Travel, explore and experience endless surf opportunities!The world offers about 20,000km of coastline with surf spots of high swell and surf consistency!

There are great surf spots to be found pretty much on all continents and oceans. The Atlantic Ocean swells serve famous surf countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Canary Islands, Morocco and many more. And the Indian Ocean is pretty much every surf freak's favorite. Tropical surf destinations such as Bali, Mentawais, other Indonesian areas, Maldives, Sri Lanka are just a board short and wave heaven. And surely the Pacific Ocean produces consistent swells all year around as well.

Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is considered to be the stormiest ocean in the world, what acts in favor of surf conditions on the Western European shoreline. Europe is the most known among surfers for quality wave spots in Portugal, however, world famous beach break spots in France and slightly more mellow waves in Morocco, Spain and Canary Islands are also on the list of top surf spots. Timewise, surf spots influenced by Atlantic swells are usually available all year long with the most powerful swells occurring in winter in the northern hemisphere. Temperate climate with its sunny and warm weather in summer time creates perfect conditions for beginners.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third biggest ocean in the world, which offers the largest selection of great surf spots. The predominant southwest swells are the most reliable and consistent source of quality surf on the planet. The Indian Ocean is particularly famous for two picturesque archipelagos: The Maldive Islands and Indonesia. The Maldives are known for having the most spectacular atolls with perfect reef set ups and quality surf for intermediates and advanced. North Male with an easy access and several world class waves within small distances, Central Atoll with remote spots and low crowd levels and Southern Atolls with perfect consistency and highest waves are among top areas on the world surf map. Considerably larger archipelago of Indonesia offers literally thousands of surf spots and a perfect swell window. This surfer’s paradise is packed with surf spots suitable for all levels.

Popular among travelers – Bali is home to many professional surf camps and high quality spots, such as Uluwatu, Padang Padang and many more. Located on the west of Sumatra – Mentawai Islands, also known as Surfer’s Mecca with great waves like E-bay, Thunders or Macaronis are considered to be one of the best possible surf destinations for intermediate, advanced and pros. Slightly less popular islands on the north like Simulue, Banyak, Telo, Hinako and southern mainland of Sumatra - Lampung also provide plenty of attractive surf zones. Another highlight of Indonesia is the jungle of Java. Panaitan and G-Land thanks to its great exposure to SW swell deliver amazing surf experience. The remaining part of this fascinating archipelago consists of fun surf spots like Lombok, Sumbawa or Timor enabling you to enjoy quality waves and uncrowded lineups.

Last, but not least surf destination of the Indian Ocean – Sri Lanka guarantees good surf on the southern shoreline. Southeast is suitable for advanced adventurers and pros, while more mellow waves on the southwest make it a perfect place for beginners and intermediates. Practically all the islands of the Indian Ocean with their tropical climate ensure good surf conditions year round. You will be able to take advantage of that, while surfing in your board shorts. The most consistent swells occur in northern hemisphere summer, nevertheless Indonesia and the southeast of Sri Lanka still offer perfect surf in northern hemisphere winter. What is more, archipelagos of the Indian Ocean are some of the most accessible tropical regions for surfers from Europe or Australia.

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific is the largest ocean on Earth. Although it does not offer as spectacular selection of surf destinations as the Indian Ocean, it has a few gems often chosen by US travelers. Year round influence of north and southwest swells produce good quality waves on islands such as Samoa, Philippines, Fiji and particularly Hawaii. Other regions worth considering for a surf trip are Costa Rica and Panama in Central America as well as Chile and Peru in South America.

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