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No one does ultimate luxury and excellent surf better

Do washes of white sand, postcard-like palm fronds and a turquoise blue ocean excite you? Well, that’s only part of picturesque beauty waiting for you in North and South Male. As part of the beautiful Maldives, North and South Male offer spectacular coral reefs line, sandbars and blue lagoons, which make for perfect diving, snorkeling, and of course, epic Maldives surfing.

Can you surf during Coronavirus?

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Be Aware...

Some waves in the Maldives are private! You need a surfpass for them and can NOT book them, when you are already there.

Make sure your passport is valid long enough for your stay.

Not all islands have easy access to surf, so the transfer to the spots is important!

The Maldives are alcohol-free, since they are an islamic nation. However most boats, resorts and camps have a licence, so you can consume your beer or cocktails there.

Please inform yourself about the local laws and restrictions before your trip!

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From Surfers for Surfers! What makes LUEX stand out from the crowd is our team’s competence and personal approach to YOU.

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What our customers say

"Before I came I saw some pictures, so I knew was going to be amazing. But when I came here, omg, that was incredible! I've never seen such a luxury place before and I fell in love it immediately. Really great for spending holiday with my boyfriend."

(Naladhu Private Island Maldives)

"Maldives are a dream come true for every passionate surfer. I’ve surfed in many other places, but so far nothing can’t compare to my Maldives experience. Thanks to crew which always took us to the right spot."

(Blue Horizon II)

"If I could use just one word to decribe the trip, it would be PERFECTION! ...I loved everything: rooms, location, crew, vawes, view, weather,...It was so relaxing. I charged my bateries for next year. And then I'll probably come again..."

(Four Seasons Kuda Huraa)

"I regularly go to surf cruises around Maldives with a bunch of friends. This time we decided to go for something more luxurious and ended up on this boat. It was such a great experience. Fully equipped vessel took us to Huvadhoo Atolls for perfect surf sessions."

(Princess Ushwa)

4 Reasons why you should book a North or South Male surf trip


Unrivaled luxury in Male

LUEX offers incredible luxury options to choose from, guaranteeing that an adventure to Male is unforgettable. If you expect and desire only the most luxurious boat option in the Maldives, you got it. Are you more of the “wine & dine” on a private island kind of person? We got you covered too. Whatever it is, luxury knows no boundaries in the Maldives.


You can swim with sharks in the Maldives

Forget what you saw on TV. Experience the exhilaration of swimming with gigantic and majestic whale sharks along with smaller sized reef sharks lurking peacefully in the coral atolls and also on the surrounding lagoons of the resorts. Should you feel a little uneasy with such an up-close encounter you can also enjoy watching them arrive for daily feeding time at selected spots.


Water sports galore next to the surf

One thing is for sure, the surf is superb in North and South Male, however should you want to try other water sports, the choices are plenty. Kayaking, canoeing, snorkelling, sea bobbing, jet-skiing, and even X-Jet Blades are options! Of course, instructors are around to guide you should you need some assistance.


Mouth-watering food during your Male surf holiday

Every country has its own unique food and that’s no different in the Maldives. Head to Male and be prepared for an assault on your food palate without mercy. An assault in the best kind of sense, local food such as Maldivian Curry with Tuna and Garudhiya (A type of fish soup with lime, chili, rice, curry leaves, onions, and a coconut) will blow your taste buds away. Let’s not even talk about Mashumi Roshi –Tuna and Chapati or Hedhika, which, along with the dozens of street food options on offer is enough to get you salivating for a surf holiday to North and South Male!

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