Surf Trips for Solo Travelers

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Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo

Unique and tailored solo surf trips await you

Looking to discover a new surf destination on your own? Want to find yourself somewhere new without another soul? Then you are in need of a solo surf trip and LUEX can help! We have a large variety of solo trips for independent surfers. Be it surf camps, boats or resorts, there is no shortage of choice for solo surfers. Our LUEX website has all the tools you need to customise your trip, regardless of your needs.


If you are in for the surf, you came to the right address. Awera is an amazing place that tempts with attractive rates for solo surfers and pumping waves right out front. If 3 waves right at your doorsteps aren’t enough for your spoiled surfer soul, the resort has a solid surf program on-site that offers daily surf trips to a dozen of waves that are in the area.

  • An abundance of waves closeby
  • Attractive rates for solo surfers
  • Daily boat trips and surf guiding
  • Beachfront accommodation

Malibu PopoyoNicaragua

Central America has a lot of things. People come for the food, the sights and obviously the waves. But nothing combines all of the above quite like Malibu Popoyo in Nicaragua. A chique, boutique-style surf camp/resort that really knows how to impress, especially if you are traveling solo in the search for waves.

The vibes are great, the food even better and you have the choice of a huge selection of waves all within a 30-mile radius.

  • Offshore winds 300+ days a year
  • Elevated and personalized service
  • Healthy food concept “From Farm To Plate”
  • Topnotch surf program and guiding
  • Great value for money

Sibon BaruIndonesia

Ments on a boat sounds good. Ments on a catamaran that isn’t short on comfort and style sounds even better. We know; boat trips can get a little claustrophobic at times, especially when you have to kill time on lay days. Sibon Baru is different though. Hailed as one of the best surf charters in the Ments, the Sibon Baru has plenty of indoor and outdoor space to chill in between surfs, or psych yourself out on surf flicks for your next session.

Throw an experienced crew, epic, fresh food, and obviously, worldclass waves into the mix and you have yourself a winning combo every solo surfer would fight you for.

  • Worldclass waves
  • Gourmet food
  • Experienced crew
  • Great value for money
  • Plenty of space

Chill in Ericeira SurfhousePortugal

Solo trips can get lonely unless your check-in at the Chill in Ericeira. A great Surf Camp in Ericeira with a view overlooking the Ocean that ticks all the boxes you want when you travel alone. Make the super nice dorm room on the top floor your temporary home for a while and make new friends in the process.

A highlight of your stay will be the organized dinners at a different restaurant in town most nights of the week to keep social vibes high. And if you came for waves, then we don’t have to tell you that Ericeira is going to have your mind blown with plenty of fun waves all within a short walk, bike ride or road trip from the camp.

  • Emphasis on social vibes
  • Great location with fun waves around
  • Experienced crew
  • Great value for money
  • Plenty of communal areas to socialize

Lapoint SurfcampSri Lanka

If you surf, and you like to travel for waves you’ll be familiar with the name Lapoint. The guys are the real deal, and super experienced when it comes to hosting solo surfers. Their Sri Lanka outlet is perhaps their best one yet tempting with relaxed vibes at this charming surf villa featuring a high standard of accommodations and a jacuzzi to unwind after a big day in the “office”.

  • Scheduled arrivals and departures
  • Excellent location
  • Surf lessons and guiding
  • Plenty of non-surf activities on tap
  • Great sights and wildlife nearby

Surfers Lodge PenichePortugal

If surf camps are your jam but you also like that little added extravaganza from time to time, then Surf Lodge Peniche is your final destination. The place screams great vibes with an amazing restaurant and various accommodation options, from dorm to suites, to provide you with a grand time - very grand!

If this doesn’t convince you then we’re sure that great waves nearby and a rooftop hangout spot that knows how to throw a party or two definitely will do the trick.

  • High-end surf camp
  • Plenty of accommodation options
  • Great dining
  • Plenty of fun waves nearby
  • Great rooftop hang out spot

Hudhuranfushi Surf ResortMaldives

Just by writing this, our small surfer hearts are full. Hudhuranfushi has everything you want in a world-class surf resort. Their surf program is excellent - probably the best we ever came across. Sure, a private world-class lefthander right outside your room only confirms what we’re saying but Hudhus offers so much more. If you’re traveling solo in the search for those pristine Maldivian barrels then the single surfer or twin sharing packages are calling your name.

Pay once and then burn your wallet. Actually, please don’t do that, but you’d be stoked to hear that all of Hudhu’s packages are all-inclusive and provide a super fun setting and events to meet other surfers.

  • Excellent surf program
  • Private world class lefthander with a limited number of surfers
  • Surf shuttles to nearby breaks
  • Super fun atmosphere
  • Made for surfers

Cinnamon DhonveliMaldives

(Insert blown minds here). Seriously, Cinnamon Dhonveli is the real deal. And that wave they have out front isn’t bad either ;). That wave is called Pasta Point, and yes, we’re calling it, is the best wave in the Maldives. Join the club of an exclusive few to surf the picture-perfect lefthander as the wave is private.

Cinnamon Dhonveli knows how to treat its surfers and offers a pretty epic surf program on-site that includes guiding, photography services and surf shuttles to nearby breaks if you want to mix it up for a while.

  • Excellent surf program
  • Private world-class lefthander with a limited number of surfers
  • Single or Twin sharing surf packages
  • Made for surfers

Blue StarMaldives

One word. Fun! The Blue Star is a Maldivian icon run by a great captain and a legend of a man. The Blue Star is the only “Open Boat” in the Maldives. It runs like a floating hotel offering check-ins and check-outs on any day of the week for maximum flexibility.

If surfing your brains out and maximizing your time in the water, then it’s hard to pass on a stay on the Blue Star as the charter has one goal in mind; provide surfers with a hell of a time at really great rates

  • A true surf charter
  • Ultra experienced crew
  • Flexible check-ins and check-outs
  • Best way to maximize your time in the water
  • All of the North Male standouts closeby
  • Great rates

Moroccan Surf AdventuresMorocco

The first surf camp in the area is tempting solo surfers with great vibes, even better waves nearby and a really friendly crew providing you with everything a surfer’s heart desires. If you are familiar with Morocco then we don’t have to tell you that the country is the real deal. An amazing culture is accompanied by world-class waves and you can be right in the midst of it all in Taghazout - the surf capital of the Arabic kingdom.

  • From surfers for surfers
  • Friendly crew
  • Next level surf program and guiding
  • Cozy rooms and communal area
  • Great rates
  • Out of this world food
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Solo adventures can be fun and soul defining. They are of course, like any other type of adventure filled with some logistical hurdles, some are obvious and some not so obvious. Solo traveling is both fun and exhausting as you have no one else you need to take into consideration. Knowing where to go and how to get to the best spots is an important aspect of your trip. It’s something you need to consider but should not have to worry about. That’s why we offer the best professional teams to do all the hard work for you so that your dream solo surf adventure is stress-free, from beginning to end.

What our customers say

"Best guides in the country are here. They are extremely professional for all levels of surf and take you to amazing places. The location is perfect and the services are truly remarkable. In short wonderful people and fantastic surf experience."

(The Balicamp - Indonesia)

"Friendly and relaxed place, perfect if you like to combine work out (surfing) with a place of high standard with all kinds of travellers. Never felt awkward to eat alone as the lodge has all kinds of travellers; couples, alone travellers as well as families. I will go back for sure!!"

(Surfers Lodge Peniche - Portugal)

"This boat is freakin’ epic! The crew and fellow surfers were really cool. I had all the services I wanted within a hand’s reach… and oh maaan… the surf was brilliant! The guides knew exactly, where to go to hit the best waves. Every day I was stoked to get in the water. Bottom line: AWESOME trip!"

(Ocean Divine - Maldives)

"Relax and take it easy. That was Morocco for me. Came to the camp alone, but met there some real cool people. Surfing was perfect. Thanks to Denny and Nigel for taking us to the best waves. Love you guys. Hope to see you soon"

(Moroccan Surf Adventures - Morocco)

Why you should book a solo surf adventure


Spoil yourself on your solo surf trip

With every possible option available, you can spoil yourself in every way. Be it super luxury or budget, LUEX has many options for you to choose from. Most of our solo surf travellers enjoy the budget to mid-range category options which cover resorts to road trips. It doesn’t matter what you want from your solo surf adventure, be it dropping anchor from your life aboard a surf charter or living day to day from a custom made itinerary at your beachfront resort base, rest assured you can find it right here at LUEX.


All types of surf for solo surfers

The solo traveller surf holiday category offers up something for all budgets, all surf experience levels and for every type of wave rider out there whether your weapon of choice is a bodyboard, shortboard, SUP board or retro style longboard. There are even options which let you combine a surf and yoga holiday or escape the boys for a while at a girls-only camp.


Surf the world on your own

LUEX offers a huge range of countries and surf regions to choose from as a solo traveller. The world is your oyster and the oysters are always fresh! If you want fun and safe beginner friendly waves you can get those. Need a professional guide? Got it! Looking to conquer a big name somewhere foreign? It is yours. Whatever your break preference and whether you are in search of tropically warm waters or mellow longboard waves the solo traveller focused options include every type of wave for every level of surfer.


Meet new people in a surf camp or on a boat

Yes, you went on a solo trip to do this by yourself but travelling solo doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Spending time by yourself often helps you get into better touch with who you are, and that in turn can prepare you to welcome new, people into your life. Whether you connect for a few hours or the rest of your life, be open to meeting new people. You might even find that portions of your “solo” trip are spent travelling with those you meet along the way.

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