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AST La Libertad

Central America’s finest surf awaits you

Known for incredible Pacific Ocean beaches, jaw-dropping surf spots and a rugged mountainous landscape, El Salvador will surprise you. Budget-friendly and determined to attract tourists, the country is going through a beautiful transformation which smart surf seeking travellers are starting to notice. Whether its Ruta de Las Flores’s coffee farms, The world class pointbreaks of Punta Roca and Las Flores or Juayúa’s weekend-long food festivals, El Salvador demands your attention! LUEX can make your adventure that much sweeter so let’s get chatting!

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The Gaucho in our crew! Nacho studied Business Administration in Buenos Aires and knows his way around surf breaks all over Latin America, Indo & Fiji. A keen explorer, he also had a couple of waves in the Maldives, Morocco, Europe, NZ, OZ & Easter Island! Nacho's favorite surf destination is the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia; however, he will provide you Stormrider guide-like knowledge on any of the dreamy surf areas he manages. Our LUEX in-house barista always makes sure he helps people with anything that might contribute to their best surf vacation ever.

Be Aware

El Salvador is a place of passion. From its ridiculously beautiful landscapes to outrageously good food choices or sublime surfing options, you will find adventure for all of your senses. It is, of course, a country of varying cultures to your own and that can be a challenge. Throw in the language barrier and you could find yourself crossing your eyes trying to decipher road signs and friendly local greetings. STOP worrying! We offer the best professional teams to do all the hard work for you so that your incredible road trip adventure is stress-free, from beginning to end. Let us take care of all the things that would otherwise keep you from enjoying every moment of what is surely your most memorable adventure yet!

What our customers say

"I’m a beginner, so for me it was important to learn the theory and practice under supervision of professionals. Instructors did hell of a job… I feel that I picked up the basics fast thanks to their motivating attitude. El Salvador is marvelous."

(El Salvador Surf Camps)

"...We had the same guide during the two weeks. He is a very nice guy and was a great help to us. Familiar with all spots he recommended the best time and spot every day. When the swell was not good or waves were too big for us, he took us to nice places like waterfalls, on a boat trip, etc..."

(AST Las Flores)

"Cool waves in an interesting country"

(Mizata Point Resort)

"La Libertad is a very more lively place, especially in the weekends: situated in a building right at the seafront in the middle of a busy town, with a view of the local fishing/market pier and the waves of the surf spots"

(AST La Libertad)

4 reasons why you should book an El Salvador surf trip


Surfer’s paradise on a budget

With a wide variety of packages to choose from, you can visit El Salvador with your wallet safely thought of. Our surf operator selections offer a variety of accommodation options as well as tours. No matter what your pocket size you can find something to suit you down to the last cent. There are a great number of location choices available which will dictate the type of accommodation options open to you. There are both private and shared room options to choose from in bungalow and apartment accommodation which you can decide on depending whether accommodation type or location is your priority.


Discover El Salvador’s culture and history during your surf holiday

Within the boundaries of South America’s smallest country lies a cauldron of culture. Joya de Cerén is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which retells the remarkable story of the mystical Mayan civilization. You will get to see a Temezcal, (Ancient sauna) and see everyday agricultural tools which were used by the Mayans. In San Salvador, you can visit Salvador del Mundo, the symbol of the city, the historic downtown area, and the Metropolitan Cathedral. So much to do, you better book a few days extra!


Lots of surf resorts in El Salvador

Looking for luxury? No sweat. We offer incredible sights and superb luxury package for the discerning surf traveller. Breathtaking Surf Resorts are positioned directly in front of world-class waves. From carefully designed private suites to eco-living in style, El Salvador isn’t just impressive in the wave department.


Visit a cloud forest after the surf

After a week of surfing crystal clear sets, you may want to see what else El Salvador offers. How about exploring a cloud forest? Yes, a forest in the clouds! Sitting at 7000 feet, the Montecristo Cloud Forest has a wide diversity of flora and fauna including anteaters, spider monkeys, ferns, orchids, and mosses and there is a whole other world to see.

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