Perfect surf, tropical water and weather, great parties - these trips in Bali have it covered
  • The Balicamp
    Indonesia: Bali
    Beautiful surf camp in Balinese surf villa for only 16 people max. - arguably the best guiding of...
    pp/night from US$ 71
  • Sama Sama
    Unique surf trip, search for and surf perfect uncrowded waves anywhere in surf rich Indonesia on ...
    pp/night from US$ 208
  • Como Uma Canggu
    Indonesia: Bali

    Oceanside luxury resort and villas featuring panoramic views of the ocean in the newest vibran...

    pp/night from US$ 120
  • Anantara Uluwatu
    Indonesia: Bali
    Luxury resort overlooking the majestic waves of the Bukit Peninsula. Unparalleled accommodation a...
    pp/night from US$ 220
  • Splendour

    For those who appreciate contemporary style and excite in luxury. Explore the best surf destin...

    pp/night from US$ 290
  • Lapoint Surf Camp Gianyar
    Indonesia: Bali

    Here you’ll find new friends, waves and a whole other kind of surf experience on the all...

    pp/night from US$ 104
  • Bulgari Resort Bali
    Indonesia: Bali

    Bali’s most prestigious luxury resort upon a stunning seaside cliff on Bali's southern t...

    pp/night from US$ 600
  • Mondo Surf & Lifestyle Village
    Indonesia: Bali
    Enter this retreat haven nestled between the luscious green rice fields of Canggu and indulge in ...
    pp/night from US$ 49
  • Sri Noa Noa

    One of the few boats in Indonesia offering flexible trip dates and length. It is THE choice fo...

    pp/night from US$ 183
  • Hotel Tugu Bali
    Indonesia: Bali

    For those of you who enjoy luxury, the balinese culture and still like to surf all day, this o...

    pp/night from US$ 155

The fragrance of frangipani blossoms and exotic burning incense drifting on the breeze…......spectacular white sand beaches......glittering temples, majestic mountains, lush rice terraces and coffee plantations..... a profoundly spiritual culture infused with unique dance rituals and music ......this is Bali. The Balinese believe this lively tropical island to be that of the gods and it’s hard to argue with that - especially if you are a surfer. It's not just the fact that there are many world class waves but that there are so many of them – in fact on a standard map it is impossible to cram all the names in.

Add to this the fact that the Balinese are a race known for their smiles and hospitality and sprinkle the land with a diverse range of cultural, historical and archaeological attractions and we understand if you don't bother to read any further before rushing off to pack your travel bags and heading off to the Bali surf.

With such an enormous choice of high quality, tropical perfection waves on offer it may well be that you surf from dawn until dusk but should you want a break there will be plenty to keep you occupied here. Perhaps floating serenely above multi-colored coral reef gardens with a snorkel mask while turtles, manta rays and vibrantly hued fish swim all around appeals? You might choose to immerse yourself in some of the marvelous local culture on an excursion or perhaps you like the idea of not moving a muscle – swinging in a hammock or lying back as expert hands massage away all the surfing aches and pains? You can be super active or super chilled – the choice is yours on a Bali surf trip.

Quality waves here are as common as the island's coconuts which we confess may be a slight exaggeration but the fact is Bali has one of the highest concentration of quality surf options anywhere on Earth. These include the world class coral reef left-handers of Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, Bingin and Kuta Reef with the beach break offerings including Kuta, Legian, and Lacerations.

The south west and south east coastlines of Bali are exposed to the might of the Southern Ocean swells which have traveled all the way from the Antarctic, with the dominant swell south-west with south variations and the largest average swell height occurring from April to October.

Most of the LUEX Bali surf trip options are based on either the super wave rich Bukit peninsula or located in less visited West Bali. Thanks to the deep water channels which run either side of the island, the Bukit peninsula receives the focus of the swell and, because of its geographical make-up, offers great flexibility according to conditions.

June to September, high season from a Bali surfing point of view, is dry season with low humidity and slightly stronger winds than the monsoon period – December to March. East-south-easterly trade winds dominate from April to October making the chance of offshore winds high at many Bali surf spots, while November to March has highly variable wind directions ranging from SE TO NW.

Bali can be surfed year round, with water temperatures never moving far from a wonderful 27° C and offers up an almost bewildering array of wave types from longboard, SUP and beginner mellow to stomach lurching adrenalin chargers, strictly pros only territory.

Your base for your Bali surf trip is most commonly found in the form of surf camps and resorts with a sprinkling of surf boat charter choices too. There are plenty of right-on-the-beach options for surfers who don't like to make too much effort to feel the sand between their toes. Or you can perch yourself on a cliff-top with the opportunity to check your local holiday surf break from your own terrace.

Single rooms, dorm rooms and other shared room options for all party make-ups are easily found offering standard comfort right through to deluxe alternatives.

The tropical fun atmosphere and laid back beach vibe of Bali draws surfers of all ages and every type – from party lovers in search of colorful nightlife to yoga fans seeking tranquil retreats. Budget conscious solo travelers and groups are drawn here, with ideas of mixing it up with other surfers at camps while the comfort levels offered through the mid-range to luxury standard options have heaps of appeal for families and couples.

What's more, the diverse variety of waves found on Bali surf trips means no matter what your wave riding weapon of choice there will be something to suit – longboarders especially but SUP riders and bodyboarders can also join in the Bali surf fun.

Intermediate to pro level surfers are going to be spoiled for choice with guiding and spot transfer services offered pretty much across the board – great for anyone who likes getting out and exploring. There are options for beginners too which means you can make your very first wave an Indian Ocean one under the guidance of expert coaches.

All types of package are available through Bali surf trip operators – from self-catering bases perfect for free-flowing independent travelers through to all-inclusive options for a totally headache-free choice.

If your wave riding compass is pointing you towards world class Bali for your next (or very first) surf trip then give us a call and let the LUEX experts take care of finding both the ideal tropical surf holiday and the best deal for you.