Surfcamp Las Palmas

Spain: Canary Islands

If your idea of a perfect surf trip includes great weather, a lively atmosphere with some culture and ecology then Surf camp Las Palmas is for you.

Surf School

Surf classes for beginners

Our philosophy of surfing:
„Surfing is for us more than a temporary fashion. We neither like the stereotypes of surfing as a lifestyle, nor do we want to represent a surf sport, which is about wearing brand-name clothes, acting as cool as possible and being surrounded by some thong wearing chick standing at the beach. We consider surfing more as a possibility to be connected with the ocean and nature. It is a great way to do sport, discover new places, get to know more people and have a good time with each other. A possibility to express yourself and just be as you are.”

In just 5 days of surf lessons you will learn how to stand up on your board, slide through white water and so much more, like:

  • Warm-up exercise with special exercises of stretching for surfers
  • components of the surfboard
  • Positioning and the correct way of paddling on your surf board
  • How to stand up and get into the right position
  • Posture while surfing, posture of the head and the arms and legs
  • Timing on a wave: when and how you have to stand up
  • Knowledge about the current on the surf beach
  • Your own safety and the safety of other surfers

You can reach for your dream to know how to surf with us. Our experience confirms that most of the students learn how to stand up at their first or second surf lesson.


Surf lessons for the intermediate level

Did you have surf lessons before? Do you already have some experience? Then this is, for sure, the right surf course for you.
Which objectives does the surf course aim for? What will I learn?

  • Consolidate your Take-off and improve your positioning while surfing a wave
  • Learn to understand the directions and diagonals of the wall of the wave
  • Improvement of the paddle technique through little tricks
  • We give you tips to improve your „Duck Dive“ technique
  • Build up speed to get the maximum of surfing a wave
  • To surf the first easy cut-backs and little turns in the crest of the wave
  • To leave the wave before it closes out
  • To recognize currents and use them for getting in and out of a break


Surf school for advanced surfers

Surf Camp Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Improve your technique with us!
Our Surf Camp Las Palmas offers surf classes which are specialized for the intermediate and advanced levels of surfing. If you want to improve and develop your surf skills, our surf school Gran Canaria offers several surf classes to improve your surf technique. All leaded by licensed, experienced and young surf teachers.

In the surf classes of intermediate and advanced levels you will learn the following:

  • Warm-up and stretching exercises for surfers
  • How to perform a more powerful Bottom turn
  • Parts of a wave and optimal positioning
  • Correcting of bad habits related to the body posture
  • Visualization of the wall of a wave and quick decision-making
  • The timing in a wave: to wait for the right moment, to flow with the characteristics of a wave
  • Connect sessions while keeping the speed
  • How to perform Ariels, 360 and how to ride tubes
PP/Night from US$ 34