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The chances of you wanting to go on a surf trip are pretty high, given your eyes are probably glued to the screen right now. Too many options or "not exactly sure what you are looking for" can clutter the brain, but don't panic! We are here to help. Whatever you are looking for; from dreamy family trips to solo strike missions to remote places or the old faithful, romantic honeymoon getaway with your significant other - this page is loaded with information that will help you pick your next destination.

And if you still need some help wrapping your brain around some of the spots, then you can always drop a line to one of our LUEX Sales agents directly.

Surf Trips best suited for...

Surf Trips For Beginners

Do you want to learn how to surf? We know, where and how!

Family Surf Trips

A family holiday is not just about the surf, but has something to offer for everyone!

Couples Surf Trips

Wanna spend your couples holiday while surfing, relaxing and having some extra romantic beach time?

Girls Trips

Chasing the waves with an all girls crew - We know, where to go!

Surf Trips for Solo Travelers

We got you covered with the best camps, campsites and roadtrips if you want to travel solo.

Yoga and Surf Trips

Combine yoga and surfing to a perfect holiday.

Special Surf Trips

Heli & Seaplane surf trips

Rock up in style and impress the crowd at any lineup with our Heli and Seaplane surf excursions.

Luxury Surf Trips

Surfing at it's best! A luxury trip has it all - incredible waves, endless fun and the feeling to be the king or queen of the ocean!

Ultimate Luxury Surf Resorts

You don't know real luxury until you've tried an ultimate luxury surf resort!

Party Surf Trips

Surfing at day - party at night. What more could you want?

Self Catering Surf Trips

You just want the accomodation and do everything else for yourself?

Surf Road Trips

Reach remote and special surf trips on a road trip.

Guest Houses

If you only need a base to stay and want to organize all the other stuff yourself, a guest house might be right for you.

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