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An Indonesian Jewel - Rote

Rote island is one of the very few remaining surfing frontiers in Indonesia and hasn’t been getting the same amount of love as other hotspots like Bali or the Mentawais. We aren’t really sure why because the place is just one tropical dream with waves that can rival any other destination in the world when it’s on. The island is home to an impressive lineup of waves ranging from long winding lefts to mellow little A-frames to empty caves as hollow as they come and wide enough that you could hide a freight train in. Rote is the perfect place if you are sick and tired of sharing mediocre waves with 20+ heads every time you paddle out as there is a chance that you’ll have some of the most impressive waves you have ever laid eyes on all to yourselves if you get lucky.

Why book with us

The best thing about booking with us is that we are unbiased. We don’t have exclusive contracts with selected resorts, boat operators or camps but rather have them all to make sure you get exactly the holiday you are dreaming of. No compromises, no sad faces - as we offer the widest collection of alternatives on Rote.

Rote Island has captured our hearts for the first time back in 2005 and has been a LUEX “sweet spot” ever since. Most of our staff has spent extensive time living, traveling and surfing across the island and know the tropical paradise and its surf conditions like the back of our hands. With us, it’s always personal. We cater to your needs and come up with the best alternatives that suit your needs.

We offer best price guarantee - always and forever! We figured out all the cost traps in Roti, so you don’t have to. There are many, but through our extensive network and long lasting relationships we know how to avoid them, and save some hard-earned cash on surf passes, services, surf packages and more, all at the same time.

We offer safe, fast and reliable payment and booking options but what makes LUEX stand out is that you are talking to real people! Our dedicated sales agent not only work you through the process step by step but will assist you with everything else you need along the way. Jetting off to your dream destination has never been easier!

At LUEX, you get to talk to real people with real input! All of our sales agents have been to Rote and know the country and its waves inside and out. No scripted messages, no robot typing - but real-time assistance with that ever so valuable human touch.

Your experts

Surfers for Surfers! What makes LUEX stand out from the crowd is our team’s competence and personal approach to YOU.

We all surf and understand YOUR Needs. Combined with our intimate knowledge of each location we will find and tailor YOUR perfect Surf Holiday.

Be aware

Rote is arguably Indonesia’s best-kept secret and the area is yet to be fully discovered. As a result, some organizational & negotiation skills are required to get the best out of your vacation. Don’t forget, Rote is a relatively remote island a few hundred clicks away from the comfort and hustle of Bali and things aren’t always as simple as they seem. Don’t waste your time on small but time-consuming details and let us grind it out for you to make sure you’ll have the time of your life in one of Indonesia’s best areas for waves.

What our customers say

"Good food , perfect waves, nice people,... everything was really great. We spent there 10 magical days and we'd have no problem staying there for 10 more :) or even longer :)"

Gregory and Tea
(T-Land Resort)

"...We stayed at Boa Vida for 10 days and LOVED it. The location is unreal. White sand beaches, clear blue water, looking at one of Rotes surf breaks right out of your bedroom window, your own "private" beaches a few steps away..."

(Boa Vida Rote)

"Best surfing in my life!!"

(T-Land Resort)

Three reasons to try out Rote Surf Vacation


Get to surf one of the longest waves on the planet

Yes, you heard right...Longest. T-Land is the area’s premier wave and a blockbuster attraction in itself. In the right conditions, T-Land produces super long left walls that peel along the reef for several hundred meters over relatively forgiving coral shelves. The wave works on all tides, is super consistent and has 3 main sections that offer something for all skill levels. The wave is super forgiving on small swells but turns into a (manageable) beast once the swell hits above 8ft.


Rote Island has an array on offer for all skill sets

While T-land gets most of the attention, Rote has so much more to offer than just ridiculously long and perfect left wall that gets your leg burning when it's on. Rote is a wave mecca - period, featuring everything from heavy right slabs to picture-perfect a frame breaking over a forgiving reef. The area is jammed packed with waves and there are so many nooks and crannies yet to be explored.


There are plenty of non-surf activities available on Rote Island

With such an epic arsenal of high quality waves on offer it may well be that you’ll do nothing else other than surfing your brains out but should you want a break there will be plenty to keep you occupied here. Head out for an adventure ride around the area and discover pristine, untouched sandy beaches or mingle with the locals and get to know a little bit about their marvelous and unique culture. Jump back into the ocean and float serenely above the multi-colored coral reefs and spot turtles, manta rays and other beautiful sea creatures, armed with nothing else but a snorkel and mask. Indulge in delicious fresh seafood dining or get open water certified - there are plenty more fun things to do.

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