White Pearl Resort


A perfect blend of surf trip and luxury retreat in beautiful Mozambique. Warm water, private waves, delicious food, and romantic beachside suites… Paradise!

Amenities & Activities

Pinnacle Reef Diving

White Pearl Resorts offers unique diving experiences on one of the world’s top pinnacle reefs. A variety of dive spots offer something for everyone, from exhilarating shark sightings to multitudes of fish and vibrant corals.

A professional, safe and world class interpretive diving experience with no equal anywhere along the Mozambican coastline.

Our experienced dive instructors will show you brightly coloured underwater corals and an array of brilliantly marked fish launching directly from the beach at the resort. With its clear waters and accessible reefs, this is the ideal dive destination for both beginners and specialised divers.

PADI Resort courses are also available and diving equipment can be hired from the Dive Centre.


Ocean Safaris

Enjoy a snorkelling trip to a nearby reef and while you explore our crew will be on the lookout for pods of silvery, glistening Bottlenose Dolphins which regularly glide through these waters. Dolphins are known for their calming and therapeutic effects on humans. You will have the opportunity to experience this unique bond between humans and dolphins and form friendships that will stay with you forever.

We have a special licence to take a maximum of eight guests on this amazing outing where you'll have the chance to encounter these majestic and friendly marine creatures up close. Interaction with the dolphins is strictly monitored and controlled in line with conservation guidelines.

From July to November each year, the majestic Humpback whales visit us on their annual migration. Join us as we set sail in search of these beautiful creatures and observe them in their natural habitat. Whale watching is conducted from the comfort of our snorkelling boat as we observe the whales blowing, breaching, lob tailing and playing. In the later part of the season we may be lucky enough to encounter the newborns as they learn to breach and play.



So rich in sea life are the waters of White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli that it feels as if you have been transported into a giant natural aquarium. Discover spectacular underwater displays of colourful corals and lively fish as you float in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.


Horse Riding

Explore the scenic natural surroundings of White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli on horseback. Gallop along a bush trail, weaving through indigenous flora and fauna and enjoy spectacular views of the ocean from high-up vantage points. White Pearl Resorts is also the only resort in Southern Africa with a licence for horse riding on our pristine private beach. All rides are professionally managed to ensure an enjoyable experience for all ages and levels of experience.


See The Turtles

White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli is home to one of the richest turtle nesting sites in southern Mozambique. Between November and February each year, Loggerhead and Leatherback Turtles head to this stretch of coast to lay their eggs. In partnership with the Southern Mozambique Marine Turtle Nesting Monitoring, Tagging and Conservation Programme, the resort works to monitor and protect these majestic and docile creatures.

For every turtle walk booked, $5 will be donated to research and conservation initiatives.

Walking On Idyllic Beaches

Whether it's a gentle stroll or a more energetic walk, discover kilometres of pristine beaches at White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli. Private picnic lunches can also be arranged on the beach.


Explore the Mozambican sky with the White Pearl telescope. Our experienced Galactic Guide will help you discover the beauty and magic the night has to offer.

Beach Picnic For Two

A feast for all five senses - look over the endless Indian Ocean, listen to the gentle crashing of the waves, feel the sand between your toes, smell the unique aromas emerging from your picnic basket and taste the flavours of Mozambique while indulging in its contents. Enjoy a private picnic on the beach. Customise your luxury picnic basket with a variety of signature treats. The perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

PP/Night from US$ 375