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Spain: Pais Vasco - East

Fun, sociable campsite surf camp close to the beach with its own bar, restaurant, mini-ramp and San Sebastian nearby

LowPressure's Stormrider Surf Guide says

The Basque Country is the most popular surfing area in Spain and it is not only because it is home to the world-class rivermouth called Mundaka. All types of reef can be found along this coast including mellow triangular peaks for longboarders or crazy, big-wave bombs for the chargers. There are also some good-quality beachbreaks, although these are not as prevalent as those in neighbouring France or Cantabria. The Basque Country or Pais Vasco in Spanish, picks up less swell than the rest of the north coast, particularly if it comes from the W, but in winter, there is rarely any lack of swell. There are also a host of spots surfable in stormy conditions and sheltered from strong W or SW winds. With its proximity to France and the highly populated coastal cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao, Pais Vasco has the highest level of surfing, the most crowds and the largest number of surf shops.

In general, the winter is the best time to visit when the low pressure systems come through more southerly latitudes, pumping out big NW swells, which means offshore SW winds for the north-facing coast. This northerly aspect is not so good for the small W swells of summer, when heading further west to Cantabria is a good idea. Good conditions at Mundaka rarely last for more than two days, as the large swells required, drop off. Therefore, this classy wave is only rideable about 50 days a year. The Urdaibi Valley funnels SW winds into a more southerly direction, whilst when a high pressure covers the country, the wind will frequently turn N-NE in the afternoons, the worst wind direction. Tide heights top out at 4.5m at Bermeo, and greatly effect the wave quality.

Find more general info about when to go and statistics on the Low Pressure’s Stormrider Guide’s website.

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