Explore these sick trips in France
  • Star Surf Camp France
    France: Landes
    Prepare for an action packed, adventure holiday where all you will need is your sleeping bag and ...
    pp/night from US$ 42
  • Dreamsea Surf Camp Moliets
    France: Landes

    Camping in high quality tents at this young and multicultural surf camp just a short walk from...

    pp/night from US$ 37
  • Surf Inn Vieux Boucau
    France: Landes

    Enjoy famous surf spots at the atlantic coast in this luxury surf house. Perfect waves for any...

    pp/night from US$ 36
  • Boardingmania Surf Camps
    France: Landes

    Cozy, stylish and luxurious options offered with these fully equipped, self-catering apartment...

    pp/night from US$ 61
  • Secret Spot Lodge
    France: Landes

    If you have surfing on your mind then this quality B&B in the south of France is the place for...

    pp/night from US$ 25
  • O’Neill Surf Camp Mimizan
    France: Landes

    Join the legendary surf spirit and amazing waves at one of the oldest and well known surf camp...

    pp/night from US$ 23
  • O’Neill Surf Camp Carcans
    France: Landes

    Are you looking for a budget surf camp with a relaxed vibe and lots of surfing, yoga and live ...

    pp/night from US$ 33
  • Element Called Water
    France: Landes

    Beautiful, relaxed surf camp in tranquil setting, located a few kms from Hossegor providing va...

    pp/night from US$ 23
  • Youth, Family & Friends Surfcamp St. Girons
    France: Landes

    Spacious tent, luxury camping offered surrounded by pine forest, close to the beach with a var...

    pp/night from US$ 37
  • Backwash Surfcamp
    France: Gironde
    A beach-side surf camp run by a national champion, situated on the Cap Ferret Peninsula offering ...
    pp/night from US$ 68

Surfing life in France

Surf trips in France are all about surrounding yourself with a young happening crowd and sampling mouth-wateringly delicious local cuisine designed to fuel you up for all the energy you'll need for wave riding by day and immersing yourself into the vibrant social scene by night. In fact, in the European surfing world, taking a France based holiday at least once is some kind of rite of passage. Of course you don't have to be either young or a party animal to enjoy a surf trip in France but most of what is on offer tends to point you in that direction. That is partly because three quarters of our surf holidays offered are based at fun, funky surf camps.

Don't be fooled though – serious surfers come here to take up the challenge of some of the best beach breaks the world has to offer. Transversely, total beginners also flock here, attracted by laid-on surf coaching and quality waves which make the learning process faster and much more fun. Even families join in to take advantage of the junior camps aimed at 12 to 16 year olds – producing wave chargers of the future perhaps.

Surf season and region

With a coastline open to Atlantic swell, France offers surfing opportunities year round. Summers are a great time for more playful beginner waves, with typically smaller wave faces, while the rest of the year offers opportunities for intermediate and advanced surfers, with the largest swells hitting from October to April.

All of our French surf holiday options are based in Southern France in the Landes and Gironde regions where water temperatures mean you can ride your waves clad only in board-shorts for around 4 months of the year. The surf menu here features solely beach breaks but these aren't just any beach breaks – these are of the high to world class variety with spitting lips and barrels enough for everyone...... and then some to spare.

Les Landes and Hossegor

The Landes region is where you will find Hossegor – a name which has most surfers dribbling with anticipation. It is home to Europe's surf industry, a venue for the pro World Tour and a piece of coast which draws swell like a beautiful surfer's best friend. The waves created here are widely accepted as making up one of the world's best beach breaks with peak after peak of invariably hollow, powerful waves.

Outside of Hossegor the region still has lots and lots to offer in the way of quality beach breaks with many long stretches of beach crammed with more than 20 named and countless un-named breaks.

Wide variety of accommodation

The Gironde region, which is affected by the same swell and surf seasons as Landes, offers waves which tend to be less crowded than some of the town based Landes waves.

Of the surf camp options, half offer tent accommodation, often right in the dunes, so you will be nice and cozy but still able to hear the ocean calling and singing you to sleep each night. French based surf camps also offer the chance to lie your weary head on a pillow in a choice of shared and private room types in surf lodges, guesthouses, villas and apartments ranging from dorm rooms upwards. This means that pretty much any party size or make-up can be accommodated from solo travelers to large groups and everything else in between.

Whether some retreat and privacy is your aim or total immersion in a shared social scene then the chances are you can find it here. It is also possible to bring along your own tent or bus for those who want a cheap base but want to hook-up with the surf camp vibe.

If you are a budget conscious surfer who likes quality waves (or some-one who desperately wants to learn to ride), like mixing with and meeting new surf buddies, enjoy a party scene and have some energy to spare then you will be well suited to a surf holiday in France. For this reason, France surf options appeal to groups and solo travelers but young families and couples also make up the numbers.

Surf Packages

Most of the packages on offer start with accommodation only choices to which you can add a variety of meal options through upgrades. Also available are a variety of add-ons which include such things as coaching, guiding, equipment rental and excursions.

Deciding France is the way to go for your next (or first) surf holiday might be quite straightforward but deciding which of the options give you what you need at the best price might prove a little trickier. No problem – contact us here at LUEX where our experienced team are waiting to help you out.