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Luxury Surf Villa Lunada

Surf Central America’s Best Waves in Mexico

At the helm of Central America, the pillar of Latino surfing tours sits world-renowned Mexico. A surfer's dream spot, serving huge drops into roomy, circular barrels, and for the mellow salt rats, plenty of long untainted rides in warm, tropical waters. Options for surfing in Mexico are near endless, as the long coast boasts so many popular jaunts, such as global favourite Puerto Escondido (or Mexican Pipeline), and lesser-known wave machines like Barra de la Cruz. Accommodation can be as cheap and grommet-like as visitors please, or as exquisite and luxurious. Get in touch with LUEX today to see what ideal options we have available for your surf trip to Mexico.

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Be Aware

Mexico is a world away from most visitors’ homeland. Different language, different culture, different etiquette. While your selected resort or operator will look after you during your stay, it’s handy to have some knowledge about the place, language and culture before you go, just to make your day-to-day adventures more seamless. It’ll save you money, time and effort.

So, do your homework before you go. Check out a few of the “must-know” Spanish words and phrases, understand the lay of the land, and when you arrive, get to know the locals. Mexico is home to some of the friendliest and most hospitable people on earth, who will show you the local way of doing things (and perhaps the local hot spots).

What our customers say

"Super nice hotel with frontside waves. We stayed there for 10 days. We’re all medium – advanced surfers, so it was perfect for us..."

(Hotel Cinco Punta Mita)

"Super waves and also surfboards for rental were really good"

(The Inn Manzanillo Bay)

"Learning to surf was super fun and Mexico was awesome!"

(Oasis Surf Academy)

"Luxury villa and great waves - perfect combination!"

(Luxury Surf Villa Lunada)

Four Reasons to Surf Mexico this Season


Consistent swell and conditions all year round

The monstrous Pacific Ocean creates an oceanic superhighway for waves to build, form and dump on Mexico's shores. While Mexico has its peak time to visit (between March and December - yep, that’s a hellofa long season!), it is a place that wave addicts can visit all year round for a decent hit of tropical water vortexes.


A wave-riding adventure on a Mexican surf camp

Surfers with an itch for the beach life and wanting "stone's throw" accommodation to the water will love Mexico for its surf camps. Keeping things simple is what these camps are all about, with daily surfing adventures the focus. Wildmex Surfcamp Sayulita, in dreamy Nayarit, boasts comfy private accommodation a block stroll from one of the sexiest left-handers in the area. Options like this are spotted along Mexico's wave riddled coast. Get in touch with LUEX for more details.


Head for the hot spots or hunt for the hidden

With so many epic surf spots on offer for visitors in Mexico, there's something for every level of surfer. Beaters of the Robert Frost drum, taking the road less traveled, can thump their bare feet toward countless hidden and virtually empty beaches. A couple of buses out of Puerto Escondido will find you at Barra de la Cruz (south of PE) or Chacahua (an island north of Mexican Pipe). These places are made for the beach bums who feel the need to unplug. Otherwise stick to the obvious but world-class trails, like Puerto Vallarta and Puerto Escondido. The latter serves up multiple breaks along its blackened sandy beach, including a fun left-hand point break, La Punta. It's a busier spot but a convenient visit. Get in touch with LUEX to find your ideal location in Mexico.


Experience the warmth of Mexican culture

Family is still the flagship value of Mexican culture. And this seems to extend to its visitors. Loving locals lend their hearts to those surfers who temporarily reside in their longstanding lands. The shared nature of their cuisine (c’mon, we know what you’re thinking... TACOS!) is evidence of this. And don’t forget the local liquor. Mezcal (and its distant cousin, the more popular Tequila) is typically on offer and prevalently shared in Mexico’s coastal towns. If you don’t mind some backyard brewed alcohol, then the local Mezcal could be the flavour hit for you.

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