the breathtaking art in the museum, there is plenty to be discovered in the local area. 


When you say surfing, you say yoga. These two are very well connected where yoga really helps to improve balance, build strength and stretch your muscles. Besides that, it is also just super chill and relaxing!

Everybody who books a holiday with Surfblend to Surfcamp Zarautz is offered one free yoga lesson to get acquainted with this form of sport and meditation. If this free lesson really gets you going, there is always the option to upgrade to 3 extra lessons.


In the middle of the surf camp Zarautz you will find our sick skate ramp. This mini ramp is around 1,5m high and almost 4 meters wide. It is perfect to hone your skills or start your first skateboarding experience. You don’t have a skateboard? No problem, we always have boards available and the crew can help you out. Just ask for some tips and tricks and they will get you going!


Zarautz is best discovered on a longboard. Just cruise the boulevard and enjoy the perfect beach life. Longboards are always available at our bar, free of charge. Just ask for a stick with wheels and start cruisin’.


Every week we organize a big Beachvolley tournament. In teams of 5 to 6 players, so you can compete with the rest of the camp. You think you can beat the crew? Show us your skills!


Zarautz is all about the fiesta! This amazing little city has a vibrant city centre where you can experience the best parties until deep in the night. Make sure to find your way home in the small Spanish alleys, so as to be ready for another day of surfing, chilling and partying.

Every Friday we finish off the week with a super fun theme-party!

Play & Relax

During your stay, the Surfblend team will organize many more fun games and activities which you can join. Think of quizzes, beerpong tournaments, karaoke and other cool stuff. At the bar you can always find a deck of cards, a frisbee, football or other stuff to keep you entertained.

PP/Night from US$ 40