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Welcome to our Covid-19 travel news platform. We're trying our very best to keep up with the latest global travel restrictions. Our updates summarise changes reported by various sources, but with the ever-changing nature of the situation, please take this information as a guide only.

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COVID-19 Surf Travel News

All relevant news & facts about COVID-19 pandemic surf travel in our blog and surf travel video podcast.

Please find here all relevant news & facts about the Covid-19 crisis. We will reguarly post updates to our booking terms and consitions and how we keep your money safe. We will also produce podcasts with our partners in the destinations or keep you otherwise informed about everything related to the pandemic. Stay safe and tuned.

March 23, 2022

Quarantine Free travel to Indonesia

We're back (officially)

We've been teasing this for a while. But today, we woke up to perhaps the best news for any Indo lover. Indonesia is officially getting rid of its quarantine requirements after a successful trial in Bali.

Read the full article here.

February 15, 2022

Indonesia to cut quarantine to 3 days

Indo dreaming officially back on

Doubling down on (good) Indo news. Indonesia is introducing a 3-day quarantine for anyone who has received their booster shot. 3-jabs, 3 days and you're in, seems to be the golden formula from March 1st onwards.

Read the full article here.

January 31, 2022

Indonesia could soon be on the cards for a surf trip!

Baby steps. But steps nonetheless.

Welcome to Indonesia!

The country of many lefts has lifted its ban on all foreign arrivals while keeping the required isolation at a "managable" 7 days in a bit to keep the economy going despite Omicron cases being on the way up.

Read the full article here and keep in mind to treat this info with caution as Indonesia has a tendency to backpaddle on announcements and plans. We'll keep monitoring the situation closely, but hey, the Islands of Gods might be just back on the cards afterall.


Covid Delta Variant Explained

How's it going vs How it started

Just when we thought we can finally catch a break and enjoy some overpriced expressos somewhere on Italy's Amalfi Coast, swellting under the summer sun, the Covid gods have other plans. Vaccines and all - the Delta variant is going viral as fast as those cute cat videos on Youtube catching travelers and operators off guard.

But what do we know - lets hand it over to the experts at Yale Medicine for the full rundown of what these mutations really do.

Read the full article here


Current State of Travel

Disscussed and dissected by yours truly

Tim, our CEO and LUEX's Head of Sales Martin are discussing, dissecting and contemplating what the current state of traveling really is. Tune in to get the lowdown on everything there's to know if you wanna travel right now!

This episode is was filmed during a recent LUEX trip, visiting partners and operators in the Maldives. Having to jump through a few logistical hoops ourselves, we figured what better topic to discuss than the current state of travel.

This is the first of a two-episode series with a follow-up conversation on the future of traveling dropping soon.


What will traveling look like after the pandemic?

We all want to know

Granted, this is not a definite guide but a pretty good assembly of assumptions of what traveling could look like after this thing is done. When this will happen? No one really knows. Opinions vary on when traveling without masks, pcr tests and restrictions will be a thing of the past, but hey, it's never too early to start dreaming about it already.

The guys at Nation Geographic wrote a pretty nice piece on what traveling COULD look like in the not so distant future. It's a little bit on the US-biased side, but nevertheless, more sustainable traveling, longer roadtrips and more remote travels sound like pretty sweet options for the rest of the world too.

Read the full article here


Surf trips in the age of COVID - Here's what you need to know

Surfer's own Owen James Burke breaks it down for us

We all crave a slice of normalcy. Traveling without the logistical headaches and the bureaucratic hurdles seems like a distant dream, far removed from the masks, exit & entry forms and PCR tests we all got used to. Nevermind the contract tracing apps and QR codes. We can all agree; traveling is weird right now, and it's probably going to stay this way for a while. How long? Who knows.

In the meantime, read a pretty insightful piece, Surfer put together on what changes you will most likely encounter on your next surf trip.

Pretty good...

Read the article here


Step by Step Guide on getting in and out of the Maldives (safely)

What you need. When you need it. And everything else for stress-free traveling to the island paradise.

Even though the Maldives are experiencing somewhat of a Covid_19 revival, this shouldn't deter you from packing your bags, dial-in your quiver and go.

Trust me as I'm writing this, well, from a charter boat anchored next to a fun righthander somewhere in North Male.

I traveled from Spain's Basque Country via Madrid, via Abu Dhabi to Male. But it doesn't matter.


Because the Maldivian Government has a pretty strict but solid Covid-19 safety protocol in place, and it applies to everyone - regardless of where you're traveling from.

Full disclosure, traveling isn't as straightforward as it used to be, but it isn't that bad either.

A few logistical hoops to jump through, followed by a nasal swap and additional paperwork, is all you need to travel (safely) these days.

But first things first. In this order, here's what you have to do


This is pretty obvious, but you want a ticket that you can easily change/cancel without a lot of hassle. Luckily, most airlines are pretty accomodating and let you change flights for free, or more likely, a small fee. But it's worth checking prior, so you don't run into any surprises.

I flew with Etihad Airways as they provided a pretty good covid cover for a bumper but honestly, any of the bigger airlines is safe. Again, just make sure you book a flexible ticket which isn't always possible on cheaper websites like Kayak or Skyscanner. It might cost you a fraction more to book through the airline of your choice's official website, but it can save you a lot of hassle in the long run in case things turn sour.

PCR Test (PCR test)

This one is a no-brainer. You are required to take a PCR test at least 96h before you arrive in the Maldives, and there's no way around it. The Maldivian Government is not messing around with what information they want to see on your test. I can't stress this enough. Make sure your PCR test shows:

  • your name (same as in your passport)
  • your passport number
  • date of the test
  • test result
  • address of the testing lab

Booking confirmation

Ensure that you have an official, written confirmation of the place(s) you are about to stay. The booking confirmation needs to show the number of days you're staying and the address(s)of your accommodation(s). It is possible to do split stays in some places, but you need to check with the hotels, hostels, camps or surf charters if it's possible before your trip.

You won't be able to visit or move to any resort, island or boat unless your accommodation applies for a split stay permit for you. Don't worry though, your accommodation will take of it - all you need to do is ask.

Online Health Self-Declaration (Arrival)

This should be your last thing on your to-do list because you'll have to upload your travel confirmation as well as your negative Covid-19 test result as a part of the application.

It's pretty straightforward and shouldn't take too long, but there's one crucial point you need to be aware of.

Complete the travel authorization within 24 hours of your arrival in the Maldives (especially if your travel time is more than that) as your application expires after 24 hours. You might have to do it again on-location before you can clear immigration. And this takes time. There's only one computer available for travelers to complete the form and download a QR code which you'll need to present to clear immigration.

PCR Test (departure)

By now, pretty much every country under the sun requires a PCR test to enter, and I don't think I'm going out on a limb here to say that your country of origin probably does it too.

Speak with your point of contact at your accommodation as they will organize the test for you.

The process is super smooth, and you should get your results within 24h, but it's still worth thinking about these things a few days before you're bound to leave.

Online Health Self-Declaration (Departure)

You know the drill. Fill it out, upload your test result, generate a QR code and present it to an immigration officer when you leave.

PS. We didn't mention masks, but that goes without saying for the entire trip.

That's it!


Update on PCR test for Covid-19 requirements on arrival

The Maldives packpaddled from the breaking news they announced a week ago

We reported earlier that the Maldives are ready to scrap mandatory PCR testing for everyone who has previously been vaccinated.

However, a few days into the decision the Maldivian Government has since reversed its stance on the matter. Here's what Senior Executive Director of the Ministry of Tourism, Ali Razzan had to say;

To ensure the safety of all, HPA has made it a mandatory requirement for all tourists (including those who have completed the prescribed dose(s) of a Covid-19 vaccine) to present a negative result for a Nucleic Acid Test (PCR test) for Covid-19 on arrival effective 03rd May 2021.

The sample for said PCR test must be taken not more than 96 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure from the first port of embarkation en-route to the Maldives. However, children below one-year-old are exempted from the aforementioned requirement.


On- Arrival vaccinations for tourist traveling to the Maldives

No dates confirmed, but it's coming!

What a crazy world we live in. If someone had told me 12 months ago that I can go bronze my pale chest under the Maldivian sun and simultaneously get my Covid-19 vaccinations done, I would have laughed. I would have laughed so hard that my coffee had spilled everywhere. But I ain't laughing, and my coffee is sitting pretty in my cup.

Because it's true! The Maldives are planning on rolling out a tourist vaccination program that would enable holidaymakers to get their two shots of happiness (for the ones who want) while on vacation.

No dates have been confirmed yet, but the country's Tourism Minister Abdulla Mausoom has already greenlit the proposal and encourages tourists to visit, vaccinate, and vacation in the Maldives.

"Hold my drink honey, I'm just getting another shot."

Read the full article here


Why the Maldives are probably the perfect surf trip right now!

For an honest, unbiased review, our pals over at Magicseaweed are helping out.

Traveling is weird at the moment. We know that. You know that. Whatever destination you have your eyes on, travel restrictions, possible quarantine and strange things in your nose are never far. It's a mess - but nonetheless a beautiful one.

On one side are trying to make live a little easier with our newly developed Covid tool that lets you select our top destinations and see in just a few clicks what you need to do before, during and after your trip to keep yourself and people around you safe.

On the other, our pals at Magicseaweed have published a beautifully written article about Why the Maldives are probably the hottest (and safest) surf destination right now.

We agree! See you there?!

Read the full article here

Air Travel during Covid-19


Is Traveling Safe Again? What Really Happens on Air Travels

A Doctor Explains

If I was a gambling man, I'd put all my money on the claim that "is traveling safe again?" has to be one of the most asked questions of the last 12 months. Right up there with "do I have Covid-19?" and "How can I prevent Covid?" but that's for another day. Fact is, no other topic has divided the world quite like if traveling is safe during the pandemic. Opinions range from HELL YES to Hell NO, and everything in between.

While it's certainly not all black or white, the truth might surprise you. The MIT Medical Department has published an article that provides some great intel on what really happens if you decide to travel on a plane and what you can do to minimize the risks while collecting miles 35,000ft up in the air.

We think it's refreshing to get advice from an expert who works on the front line rather than the guy at the corner store or the yoga studio lady who knows a guy whose distant cousin is a doctor. Stay safe everyone!

Read what a medical professional has to say on air travel here.


What happens when I travel? The current state for German travelers (and everyone living in Germany)

Today, one of our staff members stumbled on an article in the German magazine Spiegel that leaves us longing for more travel in the midst of a pretty strict lockdown that’s hanging over people’s heads in Germany. The article provides a pretty accurate overview of the current situation. It sheds light on what’s possible and what isn’t, what countries are welcoming German tourists, and what sort of bureaucratic hoops people have to jump through once back from their holidays.

Sure, the article targets the more conventional holidaymaker, but a lot of the information provided comes in handy for surf and snow travelers too. If you have a minute (or two, or three), have read and see which locations are safe to travel to.

Head over to and read the full article in German. If you don’t want to read. Or you don’t speak German. Or both. Don’t worry; we’ve summarized the most important points for you.

In short (the good)

  • The Maldives are open for surfers from all over the world. While entry restrictions apply, we’ve gotten the green light from resorts and boats.

  • Seychelles, Costa Rica, and Namibia have waves and Corona protocols in place to welcome German surfers.

  • If you’re hesitant to jump on a long-haul flight halfway around the world to escape the Corona bubble, the Canary Islands are open - although PCR tests are required.

  • Germany’s number 1 Airline Lufthansa has two weekly flights to the Maldives via Frankfurt.

  • There’s no quarantine requirement in Seychelles if you have proof of vaccination. However, a negative PCR test (72h or less) is still needed for all travelers - vaccinated or not.

  • La Réunion is open for German tourists, and it gets even better. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs deems La Réunion safe to travel.

In short (not so good)

  • Quarantine required upon return from Morocco, Namibia, and Costa Rica

  • Length of quarantine and test vary depending on destination. For example, anyone returning from Namibia must immediately take a test and self-quarantine for five days. In those five days, you can’t go outside! Yes, that includes grocery shopping, walking your dog, or see your boyfriend you missed so much while away. After five days, and if you test negative, you are allowed to go back to your normal routine.

  • If you don’t want to get tested upon your return home, you must stay home for ten days. The same rules apply.

The German government (and we agree!!) urges people to stay safe. If you’re planning to go on a trip, make sure you are taking care of yourself and following Corona protocols. Traveling has become more challenging, but it’s not impossible with the right precautions.


Sri Lanka's Bio Bubble explained

Sri Lanka’s announcement of a safe re-opening hit our ears like Mozart’s sweet, beautiful Turkish March. The good news is that Sri Lanka is now open to tourists from all countries. However, traveling to Sri Lanka comes with a few logistical hurdles that people should be aware of before ordering a new quiver and that Economy Plus ticket.

As part of an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Sri Lanka created a "bio bubble," which will give visitors a relative amount of freedom to travel within the country while still observing safety protocols.

What is Sri Lanka’s “bio bubble?

To keep travelers safe while providing income for more than 3 million Sri Lankans who rely on tourism, Sri Lanka’s government introduced an arrangement that limits people’s interaction to only those who have tested negative for COVID. In short, your movements for the first 14 days will be restricted and monitored (or forbidden altogether). It also means you are subject to regular testing until you can clear the 14-day Covid-19 safety protocol.

How does Sri Lanka’s Bio Bubble Work?

  • All visas must be applied online through the Immigration ETA portal (
  • Pre-purchase PCR tests and insurance cover before you apply for your visa.
  • IMPORTANT! The number of prepaid PCR tests varies depending on how long you’re staying in Sri Lanka. For example:
    • On arrival testing is mandatory

    • 0-5 days (4 nights) pay for ONE PCR test

    • 0-14 days (13 nights) pay for TWO PCR tests

    • 14 days or more pay for THREE PCR tests

    • Children under 12 years of age are exempted from PCR testing

  • Sri Lanka will place all visitors into a 14-day Bio Bubble.
  • Travelers must stay at one of the 102 government-approved hotels that have been classified as Level 1’ Safe & Secure. (Updated February List here)
  • You are allowed to visit government-approved sites as long as a guide escorts you.
  • You can’t interact with people outside of the Bio Bubble for 14 days, and you won’t be able to meet other groups of travelers.
  • Fourteen days and a negative PCR test later, you can travel freely and interact with others.

What we suggest

  • Take the worry out of your trip!
    • Let us handle your detailed itineraries and liaise with local authorities. Updating them is mandatory before your trip.

  • Ask your boss for those extra weeks of vacation!

    • The first 14 days are kind of a write-off, and your standard two-week vacations might not cut it to get the most out of your Sri Lanka experience.

  • Check your time slots!

    • Check the time slots allocated for tourists at permitted sites to avoid any confusion and maintain minimal interaction or contact with locals.

  • Always check official websites!

    • We try our best to keep you informed and provide you with everything we know. But you might have guessed it already. Things can change quickly, so it’s important to always check the government’s website for the latest updates. You know what they say: one check a day keeps frustration at bay.

    • Official Information check here.

    • Visa applications check here.

    • Official sites and time slots check here.

    • List of government-approved hotels check here.


Tribute to the LUEX Team and Valued Customers /

Maldives Reopening

our good friend Curtis Redden just edited a nice little clip of the LUEX Sales Team on our last "business trip" to the Maldives in late 2019. Sadly, most of the team members are only part-time with LUEX or had to leave us due to the pandemic and drop in bookings. Also our Head of Sales - Martin Jenner - wasn't with us for this trip as he was busy "working" on another trip in the Mentawais.

However, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to say a huge thanks to them all and as a tribute to our team and all our clients. You guys are awesome! We hope to see you all back with LUEX in full force and even bigger than ever before.

I am confident that this will happen sooner rather than later. July and current bookings are on a steep rise already with many stoked clients traveling right now. In the Maldives, most of our boats are operating already. Four Seasons, Cinnamon Dhonveli, Six Senses, and Ayada Resort have already opened. Hudhuranfushi and Niyama are following suit soon enough...

All resorts offer great specials. For example:
Ayada: Welcome Back Offer - 45% Room Rate Discount!
Six Senses: 30% Discount on Room Rates and Transfers & Free Half Board Meal Plan!

Many airlines are also running flights to the Maldives again.

Besides this, the Maldives has installed plenty of Covid-19 Test Stations throughout the country. A negative test will exempt most travelers from any quarantine upon return to their home country.

Stay tuned!

Yours Tim Heising
CEO and Founder of LUEX Travel


The Maldives is open for Surfing!

Breaking News: The Maldives has officially confirmed that they are open for travel and tourism from ALL countries! Free visa's on arrival will be issued from the 15th of July for all travelers, with no extras fees, limitations, or quarantine rules as once suggested.

This is it, this is your year to surf the Maldives with crowd levels you could have only dreamed of. Our partners who have remained in the Maldives throughout this time have been surfing perfect waves by themselves and they are ready to start sharing them with you! It will be a while before the crowd's crawl back again, so make the most of this season!

Want to travel back in time to the Maldives of distant memory... It's GO time.


  • Tourists will be provided a free 30-day tourist visa on arrival.

  • A confirmed booking in a tourist establishment registered with the Ministry of Tourism, prior to traveling to the Maldives is mandatory.

  • Tourist resorts, liveaboard vessels, and hotels located on uninhabited islands are open for bookings starting from July 15, 2020.

  • Indicative date for guesthouses and hotels located on inhabited islands opening for bookings is August 1, 2020.

  • Movements between resorts and islands will be permitted without quarantine requirements from the date of opening of guest houses.

  • Tourists will not be required to submit any medical test results for entry to the Maldives. However, travelers presenting with symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival will be subjected to a PCR test at the travelers' cost. Additionally, local health authorities may conduct random testing, at no cost to travelers.

  • A health declaration card will be required as part of the on-arrival procedure.

Please find the full details of the rules, statement, and all safety procedures here.

Book with certainty in an uncertain time.

If the last months have taught us anything, it's that anything can happen. We want to ensure your peace of mind when booking a trip in these times.

Refundable deposit payments, reduced payment dates, security if your flights canceled, and more... We are doing everything possible to ensure that you can book your trip with confidence no matter what happens.

Ready to score the Maldives with the crowd levels of 25 years ago...?

Just get in touch!

Thanks, Tim Heising


Let's travel again - The LUEX Podcast Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort - Sri Lanka

Corona travel updates with partners of LUEX and how the pandemic impacts traveling to their destinations:

My guest today is:
Champika De Silva - Area Director of Sales at the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort Sri Lanka
View and listen to their first hand knowledge and insights:

00:24 Intro
00:44 Champika De Silva - Area Director of Sales at Anantara Peace Haven
01:27 Current situation in Sri Lanka
02:39 Sri Lanka opening borders - 01st August
03:04 Flights to Sri Lanka
03:39 Visas for Sri Lanka Full Details (see attachment)
06:56 Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle stayed open throughout for some guests
08:02 Health and Safety changes to the Resort
11:33 Hotel running all services from 01st August
12:59 Surf team and services running at the resort with new hygiene plan
13:34 Flexible booking terms
15:22 How are booking requests currently
17:11 Anantara Tangalle has natural social distancing
18:44 Outro

Please also check Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort Sri Lanka here:


Let's travel again - The LUEX Podcast Surfers Lodge Peniche Portugal

Corona travel updates with partners of LUEX and how the pandemic impacts traveling to their destinations:

My guests today are:

John Malmqvist - Founder, Owner and CEO of Surfers Lodge Peniche in Portugal
and Martin Jenner - Head of Sales at LUEX

View and listen to their first hand knowledge and insights:
00:00 Intro
01:18 John Malmqvist - Founder and CEO of Surfers Lodge Peniche / Portugal
01.30 Finally allowed to surf again in Portugal
02:29 Hotel restaurant in Surfers Lodge Peniche opened again
04:05 Hotel opens June 1st
04:35 Flexible booking terms
05:17 No entry restrictions into Portugal at the moment
07:17 Travel restrictions within Europe
08:19 Portugal among the safest destinations
08:57 Safety measures on flights
10:42 Changes to expect in Peniche
11:26 No impact on surf services
12:10 Portugal may bounce back quicker than other destinations
14:21 Attractive low season
15:34 Safety measurements at Surfers Lodge Peniche
16:39 Portugal's Clean & Safe Seal
18:05 How LUEX is handling the crisis
22:00 Kitesurfing packages at Surfers Lodge Peniche
22:50 Outro

Please also check Surfers Lodge Peniche here:


Let's travel again - The LUEX Podcast Niyama Maldives

Corona travel updates with partners of LUEX and how the pandemic impacts traveling to their destinations:

My guests today are:
Nathan Kemp - Surf Development Director at Niyama Private Island Resort in the beautiful Maldives,
Haf Al Busaidy - General Manager at Niyama Private Island Resort,
and Martin Jenner - Head of Sales at LUEX

View or listen to their first hand knowldege and insights:

00:00 Intro

01:23 Haf about the situation on the island

02:11 Haf telling us about current visa and flight impacts

02:42 Haf on the low spread of the virus in the Maldives

03:36 Reopening Dates

04:24 Airlines Servicing the Maldives

07:23 Plans of Ministry of Tourism in the Maldives

08:02 Haf on how the Maldives will open again

08:51 More flexible booking terms to reduce the risk for the clients

11:13 How the resort will look like when it opens again

12:12 Crowd levels for surfers

13:13 Extra Corona Safety Measures

16:05 Maldives the perfect fit during times of Corona

18:18 Nathan about lockdown in paradise and beautiful Niyama

19:44 Impact on surf services

20:25 Perfect Late surf season October to December

22:47 Nathan asks LUEX about how LUEX deals with the situation

24:28 How LUEX and Niyama work together to keep the services at highest standards.

26:04 Outro


FAQ by travelers and suppliers

Here some of the questions we have been asked frequently in the last few weeks.

Traveler or Suppliers: How has LUEX changed its services for clients in the current situation?

Martin Jenner - Sales Expert at LUEX:

Ultimately the service we offer still remains the same, but obviously people are much more hesitant to book at the moment.

So we have focused our negotiations with partners not only on getting the best rates as normal but better cancelation and payment terms, as well as attractive options for rebooking and changing dates, should the situation continue.

There are actually some great deals to be had at the moment, as long as you are willing to accept some flexibility with the change of travel dates. For example, that your holiday dates could be changed within the next 18 months should the situation continue.

Traveler or Suppliers: I can imagine you have had many trips affected by this, how was that process?

Martin Jenner - Sales Expert at LUEX:

Well, yes - Our team has been overwhelmed with cases affected by Corona. We have managed to keep on top of it, but it was very daunting at the start.

We had to switch straight away into "Crisis Mode" and work towards getting the best deals possible for our clients and helping with any stranded customers. We had some clients stranded in the Maldives for example and figured out how they could stay until their new flight date.

We worked towards finding the best solutions possible for all bookings, starting with the ones traveling soonest and I'm proud to say we've managed to do really well.

Traveler or Suppliers: Do you have some preparations for the time after travel restrictions ease?

Martin Jenner - Sales Expert at LUEX:

We want to get back to normal as soon as possible, we are ready to help everyone get back in the water and the mountains as soon as they can!

The crisis won't be over as soon as travel restrictions ease, so we are looking to make everything as easy as possible from that time onwards and understand extra precautions may be needed.

Things like increased sanitation measures at resorts, social distancing, and testing of staff. The trips that offer these will be the ones that people are most comfortable booking when they can again, so we are encouraging these measures wherever we can.


A word from the LUEX CEO

Hey Surfers, Snowboarders, Skiers, Travelers and Clients of LUEX!

Wow - the last three weeks have been a rough ride. Covid-19 and the potential impact on our lives, on tourism and our business LUEX has been on my mind for quite some time. But I have to admit – at first I wasn't too worried.

LUEX has withstood many crises over the years. Swine Flu in 2009, volcanic eruptions in Iceland in 2010, the tsunami in Sumatra in 2010, MERS in 2013, Ebola in 2014, Zika in 2016, and all of Bali's Mount Agung's periodic eruptions from 2017 to 2019. Thousands of LUEX's clients have been affected. We had clients that got sick, some that needed to save themselves by climbing trees, or got stuck for days/weeks on the way back home. Some were also "just" worried or concerned to travel.

But in the end, everything usually worked out fine. Some of it was definitely not fun, but our clients survived, most can look back with a smile, and a number have another good story to tell. I am very proud to say that we have always worked really well with our clients and that we have always found good solutions for even the toughest challenges along the way. In return our clients have rewarded us with many impeccable reviews of LUEX on Facebook, Trustpilot, Google and elsewhere. Whereas most of our competitors have disabled Facebook reviews, ours are purely in the excellent range. Check them out.

And then came Covid-19. Ah, just another one of those events - I thought. The first clients canceled their trips with us in early February. But even then, I was convinced that it would go away. By end of February, I started to be really concerned about my family, our clients, and the business. It was still so abstract though. I was enjoying the best powder and freeskiing in Austria and life was just too good. All friends around, and happy and healthy. You just couldn’t feel or touch this damn Corona virus. Giulia, one of our travel experts, managed to change my perspective rapidly. She is a globetrotter, but originally comes from Italy. Her mum is a doctor in the north of Italy - one of the most impacted places in the world - and shared insights about how the situation got more and more out of control.

"Let's stop saying it is just a flu". Well, that couldn't be more true. Tens of thousands of people have died by now, the world has been locked down, my sister, mother and father are infected and obviously pretty much all of our travelers have canceled their trips. Within a few days, everything turned upside down. Since then, we are in full crisis mode. How can we save the trips for our guests and rescue their money? How can we pay and keep our staff? What happens to LUEX? What happens to our families? I wouldn't be honest if I said I wasn't stressed and partly pessimistic at times.

However, some very special things happened. The vast majority of our clients are just amazing to work with. Even with a lot of money on the line, we have found a fair solution for everyone so far. We have given refunds wherever possible, value vouchers in other cases, and we have changed dates of travel with convenient conditions or found other individual solutions if needed. All this while keeping an eye on our valued suppliers and trying to keep the trips alive for them as well. Big hugs to all our clients and suppliers for the good work! But that's not all. I am so grateful for the LUEX team. They are the ones doing the magic. LUEX has hundreds of bookings affected, and they work relentlessly to find the best compromises for all. They just love surf and snow travel so much and are too passionate to fail. One of them told me, "Tim, we have something really special here. Let's turn it around and get out even stronger". That is heartbreaking and wonderful. A huge thanks to the team! You guys are awesome!

I am not concerned anymore. With this team, plus our amazing clients and great partners we have turned it around already. We are in a solid financial standing and additional funding is on the way. So, you damn Sars Cov 2 virus. Unless you keep raging for many years you won’t get us down!

And to all clients, please continue to contact us. We love to assist you and will be able to offer risk-free bookings and trips you will never forget!