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An authentic surf adventure awaits you

Think surf in North America you think of the laid-back lifestyle of California, or the exotic, beautiful beaches and fun waves of Mexico. North America is a place where modern surfing has developed and shaped in a form we know today. The best-known spots like Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara or Orange and San Diego Counties are heavily influenced by the same Pacific swells that are responsible for Hawaiian surf conditions. You need to get there, now!

Why book with us

The best thing about booking with us is that we are unbiased. We don’t have exclusive contracts with selected clients but rather have them all to make sure you get exactly the holiday you are dreaming of. No compromises, no sad faces. We offer the widest collection of North American surf packages around.

We have always loved exploring, traveling to and living in all the best North American locations. Our team has spent extensive time living, traveling, partying and surfing all over North America. It’s safe to say we know where the spots in North American are located. With us, it’s always personal. We cater to your needs and come up with the best alternatives that suit your needs.

We offer best price guarantee - always and forever! We figured out all the cost traps around booking a North American surf trip so you don’t have to. There are many, but through our extensive network and long-lasting relationships, we know how to avoid them, and save some hard-earned cash so you can spend more on the things you want to.

We offer safe, fast and reliable payment and booking options but what makes LUEX stand out is that you are talking to real people! Our dedicated sales agent not only work you through the process step by step but will assist you with everything else you need along the way. Jetting off to your dream North American surf destination has never been easier!

At LUEX, you get to talk to real people with real input! We have researched and planned many North American surf trips and it is safe to say we know how to tailor the perfect North American surf adventure, perfectly. No scripted messages, no robot typing - but real-time assistance with that ever so valuable human touch.

Meet your expert

Our latest UK import James is an expert on the French way of life. Punchy beach breaks, French cuisine or snowboarding in the Alpes - Monsieur Colston knows it all. James is your man if you are after a surf trip somewhere in Europe, the Maldives or Sri Lanka. He loves barrels, especially when they break fast, hollow and over sand. Mundaka anyone?!

What our customers say

"Really sad that my journey is already over. But from all the days I spent in the US: the time at TheCaliCamp was simply the best!"

(TheCaliCamp - USA)

"Super waves and also surfboards for rental were really good.. All in all, great holiday!"

(The Inn Manzanillo Bay - Mexico)

"Really everything was perfect! I've been to a lot of Camps and I have to say that your's is one of my favorites. People were so nice"

(TheCaliCamp - USA)

Why you should go surfing in North America


California is the birthplace of surf

Probably every surfer alive would take on a respectful, even reverential, tone when talking of California and with good reason. This sun-soaked state of the United States is the birthplace of modern surf culture, has a status which is almost mythical in the surfing fraternity and is home to more board-shapers, surf outlets and professional surfers than perhaps everywhere else on the planet put together. California is riddled with surf spots and named breaks which will be familiar to all wave riders whether they have ever stepped onto these hallowed shores or not.


You get a lot for your money in North America

North American surfing options are popular with those looking for medium to luxury standards and suitable for complete beginners through to pro level wave riders. California offers a slice of longboard heaven for all you cruising Mal riders out there but party seekers, families, couples, groups and solo travelers will all find something here.


Surf all day, party all night

California based surf trips make it possible to ride world class waves before lunch, ski in the afternoon and then head off to LA or Hollywood as the sun sets to party and get wonderfully lost amid some of the planet's best bars and nightclubs.


Endless iconic surf spots

A drive through the Western Seaboard guarantees an encounter with historically renowned surf spots. From midway state situated Santa Cruz (one of the most wave rich areas on the whole western seaboard) with its wide swell window, right down to San Diego County with 60 miles of saturated reefs, points and beach breaks including Oceanside, there are waves, waves and more waves. In between these are Santa Barbara, with its many right points and great wind patterns, LA County (home to mythical Malibu) and Orange County is known as the 'mother country of surfing' with the big name, Trestles (the WSL World Tour venue) right there waiting to be ridden.

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