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Considered by many as the Hawaii of Europe, the incredible Canary Islands in Spain are a great alternative for surfers looking for a spot with plenty of fun waves around. More than a 100 reef, point and beach breaks make it the place to be for surfers of all levels. Swells are the most consistent from September to April and with water temp. up to 22°C it is possible to surf in the board shorts. The Canaries offer lots of surf camps, campsites, and guest-houses at great prices. Check it out!

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The Canary Islands are filled with beauty and are home to some of the greatest surf spots in the world. It’s a place of wonders and great food, but nevertheless, surf spots are often tricky to get to. It is important to ensure you have key local knowledge and that is why you can rest assured that when you book with LUEX, your every need, want and everything in between is catered for. Planning a Canary Island adventure on your own can turn into a headache forming exercise. Don’t let that stress you out, let us do all the hard work to ensure you have a painless, memorable Canary Island surf trip to remember.

What our customers say

"If your beginner than this is sure a great place to go. Instructors put a lot of effort on teaching us the right technic, positioning on the wave,...They always picked a good spot for learning. Villa is also superb. Loved staying there and going back asap. I'm hooked"

(surfSOULution Fuerteventura)

"I loved staying at the surfcamp and the island is amazing. Also great waves for beginners"

(Las Dunas Surfcamp Surfschool Fuerteventura)

"I had a blast! Waves were amazing and I was lucky with the weather. I will be back."

(Surfcamp Las Palmas)

"Tenerife is simply beautiful! I enjoyed my stay to the fullest! Instructors were really teaching us with full heart which made it even better"

(Blackstone Surf Camp)

4 reasons for a Canary Surf Holiday


Year-round warm swell on the Canary Islands

The Canaries, a Spanish owned and influenced group of islands, offer up the best of both worlds; a European type experience which won't require you to step too far outside your cultural comfort zone while supplying one big bonus; pumping waves and relatively warm water. Surfing the waters of other European destinations in winter can be distinctly chilly and neoprene layered. However, these islands, lying off the North African coast, have all-year-round pleasant water temperatures and lots of sun – ideal for those fed up with risking frostbite while in search of winter waves.


The Canaries are perfect for surf beginners

Thanks to the widely offered surf coaching, Canary Island surf holidays are well suited to beginners and anyone who wants to improve their surf level. Intermediate and advanced surfers who like to get out and about, tap into the inside knowledge of local guides and try their hand at a range of different breaks, are also well catered for through guiding and spot transfer services


Surf and party in paradise

Our Canary Island surfing options are based in either Fuerteventura or Tenerife, with scenery full of dramatic lava-scapes and rugged mountains and cliffs. Fuerteventura, with its rich cultural heritage, has extensive sand dunes and lots of sandy beaches while Tenerife is sometimes referred to as the 'party island' due to its offerings of bars, clubs and lively nightlife centered around the dry south coast.


Find new friends on your surf holiday to the Canary Islands

The majority of the LUEX Canary Island surf trips are surf camp based which typically means fun, happening atmospheres and the chance to get to know some brand new surf buddies. Your accommodation here can be in villas, hostels, studios or apartments with the choice of shared or private room facilities in dorms or single/double/twin/triple rooms. There is always someone new to meet and somewhere fun to go.

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