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When most people picture the most idyllic tropical paradise possible it is probably the Maldives they are seeing – coconut palms, dazzling white sands and turquoise waters. Central Atolls surfing holidays plant you bang smack in the middle of this utopia with its offering of high-class breaks and a wave riding wonderland.

The majority of Central Atoll surf trips come as surf boat charters, once (but no longer) an exclusive option reserved for the pros only, where you will be lulled to sleep surrounded by the ocean and spend your days hunting down the best waves. If you prefer something land based then you can opt for one of our Central Atoll surf resorts and live in the lap of luxury for the duration of your stay.

Surf trips to the Central Atolls are all about escaping the northern hordes and finding yourself some consistent uncrowded waves which typically, in true Maldivian tradition, means plenty of pristine barrels.

Lazing around in hammocks and on sun decks and/or surfing from dawn 'til dusk is the only aim of many, which is of course totally okay. However, once the sun goes down or if you fancy a break from the wave-riding bliss then there is plenty to keep you entertained. Snorkeling, diving, fishing and whale and dolphin watching trips are all on the menu along with a diverse range of facilities and services or you can simply play at being Robinson Crusoe – ocean gazing or wandering along spectacularly beautiful beaches.

Whether you are looking for comfortable and cozy, intimate and exclusive or ultimate luxury – Central Atolls surf trips have it all.

Surfing in the Central Atolls – namely Thaa Atoll, Laamu Atoll and Meemu Atoll – is possible year round in warm tropical waters requiring boardshorts only. However, the best season is considered to be from April/May to October when the largest swells arrive (the same which fire up Indonesia's surf spots), peaking from June to August, during the south-west monsoon season.

The Laamu Atoll is widely considered to offer up some of the best surfing in the whole of the Maldives, placed as it is to receive full swell force from the Roaring Forties with nothing blocking its path. Laamu's most famous wave is the powerful right hander known as Ying-Yang but surf spots stretch all along the south facing coast and continue right up to the north-east corner. This variety means plenty of chance of lucking into something offshore no matter what the wind is doing.

Waves on these coral reef breaks range from super-fast spitting barrels, suitable for only the bravest hearted, through to smaller, more fun-focused options including longboard and SUP suitable waves, depending on swell size, time of year and surf spot.

Although the Central Atolls are well and truly on the surfing map they offer the chance to escape the crowds of the Male Atolls. Empty breaks are still possible especially with surf boat charters and the guiding and spot transfer services offered through our Central Atoll surf operators - all purposely head off with the intention of seeking out uncrowded perfection.

Your accommodation at one of the Central Atoll based surf resorts comes in a variety of forms but one thing remains constant – all are luxurious and offer levels of comfort and a dazzling range of facilities which will leave you wanting for nothing.

The Central Atoll surf boats come in all shapes and sizes but offer options for private or shared facilities suitable for solo travelers through to larger groups and range from budget conscious comfortable cabins to opulent and extravagant suites.

You might be forgiven for thinking that all this heaven is only accessible to those with large bank balances but you couldn't be more wrong. Half of the Central Atoll surf holiday options fall into the budget to medium range categories making the gates of paradise open to all. However, should you be in search of something super special, where just about everything you can imagine is possible, then the other half of the options cover luxury right through to ultimate, 5++ star standards.

The appeal of grabbing a slice of surfing bliss draws intermediate to pro level surfers of every description from solo travelers through to couples and families. However, Central Atoll surf trips are particularly popular with groups both small and large for one simple reason; the wide variety of surf charters on offer - some of which start with only 4 persons - offer the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of gathering your favorite surf buddies and then having a boat all to yourselves. That has to be the dream of almost every surfer alive!

Because the majority of Central Atoll surf trips come as surf boat charters the main package on offer is full board. The surf resorts have various package and meal arrangement options with the possibility of coaching and/or guiding and certain other extras also on offer.

Although we don't like to pull the 'been there, done that' card it does mean we know what we are talking about. Give us a call so that we can pass that first-hand knowledge on to you and then…. let us lead you to paradise.