Find your next perfect trip to the Mentawai Islands
  • Togat Nusa Retreat
    Indonesia: Sumatra
    Quality and service comes first in this private tropical island sanctuary positioned in the centr...
    pp/night from US$ 180
  • Beng Beng Mentawai
    Indonesia: Sumatra

    Relaxed and intimate surf camp in the Mentawais – world class waves right on your doorst...

    pp/night from US$ 120
  • Ratu Motu West Sumatra
    Indonesia: Sumatra

    Exclusive, ultimate luxury surf charter with supreme accommodation, fine dining and outstandin...

    pp/night from US$ 350
  • Indo Satu
    Indonesia: Sumatra

    Surf world class waves in the Mentawais, with experienced guides and from a great looking boat...

    pp/night from US$ 209
  • Star Koat 2
    Explore the most remote corners off Sumatra with this upper class new vessel, offering +10 years ...
    pp/night from US$ 230
  • Oasis
    Indonesia: Sumatra

    Spacious boat with excellent value for money for up to 10 people - some trips also explore the...

    pp/night from US$ 221
  • Wavepark Mentawai
    Indonesia: Sumatra

    The original full service surf resort welcomes you to your playground!

    pp/night from US$ 320
  • Aloita Resort & Spa
    Indonesia: Sumatra

    One of the most (if not the most) beautiful surf resorts in the tropical paradise that is the ...

    pp/night from US$ 200
  • King Millenium II
    Indonesia: Sumatra

    Fast aluminium catamaran for 12 people max, with great on board entertainment, spacious commun...

    pp/night from US$ 250
  • Nusa Dewata Surf Charters
    Indonesia: Sumatra
    A relaxed surf trip, with no instant crowds, to the iconic Mentawai Islands led by an experienced...
    pp/night from US$ 286

Everyone involved in the surfing world has heard of the remote and idyllic Mentawais – the sacred, hallowed surf ground which lies off the west coast of Indonesia's Sumatra and which was once a pros-only domain. Thankfully times change and the impossibly pristine, sun sprinkled barrels are accessible to all of us.....if we dare.

Mentawais surfing trips are almost entirely about the ocean – surfing it, living on or right next to it and spending any play time you choose away from wave riding, enjoying it. Hour upon hour can be lost serenely floating above these spectacular coral reef gardens, watching the brilliantly colored and abundant marine creatures go about their daily life, through a snorkel mask. Or perhaps you might like to go spear fishing using old traditional Indonesian methods? Perhaps strapping on scuba diving gear and sinking into the depths of this paradise appeals? If all this seems a bit too energetic then no problem – you can simply choose to wander the coconut palm fringed white sands collecting shells and ocean gazing.

If you are looking to maximize your wave time during your Mentawais surf holiday then choosing one of the many surf boat charter options allows you to do just that; surf from dawn 'til dusk and then watch the sun set spectacularly over the Indian Ocean from your boat's viewing deck. Later, you can fall asleep in the cabin or suite of your choice with the ocean sounds as your lullaby.

Land based options for Mentawais surf trips come as beach front surf camps complete with fun, social and laid-back vibes or you can lap up the luxury in an exclusive surf resort.....on a private island with only 6 surfers if you like.

When the surf gods were originally dishing out world class waves there was a bit of a hiccup when they got to the Mentawais because this little corner of the planet took rather more of a share than one region should fairly have. To say it is wave rich is an understatement – hop in a boat for 25 minutes and in that time you could take in as many as 20 different breaks, some with big names, some less famous but all of the high class or quality wave variety. With such an enormous amount of spots to choose from it means that there is always a good possibility of escaping the crowds in the hands of expert, local-knowledge-rich guides - all part of the deal with our Mentawais based surf trip operators.

The optimum surf season is considered to be from March to November when the long, long distance swell created by the Roaring Forties arrives, having traveled all the way from Antarctica. However, this region has consistent, warm water tropical surf all year with wide open swell windows to pick up anything the Indian Ocean chooses to create which in turn transforms to coral reef produced waves of the perfect variety.

Mentawais surf conditions are typically hollow and powerful, delivering surf conditions recognized as some of the most challenging on Earth which are perfect for advanced and pro surfers. However should you tire of pushing your boundaries or are seeking something a little more fun-focused, then mellower options are also around.

The biggest chunk of Mentawais surfing holidays are offered as surf boat charters which range from the comfortable and cozy to the sophisticated and classy. In either case you will have the services of expert crew in possession of brains brimming with local knowledge to ensure that you and the best waves of the day find yourself in the same place at the same time.

If you choose to base yourself on land during your Mentawais surf holiday you will usually find yourself just steps from the ocean and with all tastes, budgets and party sizes catered for.

Intermediate to pro level surfers of every type make up the surfing Mentawais numbers although they are particularly popular with solo travelers and groups – the latter perhaps because chartering a boat exclusively for you and your favorite people is highly possible. However with all types of accommodation on offer including boats big and small, bungalows, villas, suites or guesthouses which offer everything from complete privacy and retreat or immersion in something social, Mentawais surf holidays have something to draw everyone – there are even options for girls-only or yoga inclusive surf trips.

Surf heaven Mentawais style is not just for the wealthy as it once was although you will find plenty of luxurious standard options if that is what you are looking for. The majority of trips are offered as medium range options and budget conscious travelers will find choices here too, in both surf boat or land based categories.

Packages offered by Mentawais surf operators are typically all-inclusive or full-board packages, especially the surf boat charters, but there are other options available too if you want something which leaves you a little freer to make your own schedule.

Surf dreams can and do come true and we're pretty sure that deciding to grab yourself a slice of this wonderland won't be difficult. However, we totally understand that you might like some help to sort through all this wonderful choice. So, if you are struggling to decide which of these magical options meet all of your own and your party's needs, just give us a call – that's what we are here for - to make your planning strain free and lead you to your ideal Mentawais surf trip.