Dreams do come true - reach any spot you want in no time with Helis or Sea Planes
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    Indonesia: Sumatra

    Exclusive, ultimate luxury surf charter with supreme accommodation, fine dining and outstandin...

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  • Seaplane Excursions

    With your own sea plane you will surf the best waves of the country. Guaranteed! This is a rea...

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  • New Zealand Heli Surf Tours
    New Zealand
    It’s in the name – nothing beats this! Scour New Zealand for surf in a Helicopter – enough said!
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Being flown to a variety of surf spots by helicopter or seaplane has to be THE ultimate experience which probably figures as top of every surfer's dream wish list. There are so many advantages to this type of surf tour. For starters, helicopters and seaplanes can get you to the most remote areas with no trouble at all. The kind of places that could be extremely tricky or even impossible to reach by land or which might entail long and tedious boat journeys (if indeed there is even a boat available) can all be explored with your own flying transport.

Not many of us have ever been lucky enough to check out our surf breaks from the air – an experience which is oh-so-special and one which gives you a totally different perspective - a perfect bird's eye view. After checking out the quality from above you can then land wherever the ocean is offering up the most ideal surf for you.

You are so flexible with this option........so this break doesn't work on a low tide – no problem – off you will go to a place where the surf is at its optimum during this tide time. The wind changes – no problem – you have a radius of hundreds of kilometers within reach to get airborne and checking somewhere which is sheltered from the wind or which offers an off-shore option instead. And all of this can be achieved within the blink of an eye relatively speaking – no time consuming driving miles desperately trying to find a wave before the sun sinks or the tide turns or before the crowds arrive.

Sea plane and helicopter excursions are for those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter how long you have been surfing, this type of trip will give you something you have never felt or encountered before and perhaps never will again. It is these experiences in life which make them super-special and way outside the normal realms of the ordinary; the things which stay with us forever.

Aerial surfing excursions are ideal for groups traveling together in numbers between 3 to 8 persons. Just round up a surf buddy or two (or family members work just as well) and prepare to create some memories which will last for as long as you live. There is no doubt you and your crew will be talking about your unique adventures for years to come.

The countries where flight touring is possible also read like something from a dream list – the tropical, turquoise water of the idyllic Maldives with a diversity of pristine atolls to explore; Indonesia and its seemingly unlimited islands each one offering something a little different to the last but all with waves of superb quality and the mile after mile of New Zealand's coast which features such surf Meccas as the world class points at Raglan, as well as a host of other mainland and island breaks including those in its sub-tropical north.

Dreams can come true and we love helping surfers to realize that. Just let LUEX know what it is you want and we will then use our expertise and experience to organize everything possible for you. Soon you could be gazing down through the window of your helicopter or seaplane, at empty, line perfect surf, minutes before you'll be paddling out there yourself. Interested? Of course you are – just give us a call.