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Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo

Learn How To Surf In A Dream Location

Let’s get one thing out of the way, surfing’s hard! It takes determination, resilience, a little bit of courage and countless hours of battling the ocean. It’s not for everyone, but the ones who come out on top know the feeling. It’s indescribable and it’s addictive. It might take a long time to truly master the art of surfing but with a little bit of help, the right equipment and in the right conditions you’ll get there eventually. Jump on the bandwagon today and chase that magic feeling of riding your first wave.

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LUEX offers the most extensive and best selection of surf trips worldwide.

Provider independence and quality are our mission.

Our goal is that our customers can find the perfect surf trip, tailored to their needs, in one place.

All our experts are surfers and part of the lifestyle.

Our experts know the destinations/spots personally or are in close contact with local surfers or suppliers.

We are supplier-independent. We only offer trips that fit the needs of our customers.

We guarantee to beat any price on the market.

It is not cheaper to book directly with the supplier.

We do not charge a fee for our expert advice.

We offer professional booking tools for our customers.

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You're talking to real people, not automated chats or bots.

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We are insiders and want you to enjoy the surf lifestyle as much as we do.

Unbiased, independent, technology driven! We don't own, run or control any of the trips but rather connect travelers with operators/suppliers of once-in-a-lifetime sports travel experiences and products. Your trip - orchestrated according to your taste, budget, style and skill level and backed by our technology-driven booking services and support

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Surfers for Surfers! What makes LUEX stand out from the crowd is our team’s competence and personal approach to YOU.

We all surf and understand YOUR Needs. Combined with our intimate knowledge of each location we will find and tailor YOUR perfect Surf Holiday.

Be Aware

Starting to surf is hard, but trying to find the best spot, the most suitable waves for your level and an instructor that really knows what he is doing is even harder. There are many traps to fall into and there is nothing worse than not experiencing the holiday you have always dreamed of and more importantly, not improving your skills the way you hoped for. Quality is everything, and we work with the best surf guides, surf camps, and surf resorts to make sure you are well taken care of and safe, in and out of the water.

What our customers say

"My boyfriend and I stayed at the Balicamp 2 weeks in August, and it was really really nice. The staff and the coaches are so helpful and it was always such a lot of fun. If you like to improve your surfing skills or start surfing it is perfect!We always were 2 people with one coach or even two coaches so they could always tell us directly what we should change and what is good etc. ..."

(The Balicamp - Indonesia)

"...If you want to improve your surfing and enjoy some great moments in the special and not so touristy spots near Peniche- this place fits like chalk and cheese."

(Ferrel Surf House - Portugal)

"For us this was the first time we surfed. We have to say we’re hooked. Surf instructors really made a good job . In 10 days we learnt to stand up and we also rode our first real waves. We love it!..."

Saša, Rebeka and Zala
(Paradis Plage Resort - Morocco)

"...I’m a beginner, so for me it was important to learn the theory and practice under supervision of professionals. Instructors did hell of a job… I feel that I picked up the basics fast thanks to their motivating attitude. El Salvador is marvelous."

(El Salvador Surf Camps - El Savador)

Learn how to Surf with LUEX


Premium services to maximize your surf skills

Our vast choice of surf trips for beginners are aimed to get you up and riding, under the expert guidance of qualified instructors and having so much fun that you might not even realize how much you are learning. The surf schools, clinics, intensive classes and professional instructors you will have daily access to here focus on providing high standard, expert tuition which allow you to gather your new skills at your own pace.


Learn how to surf around the world

Our beginner-focused surf trips are based in every corner of the planet – near and far, familiar and exotic - allowing you to combine your dream of learning to surf with a dream destination experience. From budget-friendly surf camps to ultimate luxury surf resorts and from surf trips suited for solo travelers to family-friendly ones – everything is on offer here whether you are looking for a private tranquil retreat or a full-on party scene.


Learn how to surf in a fun, safe and relaxing environment

We are not going to bombard you here with all the details of the waves you will be riding – you will discover that in your own time once you arrive at your exciting surf holiday destination. All you need to know for now is that your first forays into the ocean will be on mellow waves which have been hand-selected to provide the safest and most fun learning environments for novice surfers.


Stay the way you want

With such a huge range of learn to surf trips offered it will probably come as no surprise to learn that your accommodation choices also come in every variety. By far the largest accommodation type is offered through social vibe surf camps but there is also a good selection of surf resorts for those looking for a little more comfort and luxury.

From dorm rooms to private villas and everything else in between, the options here are comprehensive so you can be certain of finding something which fits perfectly, no matter how your traveling party is made up.


Jump on the bandwagon today and experience the feeling every surfer knows

Beginner surf trips are open to everyone who harbors a dream of learning to ride the world's waves - no matter what your sex, age or budget limitations are. Also, it doesn't matter whether your travel companions are total beginners or experienced surfers – options here include trips aimed at keeping everyone in a mixed ability group happy whether you are one of a couple, in a party of traveling friends or a family. Perhaps you'd love to learn to surf but are traveling alone? No worries - you might set out solo but after spending some time learning to surf with others at a surf camp, you won't stay that way for long. There are even options for girls-only learning to surf trips or surf road trips for those who want to get out exploring a region a bit more.

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