Check out these Maldives surf trips - Simply one of best surf destinations in the world
  • Niyama Private Islands
    Maldives: Central Atolls
    Fresh design 5+ star resort, situated off the beaten track, offering unique resort facilities wit...
    pp/night from US$ 630
  • Azalea

    Combine adventure with luxury aboard this state-of the-art yacht as you cruise through the pri...

    pp/night from US$ 330
  • Ocean Divine
    Maldives: North & South Male
    The most luxurious boat option in the Maldives. Exceptional service and lots of amenities.
    pp/night from US$ 420
  • Gurahali

    Surf Trip on a luxury charter Gurahali in the Maldives

    pp/night from US$ 285
  • Soneva in Aqua

    Have the best time on this top modern sailboat cruising around the non crowded northern atolls...

    pp/night from US$ 900
  • Carpe Novo

    Explore the wonders of the Maldives aboard this 2016 built, luxury surf charter where all of y...

    pp/night from US$ 395
  • Six Senses Laamu

    Ultimate luxury and tranquility offered at this stylish, eco-friendly 5++ star resort with wor...

    pp/night from US$ 415
  • Stella I and II
    Smallest luxury surf charter in the Maldives with accommodation options from 2 guests only – perf...
    pp/night from US$ 310
  • Dream Catcher II
    Maldives: North & South Male
    By far the best value for money in the beautiful Maldivian archipelago. Luxury standards at budge...
    pp/night from US$ 135
  • Maldives Explorer

    A luxury motor yacht designed to take you on an array of adventures through the Utopian waters...

    pp/night from US$ 175

Maldives Surf Trips

Picture idyllic tropical beach paradise with swaying coconut palms stretched along talcum powder-soft white sands and water so clear you only know it is there as the sunlight sparkles on its surface. Well, what you are imagining really exists and in the Indian Ocean heaven known as the Maldives it is a scene which you will see every single day if you choose a surfing holiday here.

Not only are the surroundings heavenly and luxurious but so too are many of our Maldives surf trip options which include wanderings well into the territory of ultimate luxury. And that's not all - with world class waves aplenty the surfing is also of the high class variety.

Surfing holidays with crystal walls and world class waves

The Maldives is made up of well over a thousand islands spread over 26 atolls. An atoll, in case you didn't know, is the term used to describe a coral formation which encircles a lagoon – inside you have limpid sea pools perfect for dream condition snorkeling and swimming while outside, the reefs are a surfers' playground, full of beautiful tubes, crystal walls and world class waves.

Maldives surf boat charter and resorts

The largest selection of Maldives based surf holidays come as surf boat charters complete with experienced guides and crew and ranging from budget category cozy to all-you-could-wish for stately comfort. Surf resorts also feature highly as a Maldives surf trip choice, typically crammed to the brim with activities and facilities and generally upping the idea of paradise by several levels with their ultimate luxury ranges. For the true once-in-a-lifetime surf holiday experience there is even the chance of checking out your waves aboard a seaplane. However, don't think that if your funds are a little more limited that you are excluded - also on offer are budget traveler friendly surf camps.

Warm water surf Maldives

The warm water surf of the Maldives, with its numerous world class coral reef waves, has all year round conditions with the December to March period sunny and dry and the May to October season windy and humid. March to May typically offers clean and calm conditions while May to October sees the arrival of the biggest swells, with many of the reefs capable of holding truly big surf. Prevailing winds switch depending on which time of year you are here.

North - central and southern atolls - Maldives surfing

The North Male atoll is the epicenter of Maldives surfing – this is where you will find the most surfers in the water and the highest density of quality waves. The South Male atoll is similar but with slightly fewer big name spots and likewise also slightly lower levels of crowds.

The Central Atolls have a predominance of right-handed rides, including options of the world class/big name and high quality variety and offer up the opportunity of encountering fewer surfers. The Southern Atolls are an adventurers' and explorers' territory, where the chances of finding empty breaks, virgin waves and secret spots are not just possible but likely.

Powerful and hollow or more forgiving waves

Powerful, hollow conditions are prevalent and there are plenty of breaks where even the most experienced surfer will have his work cut out. However, with such a large area there are also spots which are more forgiving, suitable for intermediate level surfers looking for non-intimidating rides and longboard and SUP riders who want mellower options.

Plenty options with Maldives based surf holidays

The accommodation choices on offer with Maldives based surf holidays could see you being lulled to sleep each night tucked up on-board a surf boat, pampered to the extreme based in a beautiful villa, beach house or bungalow at a surf resort or enjoying the fun, social vibe of a surf villa or guesthouse with a choice of private or shared rooms. No matter which standard of accommodation you decide upon – budget to ultimate luxury - and no matter whether you prefer to be land or boat based, everyone from solo travelers to large parties can find an option to suit their needs.

The idyllic surroundings of the Maldives, awash with luxury options, make them an ideal couples and honeymoon choice. Traveling surf crews also head here, lured by the attractive idea of renting out a surf boat or a whole villa at a surf camp exclusively for their party's use. Solo travelers looking for some instant surf companionship find the Maldives surf camps a great fit while families are drawn by the extensive childcare facilities and entertainment programs offered at resorts.

Although it is possible to enjoy a Maldives surf holiday as a complete beginner, the density of world class waves and often challenging conditions they present, make the Maldives well-suited for confident and experienced surfers, right on up to pro levels.

Maldives surf packages

Just about everything is possible with a Maldives surf package – from accommodation, self-catering only options right through to totally all-inclusive deals. Although the majority of choices come as luxury and ultimate luxury standards there are also many options in the budget to mid-range categories too.

So much's a good thing we know but we also understand that it can be totally overwhelming to have all this paradise at your fingertips and then have to narrow it down to just one. Our LUEX team have all the in-depth knowledge and expertise necessary to make this process plain sailing - just contact us and let us help you and your traveling companions find that one perfect Maldives surf trip.