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A true Surfer's wonderland awaits you in Panama

Regarded as one of the few places in Central America that have remained hidden from crowds for many years Panama is a surfer’s wonderland. In Panama, you’ll have an opportunity to travel from the Pacific to an Atlantic coastline within two hours as well as easily explore offshore islands. If budget-friendly, quality uncrowded surf is what you are dying to experience, then call LUEX and let’s get you there.

Why book with us

The best thing about booking with us is that we are unbiased. We don’t have exclusive contracts with selected resorts but rather have them all to make sure you get exactly the holiday you are dreaming of. No compromises, no sad faces - as we offer the widest collection Panama based surf excursions available.

We take pride in our attention to detail. Our highly trained staff has spent extensive time living, traveling and surfing Panama. It’s safe to say we know a fair bit about every Panama based surf excursions there is to know. With us, it’s always personal. We cater to your needs and come up with the best options to satisfy you.

We offer the highest quality and tailor-made packages! We have researched and planned every aspect of a Panama based surf excursion down to the last detail. Through our extensive network and long-lasting relationships we know how to ensure that everything you expect from a Panama based surf excursion is delivered.

We offer safe, fast and reliable payment and booking options but what makes LUEX stand out is that you are talking to real people! Our dedicated sales agent not only work you through the process step by step but will assist you with everything else you need along the way. Jetting off to your dream destination has never been easier!

At LUEX, you get to talk to real people with real input! All our sales agents have been on many Panama based surf excursions and know them well. No scripted messages, no robot typing - but real-time assistance with that ever so valuable human touch.

Meet your expert

The Gaucho in our crew! Nacho studied Business Administration in Buenos Aires and knows his way around surf breaks all over Latin America, Indo & Fiji. A keen explorer, he also had a couple of waves in the Maldives, Morocco, Europe, NZ, OZ & Easter Island! Nacho's favorite surf destination is the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia; however, he will provide you Stormrider guide-like knowledge on any of the dreamy surf areas he manages. Our LUEX in-house barista always makes sure he helps people with anything that might contribute to their best surf vacation ever.

Be Aware

When it comes to Panama it isn’t really about WHEN to go but rather WHERE! Often overlooked, Panama offers waves all year around. With an incredible mix of reef, beach and pointbreaks, surfers are left with an incredible playground only waiting to be fully explored. However, having local knowledge in our corner is key if you want to get the full, dreamy Panama surf experience. Put LUEX in the driver seat and you’ll soon be surfing waves the rest of the world is still waiting to hear about.

What our customers say

"Panama was great! Weather, landscape, people, food, waves, surf.. I could go on and on! A great country with so much to offer!"

(Red Frog Beach Resort)

"Staying on a catamaran is so cool! It feels like you are one with the ocean and that's an experience that you will never forget! Surf was great und we were lucky with the weather! Thanks for showing us this incredible trip."

(Green Flash Catamaran Adventures)

"Red Frog Beach Resort was heaven. The team is amazing! The views and the beach were perfect. The food was delicious. There is honestly nothing bad to say about this place. I will be back!

(Red Frog Beach Resort)

Panama is always worth a trip


Tropical living all year around on a Panama Surftrip

Without a doubt, Panama is a golden egg when it comes to surf adventure. It’s Tropical and warm. Forget packing tonnes of clothing. You’ll be able to enjoy the weather throughout your vacation. There’s nothing better than the tropical climate and the ability to book a holiday


Your Dollar gets you pretty far in Panama

Although Panama uses the American dollar (A bonus for Americans) the cost of pretty much everything is super low. It’s a budget-friendly destination and one of the most affordable surf destinations to visit. You can save your hard earned cash for greater gastro based adventures or a fun night out after a crazy day of surf.


Panama is an adventure melting pot not just for surfing

You are there to surf, but should your interests take you on an adventure seeking journey away from exquisite sets of perfect waves there are loads of other things to do. River rafting, rock climbing and wilderness expeditions in the jungles, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, any kind of outdoor sport is on tap. Want to still be in the water but not for surf? The diving spots are so beautiful you will be forgiven for spending an extra hour in the water.


Hospitality as its best

The people of Panama are the best thing about Panama. Panamanians are accustomed to international residents and travelers. They’re fairly wealthy compared to other Central American countries and they have many opportunities to improve their life. This helps make Panama a safe and friendly place to visit for tourists. If you’re interested in cultures, spend time with local tribes, you won’t regret a moment!

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