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Idyllic surf awaits you in Nicaragua

It’s time to be honest. As far as surf trips go, Nicaragua is almost unbeatable. An offshore breeze along the southern coastline ensures quality waves for almost 90 percent of the year. If you can imagine a type of wave you want to surf, the genie-like wish maker that is Nicaragua will create it for you. Smart little punchy beach breaks, concrete slab barrels, whimsical long walls or reeling points – there will be one for you, guaranteed. It’s because of this magic that Nicaraguan surf trips are becoming something of a must do on any surf seeking adventurer’s list.

Why book with us

The best thing about booking with us is that we are unbiased. We don’t have exclusive contracts with selected clients but rather have them all to make sure you get exactly the holiday you are dreaming of. No compromises, no sad faces. We offer the widest collection of Nicaraguan based surf trips around.

We have always loved exploring and documenting the many Nicaragua spots around the world. Our highly trained staff has spent extensive time living, traveling and exploring Nicaragua It’s safe to say we know where the best Nicaragua surf trips are located. With us, it’s always personal. We cater to your needs and come up with the best alternatives that suit your needs.

We offer a best price guarantee - always and forever! We figured out all the cost traps around booking a Nicaragua surf trip adventure so you don’t have to. There are many, but through our extensive network and long-lasting relationships, we know how to avoid them, and save some hard-earned cash so you can spend more on the things you want to.

We offer safe, fast and reliable payment and booking options but what makes LUEX stand out is that you are talking to real people! Our dedicated sales agent not only work you through the process step by step but will assist you with everything else you need along the way. Heading off to your dream destination has never been easier!

At LUEX, you get to talk to real people with real input! We have researched and been on many Nicaragua trips and it is safe to say we know how to tailor Nicaragua surf trip adventures, perfectly. No scripted messages, no robot typing - but real-time assistance with that ever so valuable human touch.

Meet your expert

The Gaucho in our crew! Nacho studied Business Administration in Buenos Aires and knows his way around surf breaks all over Latin America, Indo & Fiji. A keen explorer, he also had a couple of waves in the Maldives, Morocco, Europe, NZ, OZ & Easter Island! Nacho's favorite surf destination is the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia; however, he will provide you Stormrider guide-like knowledge on any of the dreamy surf areas he manages. Our LUEX in-house barista always makes sure he helps people with anything that might contribute to their best surf vacation ever.

Be Aware

Nicaragua is fast growing in popularity but is far from being an overcrowded holiday hotspot. As a result of this, there are still a few challenges in the form of language barriers, cultural nuances and even logistical thought processes which may require you to concentrate a bit more than you anticipated when booking a magical surf adventure. So relax and let us do the thinking for you. We offer the best professional teams to do all the hard work for you so that your incredible road trip adventure is stress-free, from beginning to end. Let us take care of all the things that would otherwise keep you from enjoying every moment of what is surely your most memorable adventure yet!

What our customers say

"Dreamsea Surf Resorts are my favorite.. the people are just so nice and the resorts are always so beautiful.. It was my first time Nicaragua and I'm simply in love!! It is gorgeous!"

(Dreamsea Surf Resort Nicaragua)

"If you want to have a great week in Nicaragua than you should really go to Rapture Surf Resort.. Surfing was awesome and there is so many more to do than surfing.. even just sitting at the beach gives you this good vibe!"

(Rapture Surf Resort Nicaragua)

"My wife and I spent our honeymoon here and we couldn't have wishes for a better way to spend it! Nicaragua is a magical and just beautiful place that I will definitely go back to!!"

(Aqua Nicaragua Wellness Resort)

"This place got everything you need! It has so many activities besides surfing! I mean we went Zip Lining in the jungle and it was breathtaking!! Nicaragua is an incredible place which you should definitely try!"

(Hacienda Nicaragua Mark and Daves)

3 Reasons why you should book a Nicaragua surf trips


Nicaragua presents off-shore waves wherever you go

For a surfer, it can’t get any better than this. 300 plus offshore days paired with punchy beach breaks, reef setups, and majestic points just sounds too good to be true. “Blown out” is a term you won’t be using when you head to Nicaragua.


You can surf a volcano in Nicaragua

Put your surfboard down and pick up a piece of wood. No seriously. A stone’s throw away from one of our many beautiful accommodation options lies Cerro Negro, a young and active volcano. You hike up to the top, which takes around an hour; sit on a piece of wood, and fly down the side of the volcano. Does anyone say BUCKET LIST?


Surf, yoga, relax

If you are into soul searching as well as set searching, a surf adventure to Nicaragua may well be just what you need. With a variety of consistent waves and offshore winds your surf needs are met. Now pair that with a relaxing session for the mind at one of our exclusive retreats and you are literally in heaven.

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