Get the best value for your money in these Campsites
  • Star Surf Camp Spain
    Spain: Cantabria - East

    Stunning beaches, perfect waves and breath-taking views are all just a stone’s throw fro...

    pp/night from US$ 25
  • Dreamsea Surf Camp Spain
    Spain: Cantabria - West
    Great waves, amazing landscapes and a real ‘glamping’ experience; you won’t regret surfing at the...
    pp/night from US$ 40
  • Star Surf Camp France
    France: Landes
    Prepare for an action packed, adventure holiday where all you will need is your sleeping bag and ...
    pp/night from US$ 42
  • Dreamsea Surf Camp Moliets
    France: Landes

    Camping in high quality tents at this young and multicultural surf camp just a short walk from...

    pp/night from US$ 37
  • Camino Surf Valdovino
    Spain: Galicia East
    Families, kids, old and young, group and solo traveller are welcome at this surf camp with variou...
    pp/night from US$ 18
  • Gift Voucher Surf
    Australia, Canary Islands, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Maldives, Morocco, Nicaragua, Portugal, Sri Lanka

    The only thing you can buy that makes you richer is travel.

    pp/night from US$ 113
  • Dreamsea Surf Camp Portugal
    Portugal: Alentejo & North Algarve
    Learn to surf whilst ‘slumming it’ in luxury ‘glamping' tents just meters from one of the most st...
    pp/night from US$ 36
  • Dreamsea Surf Camp Costa Rica
    Costa Rica: Guanacaste

    Luxury glamping back-to-nature tropical surf experience suitable for all level surfers with a ...

    pp/night from US$ 57
  • Surf Resort Loredo
    Spain: Cantabria - East

    The brand new Surf Resort Loredo, near Santander, is so close you can dip your feet into the C...

    pp/night from US$ 24
  • O’Neill Surf Camp Mimizan
    France: Landes

    Join the legendary surf spirit and amazing waves at one of the oldest and well known surf camp...

    pp/night from US$ 23

Not everyone who wants to travel and surf has an unlimited supply of money to throw at it (we wish!). You've got your board, you've got the urge to escape the hum-drum, you've got the you just have to find somewhere to stay. Here at LUEX we understand that and what's more, we think we might have the perfect solution for you. So if the winter blues are getting you down, you're feeling surf starved or really just fancy a change of break then don't despair – help is at hand to get you out there and riding somewhere new without having to shell out a fortune. What is this ideal answer? – without a doubt the least inexpensive way to go. So stop daydreaming and get ready to bag yourself a new break or two.

You don't get any services or extras with camp-site options – it's just you, the surf and as much time as you can find to enjoy it which is probably all you need anyway, right? In fact, camp sites are really all about the surf and finding an ideal spot for your own skill level whether you are a novice looking for something gentle and forgiving or a hard-core charger seeking out the fast and the hollow. Additionally, camping options give you the opportunity to pick your proximity to the beaches and breaks which satisfy you own personal requirements.

Whether you are looking for escape and solitude or party central or maybe even a little bit of both – all are possible. Sometimes you might be seeking out somewhere that removes you from the crowds and the social whirl while for a while – no problem. Transversely, the absolute priority might be finding others to socialize with and having a proximity to places where the action is, particularly if you are a solo traveler – again, no problem. Either way, if you like the idea of folding back the flap on your tent each morning to be greeted with an instant view of what the ocean is offering that day then you might just be in heaven.

The budget traveler is going to be in his or her element because this is exactly who this option is specifically designed for. Affordable and do-able are the watch words when using a camp ground as a surf base and these can be found in several world locations.

The greatest densities of camping opportunities occur in the mainland European destinations of France, Portugal and Spain. These predominantly west facing coasts are geographically situated so as to pick up virtually every piece of swell which the Atlantic generated storms are ready to throw at it. These 3 countries have over 10,000 km of Atlantic coast between them – yes, you read that right, 10,000 km - and all are well known for having their fair share of world class and high quality surf spots.

Portugal in particular, with its more southerly latitude and milder winters, means camping is a feasible option year round while France and Spain, with their wonderfully warm summers make sleeping under canvas a real joy for several months of the year.

What are you waiting for – it doesn't get more affordable than this. So, with that worry gone you can now get packing and ready to head off into the surfing sunset. Before you do that though give the LUEX professionals a call to find out what's hot and what's not and let them help you find the ideal spot for you and your personal surfing needs.