Surf, relax and have plenty of fun on YOUR trip to the Canary Islands
  • Star Surf Camp Fuerteventura
    Canary Islands, Spain: Fuerteventura

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  • Star Surf Camp Spain
    Spain: Cantabria - East

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  • Dreamsea Surf Camp Spain
    Spain: Cantabria - West
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  • Origo Mare Resort
    Canary Islands, Spain: Fuerteventura
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  • Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real
    Canary Islands, Spain: Fuerteventura

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  • Moana Surf Camp
    Spain: Pais Vasco - East

    Stylish hostel near Bilbao mixing traditional with modern, offering a host of amenities and cl...

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  • Line up Surf Camp
    Canary Islands, Spain: Fuerteventura

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  • Surfcamp Las Palmas
    Canary Islands, Spain

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  • Latas Surf House
    Spain: Cantabria - East

    Great vibes, BBQ's, concerts, parties and lots of surf! Your perfect surfing vacation ju...

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  • Hotel Atlantis Dunapark
    Canary Islands, Spain: Fuerteventura North Coast

    Hotel resort just 50 metres from Corralejo's white sandy bay, with spacious room accommodation...

    pp/night from US$ 97

The European Hawaii in Spain

The Canaries, as Spanish owned and influenced islands, offer up the best of both worlds; a European type experience which won't require you to step too far outside your cultural comfort zone while supplying one big bonus. Surfing the waters of other European destinations in winter can be distinctly chilly and neoprene layered. However, these islands, lying off the North African coast, have all-year-round pleasant water temperaturesand lots of sun – ideal for those fed up with risking frostbite while in search of winter waves.

Our Canary Island surfing options are based in either Fuerteventura or Tenerife, with scenery full of dramatic lava-scapes and rugged mountains and cliffs. This landscape owes its appearance to the volcanically formed nature of the Canary Islands which means the waters surrounding its shores are awash with reefs; combine that with a versatile swell window and the result is plenty of wave riding opportunities.

Surf paradise Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, with its rich cultural heritage, has extensive sand dunes and lots of sandy beaches while Tenerife is sometimes referred to as the 'party island' due to its offerings of bars, clubs and lively nightlife centered around the dry south coast.

Surfers of all levels - total novice to advanced - are invited to this warm winter surfing party, with all of our Canary Island based surf holiday operators offering coaching to get you up and euphoric on your very first wave or helping you move onto your next surf skill level. Also on offer are guiding and spot transfer, often by 4x4, so wherever you are based there is the chance to go exploring, get off the beaten track and hunt down the best waves to be found.

As previously mentioned, all year round water temperatures are of the pleasant variety ranging from 18 – 22° C with the optimum surf season running from September to April. Summer waves do occur but are usually accompanied by strong winds.

The whole north of Fuerteventura is a zone somewhat packed with exposed reefs and the area known as the 'North Shore' around Corralejo is typically regarded as the surfing center on the island, picking up all swells from west round to east. With its surf break selection including points, reefs and beach breaks there are conditions to suit surfers of all levels, from the mellow rides offered at Derecha de Los Alemanes to the challenging hollow wave known as Lobos.

The south of the island is far less chartered territory from a surfing point of view with plenty of options depending on tides, winds, swell and season. The best way to explore this area is with a vehicle, all possible with the guiding services offered by our Canary Island surf operators.


Tenerife has two main surfing zones – Bajamar in the north of the island and Playa de Las Americas in the south, where wind and swell combine to commonly create clean conditions. Both regions work best with NW swells which predominate in winter. Tenerife's breaks are predominantly rock reef but point breaks and beach breaks are also to be found and in Playa de Las Americas there is even an artificial wave park where the surf's always up.

Canary Island surf camps

The majority of our Canary Island surf trips are surf camp based which typically means fun, happening atmospheres and the chance to get to know some brand new surf buddies. Your accommodation here can be in villas, hostels, studios or apartments with the choice of shared or private room facilities in dorms or single/double/twin/triple rooms.

If you fancy something a little more up-market and comfortable then you can opt for a Canaries based surf resort.

Surf Schools

Thanks to the widely offered surf coaching, sometimes through intensive classes, Canary Island based surf holidays are well suited to beginners and anyone who wants to improve their surf level. Intermediate and advanced surfers who like to get out and about, tap into the inside knowledge of local guides and try their hand at a range of different breaks, are also well-catered for through guiding and spot transfer services.

Surf camps are popular with groups and solo travelers looking for a social vibe and budget choice while the mid range surf resorts are a good fit for families and couples.

The package choices offered for a Canary Island based surf vacation are typically accommodation only but there are also options for upgrades and add-ons to include meals, classes and guiding for example.

Deciding you want to escape the winter blues is a decision we are sure you can make all on your own. However, deciding which of our Canary Island surf holidays place you in the perfect spot with all you surf needs fulfilled might need some help. That's what we are here for so just give us a call and we can point you in the right direction and ensure you are getting the best deal.