Wavepark Mentawai

Indonesia: Mentawai Islands

The original full service surf resort welcomes you to your playground!


Bar and Restaurant

WavePark Bar will always be the first and best-stocked bar in the Mentawais. With a dedicated bar tender ready to serve your cold beverages, you're ready to watch the sunset over our beautiful bay. Once it is dark, enjoy reliving the day's action on the big screen with photos taken by our full-time photographer, showing everybody's triumphs and tragedies almost life size in the lounge of the bar. Bring your own duty free if you wish, you only need to pay for corkage and mixers to get your personal cocktail mixed everytime.

The restaurant looks out over the gardens the bay, and from the front steps you can see our homebreak breaking at the end of the bay. The binoculars provided will get you even closer to the spectacular waves, not 10 minutes walk from where you're sitting.

With 3 meals a day served up hot in the dining room, the guests usually eat together, with either plated or home-style service from our kitchen staff. We cater to special dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian and allergy concious choices. We aim to give you the maximum enjoyment of your meals during your visit with us, and especially gear our menu towards healthy choices. We understand what it takes to keep a body on high energy and hydrated throughout the day. We always offer on hand cold water, ice tea, ginger/lemongrass homebrew, fruit teas and young coconuts are also available upon request. Soft drinks are available in the bar for Rp. 10,000/can.

We stock cold beer including Bintang, Heineken, Tiger, San Miguel and Storm microbrew. We also have a full bar for mixed, blended and shaken drinks. There is a corkage charge of Rp.50,000 on any bottle of duty free brought in the bar. Beer prices start at Rp. 30,000 for a cold can of Bintang, up to Rp. 40,000 San Miguel or Storm microbrew from Bali (Pale Ale, Golden Ale, Bronze Ale, Tropical Ale, Iron Stout). A single liquor shot is Rp. 40- 45,000, depending on low or high shelf liquor.There is a 10% tax levied on all consumables from the bar, as required by law.

Our menu is a set 10 or 11 day resort menu, which varies according to local supplies of fish, crab, shrimp and other delicacies. The menu consists of about 1/2 Western dishes, and 1/2 Asian dishes. We're constantly refining our menu with the input from our visiting western chefs, and we get fresh supplies once a week from the mainland, delivered on ice from our office staff there.

There are always crackers, bread, jams, jellies and peanut butter, cookies and snack bars available to guests as surf fuel and in between meal munchies. Tea, coffee, juices and water are available at all times, all day, everyday. Drinking water comes from rainwater that we catch. The water is carbon-filtered and refilled daily to 19 liter bottles and distributed daily into individual drinking containers. Water for showering and toilets is from a well located near each of the bungalows or collected rainwater. Fruit is as variable as it is seasonal including, mangos,bananas, papaya, watermelon, apples, oranges, limes, mangosteens, snake-fruit, passion-fruit and other kinds of local fruit that are rare and delicious. Fruit is always available during the day and is mainly served on pancakes or with muesli during breakfast.

PP/Night from US$ 320