White Pearl Resort


A perfect blend of surf trip and luxury retreat in beautiful Mozambique. Warm water, private waves, delicious food, and romantic beachside suites… Paradise!

Getting there

Self Drive

Drive through striking panoramas and remote villages directly to White Pearl Resorts, from the Kosi Bay border post or Maputo. Road conditions vary and are dependent on the weather. You need a 4x4 vehicle with high clearance to successfully navigate your way to the resort.

GPS COORDINATES: S 26° 42‘ 30.78“ E 32° 54‘ 03“

Border Transfer

Border transfer is very easy and it is a matter of stamping out of RSA and into Mozambique. Visa’s may be obtained at the border and the cost varies per nationality but in essence is about $ 50 per person

Kosi Bay Border Road Transfer

Road transfers are available from Kosi Bay Border to White Pearl Resorts. The journey from Kosi Bay Border to the resort takes approximately 1 hour. This is an excellent option for guests who wish to use their own transport for the first part of their journey but prefer to hand over to our experienced guides on the more difficult stretches of road, upon arrival in Mozambique.

Kruger Mpumalanga airport Road Transfer

With Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport located only 200km from Maputo International Airport, guests can request a road transfer between these airports to combine their Kruger safari with a relaxing escape to White Pearl Resorts. Experience your bush-and-beach adventure without the hassle of flying back to Johannesburg. The approximate travelling time is 3 hours and subject to weather, road and border traffic conditions.

Maputo Road Transfer

Road transfers are available from Maputo to White Pearl Resort. The trip takes approximately 4 hours.

Sky Transfer

White Pearl Resorts offers a sky transfer service, using a fixed-wing plane, from Maputo International Airport. Fly over remote dune bush and beautiful coastal scenery as well as the Maputo Elephant Reserve on your journey to Ponto do Ouro. From here, see the local villages and experience the thrill of adventure on a 4x4 trip across the scenic route to White Pearl Resorts.

The flight between Maputo International Airport and Ponto do Ouro Airstrip takes approximately 45 minutes. The 4x4 transfer between Ponto do Ouro Airstrip and White Pearl Resorts takes approximately 45 minutes.

Heli option on request.

PP/Night from US$ 375