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Niyama Private Islands

The Maldives Are A True Surfer’s Paradise

The Maldives came a long way since a very ambitious and slightly-on-the- crazy side, Italian entrepreneur decided to turn the sleepy island state into a luxury tourism mecca in 1972. Unparalleled luxury, stunning white beaches, and the most spectacular underwater display make the approximately 1200 coral islands so popular among newlyweds, luxury travelers and families. Business is booming in the Maldives, and that includes surf tourism too!

Just shy of a 700 kilometer stretch of open ocean, reef passages, island formations and nothing in between "screams exotic surfers paradise." A paradise so remote, that its potential for waves might have never been discovered if it hadn't been for a pair of 20-something-year-olds and a series of unfortunate events in 1973.

  • World class waves
  • Unparalled luxury holiday experiences
  • More user friendly than Indonesia
  • Great for families and honeymooners
  • More forgiving and less shallow than Indonesian counterparts
  • An abundance of accommodation options suiting a wide range of needs and budgets

Resort vs Boat Trip - Which one is for you?

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Be Aware...

Some waves in the Maldives are private! You need a surfpass for them and can NOT book them, when you are already there.

Make sure your passport is valid long enough for your stay.

Not all islands have easy access to surf, so the transfer to the spots is important!

The Maldives are alcohol-free, since they are an islamic nation. However most boats, resorts and camps have a licence, so you can consume your beer or cocktails there.

Please inform yourself about the local laws and restrictions before your trip!

South Male
Gurus / Tuckey Joes / Boatyards
Best kept secret in South Male. A fast, shallow and super hollow lefthander that will feed the hunger of the most barrel-starved charger. Do not attempt if you aren't barrel ready or you'll pay the price for it.
N - NW
Advanced - Pro
S - SE
March to October
Central Atolls
Kasabu / Skanky’s / Hadi Gillaa
A wave that goes by many names but only knows one way. Fun! Probably the longest wave in the whole country offers something for every level. Beginners can glide along the mushier end section that ends with an easy kick out further in the lagoon whereas more confident surfers have multiple take-off zones to pick from.
S - W
March to October
North Male
As the name suggests, this wave is majestic, challenging and home to the Four Season's epic Single Fin event. Sultans breaks off an uninhabited, government controlled island, called Thanburudhoo and is always a touch bigger than anywhere else.
March to October / July - August Primetime
Northern Atolls
Dhravandhoo Right
As the name suggests, this is a pretty epic righthander when it's on and probably the heaviest wave in the Northern Atolls. It has a pretty small swell window which makes the break pretty fickle and unpredictable.
W - NW
S - E
March to October
Southern Atolls
Love Charms
A comfortable 5-minute boat ride from Ayada Resort, this ultra-consistent lefthander turns on the charms on a medium, southwesterly swell and N / NE winds. An instant love affair for every goofy footer, Love Charms is a long beautiful wave with two sections.
N - NE
S - W
March to October / Prime; March / April

Northern Atolls

The Maldives last surfing frontier! Not too much is known about the island formation 115km north of Male other than the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, located in the Baa Atoll, is a popular diver pilgrimage site. The region has yet to be fully explored, but there are waves around the Maalhosmadula, Baa, Raa and Lhaviyani Atolls that need a strong SW-SE swell to start working. The country's last kept secret isn't really on the map of conventional surf travelers and traveling by surf charter with an experienced captain is essential. But if you are the soul-searching, free-spirited adventurist who knows how to read a map and swell charts and you time your trip for April to September you'll be graced by perfect empty lineups with not a single head in sight for miles.

North and South Male Atoll

North Male

This is where it all began! The Maldives surfing mecca and the first location surf travelers come across when landing in paradise. North Male is by far the most popular and crowded area in the Maldives with plenty of options to stay. The place is filled with guesthouses, camps, hotels resorts or charter boats, satisfying all types of budgets, especially in the prime summer months. A lot has changed since Tony "Hussein" Hinde's boat ran into trouble in the 70s, but the place has been as beautiful as ever with an abundance of waves to choose from. North Male has by far the highest concentration of world-class waves in the area, ranging from picture perfect barrels a la Pasta Point and Cokes to long rippable walls you'll find at Jailbreaks or Honkys. North Male is also incredibly consistent and hardly ever goes flat from March - October. While crowds can somewhat be a factor, it is nowhere near as bad as Indonesia, Australia or Hawaii.

South Male

The quiet brother of the brash North Male Atoll is an easy 40min speedboat ride from the country's Velana International Airport and the surf doesn't get nearly as crowded as "up the road". Many surf charters and safari boats favor staying in the North Male Atoll and rival other operators for the prime real estate at the slightly more consistent waves in the area. South Male has a much more mellow vibe and is perfect for families and people who prefer to surf less-crowded lineups. It might not have the same reputation as other Atolls, but South Male can rival any other region in the Maldives in terms of waves. Always a little smaller than up North but truly world-class when the conditions are right. Don't be surprised when you show up to a perfect 5ft barrel with not a single soul in sight. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just that crowds aren't an issue here!

Central Atolls

A must for all surf explorers! The central Atolls might not come with the chatter as the more well-known North and South Male Atolls but Paradise truly awaits you here! Pristine empty lineups for miles on end. It might never get as big as spots up North but consistent fun-sized waves are as abundant and perfect as you could wish for. In the right conditions with a strong Southern push, this otherwise so idyllic and remote paradise comes truly alive and you'll encounter waves, so perfect, you won't believe it until you see it. What adds to the flavor is the fact that there are still spots only a few lucky ones have surfed. They are the true definition of secret spots only waiting to be named! Due to the shape and location of the individual Atolls, you'll find always a spot that's protected from the wind. All spots are rather closeby which makes it easy to alternate between them and hunt perfect conditions all day.

Southern Atolls

The Southern Atolls are a true gem and one of the least explored surf destinations on the planet. Deep in the Indian Ocean and a 45min flight from the hustle and bustle of Male, the Southern Atolls are as remote as it gets. There isn't much around other than empty world class waves, a few resorts and even fewer boat charters. More exposed to the far-traveling Southern groundswells the Southern Atolls have a more extended surf season that starts in early February and doesn't end until November. The Huvadhoo Atoll is a magnet for waves and picks up more swell, from every direction, than any other Atoll in the Maldives. The selection, quality, and quantity of waves down South is out of this world! There is everything from heavy barrels to steep walls and ultra rippable corners in the world's most beautiful and idyllic backyard with no one else around.

The Maldives are jam-packed with world class waves, which is why so many surfers now head to this paradisiacal island chain every year; if you want to beat the crowds and discover new breaks you have to get creative! That’s exactly what LUEX and the boys did this year: equipped with a luxury yacht and seaplane they scored empty lineups and uninhabited islands, partied in underwater nightclubs and had one hell of a good time.

What our customers say

"... just cycling on white sandy paths through tropical perfect vegetation puts a smile on your face. ..."

(Niyama Private Islands – Maldives)

"... We know we were quite picky and required a lot of support but you totally got our idea. The Maldives were incredible! Thanks!"

(Kandooma Resort – Maldives)

"If I could use just one word to describe the trip, it would be PERFECTION! ...I loved everything: rooms, location, crew, waves, view, weather,...It was so relaxing. ..."

(Four Seasons Kuda Huraa – Maldives)

"... A friend told me about Luex and I have to say that they surpass all our expectations. Very professional, honest and with a very good knowledge of Maldivas which mean Martin provide us exactly the trip we were looking for...."

(Niyama Private Islands – Maldives)

"... That was also the first time that we tried surfing. My boyfriend was really good, I not so much. But we both agree that surfing is our new favourite hobby. We're already planning some new surf adventures :)"

(Naladhu Private Island - Maldive)

"... The whole trip was perfect. There were only a few surfers at the resort the entire time. Got to love November surfing. We got to surf Lohi's and Sultans by ourselves. The team at the resort were really friendly and a lot of fun. ..."

(Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort - Maldives)

"... The resort was everything and more than we'd expected especially for my non-surfing wife. The local break was handy and the surf boat trips were great. Our surf guides were knowledgeable, helpful and completely chilled. ..."

Alec G.
(Hudhuranfushi Surf Resort - Maldives)

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To The Maldives


Best Waves in the World

The Maldives is one of those rare destinations that always have a wave somewhere. The country is packed with reef formations and setups to literally offer something for everyone. While North and South Male Atolls usually get all the hype and glory, there are tons of world-class breaks all across the Northern, Central, and Southern Atolls, often with not a single soul around. Wherever you might end up, each region will greet you with its unique charm and a heap of epic of unforgettable sessions in the ocean.


The Maldives are a perfect surf destination all year around

Depending on what atoll you land, the peak season differs slightly. North Male Atoll is your go-to address from May to August, while the South and its epic reef breaks light up from March to April. Don't worry if you can make it during that time, the Maldives is an all year round destination and even though you might not get double overhead freight trains coming your way in the smaller months, but you'll for sure get a great supply of picture-perfect waves you'll remember for a lifetime.


Besides surfing your brains out there are plenty of alternatives in the Maldives

In the Maldives, you can surf until you drop - day in day out. However, If you ever need a break or a change of pace, the Maldives has something for everyone on offer. Practice yoga as the sun rises, check out the beautiful underwater world with a pair of flippers, snorkel, and mask, or just do nothing at all! The beautiful thing about the Maldives is that there's so much on offer and you can enjoy a vacation of a lifetime exactly the way you want.


Breathtaking Underwater World - Diving in the Maldives

Not only above the water are the Maldives a real feast for the eyes but they also have a lot to offer below the surface too. Snorkeling or diving in the Maldives is a must, as the coral reefs (a world cultural heritage site) are breathtaking. The crystal clear water is teeming with rays, various tropical fish (including Nemo and Dori ;) , the most beautiful coral reefs you've ever seen and even reef sharks.


Explore Surrounding Waves by Plane or Boat

If staying on ol' small island isn't adventurous enough or you're getting tired of surfing the same spots all the time then just hop on a boat or charter a plane.

Yes, you heard right - an airplane. The once-in-a-lifetime experience of seaplane or helicopter surf excursions enables you to access remote lineups and surf for hours with not a single soul around. It's the fastest way to travel and the perfect choice of transport when the waves are pumping all over the atolls.

Dawn patrol your local before breakfast. Kiss your significant other goodbye before hopping on the plane that takes you to a perfect lefthander, not even boats can get to. Surf for hours solo and make it back in time for dinner with the family is something not many of us have ever been lucky enough to experience.

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