Surf the Southern Atolls on these trips
  • Azalea

    Combine adventure with luxury aboard this state-of the-art yacht as you cruise through the pri...

    pp/night from US$ 330
  • Gurahali

    Surf Trip on a luxury charter Gurahali in the Maldives

    pp/night from US$ 285
  • Carpe Novo

    Explore the wonders of the Maldives aboard this 2016 built, luxury surf charter where all of y...

    pp/night from US$ 395
  • Stella I and II
    Smallest luxury surf charter in the Maldives with accommodation options from 2 guests only – perf...
    pp/night from US$ 310
  • Maldives Explorer

    A luxury motor yacht designed to take you on an array of adventures through the Utopian waters...

    pp/night from US$ 175
  • Maldivian Dream

    Cruise through the majestic Maldives on board a special 3 story luxury surf charter, fitted wi...

    pp/night from US$ 196
  • M/V Naera

    Make the beautiful M/V Naera your home on the Maldivian waters. Sleep like a baby on this twin...

    pp/night from US$ 140
  • Sea Rex

    One of the Maldives' largest, newest and most environmentally friendly super yacht that w...

    pp/night from US$ 697
  • Princess Dhonkamana

    Spacious surf charter to cruise the Maldives and surf remote spots with all the flexibility yo...

    pp/night from US$ 146
  • Micah Surf Charter
    Cruise through turquoise waters, sip cocktails and source the best surf spots around the Maldives...
    pp/night from US$ 116

Warm crystal waters (strictly boardshorts only attire), tropical paradise beaches, dazzling marine life and un-crowded world class surf. We probably have to say nothing more to grab your attention but those are just the headlines – when talking about holidaying and surfing in the Southern Atolls of the Maldives a bunch of superlatives are required that for once are not just tourist hype but the real deal.

The beaches are silky white sand and the crystal clear quality of the waters, combined with incredibly rich marine life in every color of the rainbow, makes for a snorkeling and scuba-diving heaven. There's not a high rise building in sight and sound is mostly of the breaking wave and sighing wind variety.

Almost all the trips offered by our Southern Atoll surf operators come in the form of surf boat charters with a sprinkling of sophisticated and luxurious surf resorts, camps, guesthouses and even a seaplane option.

Surf boat charters were once a pros only option, experienced by most of us only through surf DVDs and magazines but times change and now all surfers with a sense of adventure can hop on board – an ideal way to explore and maximize wave time in this remote Maldivian adventurous alternative, far from the crowds.

Surfing holidays in the Southern Atolls are all about the ocean – playing and living on, in and under it......letting time slow down......kicking back. When you're not surfing you can spend your time fishing, snorkeling, diving, whale and dolphin watching or simply ocean gazing and sun set watching – quite possibly having to pinch yourself every so often to make sure this isn't all just a beautiful dream.

When talking about surfing the coral reefs of the Southern or Outer Atolls of the Maldives, it is typically the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll and the Addu Atoll which are referred to. These remote atolls, far south of the main tourist and surfing centers, offer true surfer explorer territory with typically uncrowded line-ups and even the promise of empty un-ridden waves so getting your share won't be an issue here.

Gaafu Dhaalu, the southern half of the Huvadhoo Atoll, is often described in surfing circles as offering up the country's best conditions, with the highest quantity and widest wave variety found throughout the Maldives. If tricky and challenging get your adrenalin pumping then the hollow-sectioned, heavy, powerful waves slamming over shallow reef are going to appeal. If on the other hand you are looking for rides of the soft and playful type or longboard suitable waves then you are also going to be kept happy.

This region of the Maldives picks up the most swell from every direction, the result being highly consistent conditions and well-groomed surf. Although year-round surfing is possible here, the optimum season for surfing the Southern Atolls is considered to be March – April and September to November when the south facing spots are at their best. In May – August, when these spots are affected by predominantly southerly winds, the east facing spots may be more favorable although these typically receive less swell.

There are a host of named high quality spots including Love Charms, Tiger Stripes, Blue Bowls and Castaways – predominantly left-handers - and countless more left and right breaking secret spots and unnamed gems.

The live-aboard boats offered by Southern Atoll surf operators come in a wide variety of types and sizes – low maximum number small and intimate with an exclusive feel, traditional Maldivian charm kind or something larger with a focus on space and sociability. From comfortable and cozy to luxurious and elegant with a range of cabin room types from private single berth up to deluxe suites – this category can accommodate all party types and sizes.

Southern Atoll surf trips are particularly popular with groups both small and large because they offer the very real possibility of a surf-mates-only trip with a boat all to yourselves – some boats start with as few as 4 to 6 surfers on-board. Also, some operators provide an open-boat concept which means you can arrive and depart on any day which suits you. Solo travelers, families and couples also make up the numbers here – in fact just about anyone with an explorer in their soul.

Full on pampering, fine dining and exclusive services such as an onboard coach can be found with the luxury and ultimate luxury standards which make up the bulk of the Southern Atoll surf options but there are plenty of medium range and even some budget choices too.

The packages offered for Southern Atoll surf vacations typically come as full board arrangements with the non-surf boat choices having further options.

No matter whether you have been dreaming of gathering your favorite surf buddies together or yearning for some quality time with loved ones, as long as your ideal involves tropical perfection on uncrowded waves, the LUEX team can help turn that all into a reality. Contact the experts for the best deals and to find the perfect match for you and your party's requirements.