Surf Trips Maldives Central Atolls

The Central Atolls Are A True Surfer’s Playground

A must for all surf explorers! The central Atolls might not come with the chatter as the more well-known North and South Male Atolls, but nothing but paradise awaits you here! Pristine empty lineups for miles on end. It might never get as big as spots up North, but consistent fun-sized waves are as abundant and perfect as you could wish for. In the right conditions with a strong Southern push (South facing spots) or Eastern push (East facing breaks), this otherwise idyllic and remote paradise comes truly alive, and you'll encounter waves, so perfect, you won't believe it until you see it. What adds to the flavor is the fact that there are still spots only a few lucky ones have surfed. They are the true definition of secret spots just waiting to be named! Due to the shape and location of the individual Atolls, you'll always find a spot that's protected from the wind. All breaks are close by which makes it easy to alternate between them and hunt perfect conditions all day.

  • Less crowded than North and South Male
  • Consistent, fun-size waves during surf season
  • Machines, Inside Mikado and Ying Yangs - 3 of the Maldives best waves are found in the Central Atolls
  • Popular surf charter routes
  • Home to some of the most exclusive luxury resorts in the Maldives
  • Great wave selection offering something for everyone
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Some of our favorite waves in the Central AtollsFind more waves and detail information in our Maldives Wave Guide

Central Atolls
Kasabu / Skanky’s / Hadi Gillaa
A wave that goes by many names but only knows one way. Fun! Probably the longest wave in the whole country offers something for every level. Beginners can glide along the mushier end section that ends with an easy kick out further in the lagoon whereas more confident surfers have multiple take-off zones to pick from.
S - W
March to October
Central Atolls
Hocus Pocus
The Central Atolls' equivalent to Cokes in the North Male Atoll. It needs a little bit more swell to get really going, but Hocus Pocus is steep, hollow and fast. It's the spot when the swell is too big for all other spots nearby and works best on a mid to high tide with westerly winds.
S - W
March to October
Central Atolls
Jetty C
Jetty C is the Six Senses' house reef and breaks close to the resort. Jetty C has 3 main take-off spots, all breaking in deeper water, which makes it a great wave for all skill levels. It has various sections and occasionally even bottoms out for a nice barrel near the reef marker.
S - SW
March to October
Central Atolls
Muli Inside / F1
F1 in a nutshell; Really fast! One of the better waves in the Meemu Atolls, but also one of the more challenging ones. It needs a bigger swell from the East to work, and it usually breaks pretty straight which makes up for incredible barrels or horrendous wipeouts when you get clipped by the fast and unforgiving lip.
W - SW
March to October
Central Atolls
Ying Yangs
A swell magnet and standout in the area that's just across the Six Senses Resort. As the name suggests, Ying Yangs has two sections that couldn't be any more different to each other. The outside section is a shifty but mellow peak that produces a fat cruisy wall perfect for intermediate surfers or guys on logs.
Advanced - Pro
S - W
March to October
Be Aware...

Some waves in the Maldives are private! You need a surfpass for them and can NOT book them, when you are already there.

Make sure your passport is valid long enough for your stay.

Not all islands have easy access to surf, so the transfer to the spots is important!

The Maldives are alcohol-free, since they are an islamic nation. However most boats, resorts and camps have a licence, so you can consume your beer or cocktails there.

Please inform yourself about the local laws and restrictions before your trip!

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"... wonderful people taking care of you all day long, great food in all the different restaurants, perfect kids club entertainment ..."

(Niyama Private Islands – Maldives)

"... Everything went exactly to plan and beyond what we could have ever hoped for. The boat, the food and the staff were exceptional ..."

(Gurahali Charter – Maldives)

"... Absolutely no crowds and no people. Six senses is on its own island far away from any other resorts ... You seriously have the place to yourself and there are great waves ..."

(Six Senses Laamu – Maldives)

"... A friend told me about Luex and I have to say that they surpass all our expectations. Very professional, honest and with a very good knowledge of Maldivas which mean Martin provide us exactly the trip we were looking for ..."

(Niyama Private Islands – Maldives)

"... In consultation with our guide, we could move around spots quickly and easily depending on conditions and numbers in the line-up, so we maximised our time on good uncrowded waves ..."

(Stella I and II - Maldives)

"I'll never forget this trip"

(Blue Horizon II - Maldives)

6 Reasons For Surf Holidays in the Maldives Central Atolls


Consistent Waves Almost All Year Around

Surfing in the Central Atolls – namely Thaa Atoll, Laamu Atoll, and Meemu Atoll – is possible year-round in warm tropical waters requiring boardshorts only. However, the best season is considered to be from April/May to October when the largest swells arrive (the same which fire up Indonesia's surf spots), peaking from June to August, during the south-west monsoon season. Waves on these coral reef breaks range from super-fast spitting barrels, suitable for only the bravest hearted, through to smaller, more fun-focused options including longboard and SUP suitable waves, depending on swell size, time of year and surf spot.


Uncrowded Waves In The Central Atolls

Surf trips to the Central Atolls are all about escaping the northern hordes and finding yourself some consistent uncrowded waves which typically, in true Maldivian tradition, means plenty of pristine barrels. Although the Central Atolls are well and truly on the surfing map they offer the chance to escape the crowds of the Male Atolls. Empty breaks are still possible especially with surf boat charters and the guiding and spot transfer services offered through our Central Atoll surf operators


Besides surfing your brains out there are plenty of alternatives in the Central Atolls

Lazing around in hammocks and on sun decks and/or surfing from dawn 'til dusk is the only aim of many, which is of course totally okay. However, once the sun goes down or if you fancy a break from the wave-riding bliss then there is plenty to keep you entertained. Snorkeling, diving, fishing and whale and dolphin watching trips are all on the menu along with a diverse range of facilities and services or you can simply play at being Robinson Crusoe – ocean gazing or wandering along spectacularly beautiful beaches.


A tropical Surf Paradise Deep In The Indian Ocean

When most people picture the most idyllic tropical paradise possible it is probably the Maldives they are seeing – coconut palms, dazzling white sands and turquoise waters. Central Atolls surfing holidays plant you bang smack in the middle of this utopia with its offering of high-class breaks and a wave riding wonderland. The appeal of grabbing a slice of surfing bliss coupled with luxury living draws beginner to pro level surfers of every description from solo travelers through to couples and families. The Central Atolls are a wave riding playground, offering something for everyone.


Plenty of Surf Charter And Resort Options In The Central Atolls

The majority of Central Atoll surf trips come as surf boat charters, once (but no longer) an exclusive option reserved for the pros only, where you will be lulled to sleep surrounded by the ocean and spend your days hunting down the best waves. While sleeping on a surf charter waking up to pumping waves every day sure is an adventure of a lifetime, there are plenty of land-based options available. Opt for one of our Central Atoll surf resorts and live in the lap of luxury for the duration of your stay.


Central Atolls Surf Trips are for everyone

You might be forgiven for thinking that all this heaven is only accessible to those with large bank balances but you couldn't be more wrong. There are plenty of Central Atoll surf holiday options that fall into the budget to medium range categories opening the gates of paradise to everyone. However, should you be in search of something super special, where just about everything you can imagine is possible, then the other half of the options cover luxury right through to ultimate, 5++ star standards.

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