Surf Trips with Helis and Sea Planes

Instant access to any spot

Imagine being able to fly directly into a remote surf location so exotic you could only dream of experiencing? Well, dreams are meant to be realised and with LUEX Seaplane and helicopter surf excursions, your dreams are about to come true. With access to remote spots, total flexibility and freedom means to get to wherever the surf is pumping that day you are destined for the best trip of your life. LUEX can help turn your dreams into reality.

Why Book with Us

LUEX offers the most extensive and best selection of surf trips worldwide.

Provider independence and quality are our mission.

Our goal is that our customers can find the perfect surf trip, tailored to their needs, in one place.

All our experts are surfers and part of the lifestyle.

Our experts know the destinations/spots personally or are in close contact with local surfers or suppliers.

We are supplier-independent. We only offer trips that fit the needs of our customers.

We guarantee to beat any price on the market.

It is not cheaper to book directly with the supplier.

We do not charge a fee for our expert advice.

We offer professional booking tools for our customers.

Secure payment functions for all currencies.

Payment options for groups and instalments.

You're talking to real people, not automated chats or bots.

We'll stand up for you when the going gets rough.

We are insiders and want you to enjoy the surf lifestyle as much as we do.

Unbiased, independent, technology driven! We don't own, run or control any of the trips but rather connect travelers with operators/suppliers of once-in-a-lifetime sports travel experiences and products. Your trip - orchestrated according to your taste, budget, style and skill level and backed by our technology-driven booking services and support

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Meet your expert

The driving force behind your dreamy trips! LUEX is Tim's brainchild and the result of years of traveling, surfing, and freeskiing. A passionate world nomad, Tim has lived in Europe, Australia, and Northern California, and is no stranger to the best lineups, both surf, and snow all over Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia, and South Africa either! A lover of warm water, Tim takes care of our guests wanting to score an epic trip on a surf charter in the Maldives. Better than any online surf guide, Tim knows all the ins and outs to surfing in the Maldives as a result of "too many trips to remember" to the small tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean.

Be Aware

Getting on board a seaplane or a helicopter for a memorable unique trip is a thrilling adventure, but it also needs a bit of planning. Seaplane and helicopter surf excursions can sometimes be tricky to sort out. It is important to ensure you have key local knowledge and that is why you can rest assured that when you book with LUEX, your every need, want and everything in between is catered for. Don’t let that stress you out, let us do all the hard work to ensure you have a painless, memorable seaplane and helicopter surf trip.

What our customers say

"That's an experience I'll NEVER forget"

(New Zealand Heli Surf Tours)

"It's definitely worth the money.. I couldn't have wished for an better and for my trip"

(Seaplane Excursions)

"Amazing, amazing, amazing.. I think that describes my experience the best ;)"

(Ratu Motu West Sumatra)

4 reasons for you to book a seaplane or helicopter excursion


Heli or Sea Plane Surfing is an exiting adventure

Aerial surfing excursions are ideal for groups traveling together in numbers between three and eight. Just round up a surf buddy or two (or family members work just as well) and prepare to create some memories which will last for as long as you live. There is no doubt you and your crew will be talking about your unique adventures for years to come.


A different view of the surf

How many people can say that they have been able to check out our surf breaks from the air – an experience which is oh-so-special and one which gives you a totally different perspective - a perfect bird's eye view. After checking out the quality from above you can then land wherever the ocean is offering up the most ideal surf for you.


Your surf holiday will be a lifetime memory

Seaplane and helicopter excursions are for those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It really doesn’t matter how long you have been surfing or which spots you have smashed before, this type of trip will give you something you have never felt or encountered and perhaps never will again. It is these experiences in life which make them super-special and way outside the normal realms of the ordinary; the things which stay with us forever.


You will get access to the best waves

Taking a Seaplane or helicopter excursion gives you super flexibility when it comes to surf spot choice. So, what if the set is dead because of low tide, simply take off and head to a place where the surf is at its optimum. Wind changes? Not a problem! Your playground is massive, hundreds of kilometers, all within reach and super-fast. No road issues!

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