Maldives Surf Boats

Maldives Surf Charters Are The Epitome Of Surf Travel

The Maldives are a true surf holiday destination, and traveling the small island state deep in the Indian Ocean by boat is the ultimate bucket list experience. How does the taste of freedom and uncrowded lineups sound to you? We offer boat charter solutions for all budgets, all styles, all skill levels, all possible itineraries in all Atolls for small groups, large groups and everything in between, no matter the duration of your trip. Get the most of what the Maldivian surf menu has to offer as Maldivian surf boat trips are all about spending your days and nights surrounded by the ocean, exploring a wave-rich, tropical paradise, dropping anchor beside blissfully empty, perfectly formed waves and, should you feel so inclined, surfing from dawn 'til dusk.

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LUEX offers the most extensive and best selection of surf trips worldwide.

Provider independence and quality are our mission.

Our goal is that our customers can find the perfect surf trip, tailored to their needs, in one place.

All our experts are surfers and part of the lifestyle.

Our experts know the destinations/spots personally or are in close contact with local surfers or suppliers.

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Meet your expert

The driving force behind your dreamy trips! LUEX is Tim's brainchild and the result of years of traveling, surfing, and freeskiing. A passionate world nomad, Tim has lived in Europe, Australia, and Northern California, and is no stranger to the best lineups, both surf, and snow all over Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia, and South Africa either! A lover of warm water, Tim takes care of our guests wanting to score an epic trip on a surf charter in the Maldives. Better than any online surf guide, Tim knows all the ins and outs to surfing in the Maldives as a result of "too many trips to remember" to the small tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean.

Be Aware...

Some waves in the Maldives are private! You need a surfpass for them and can NOT book them, when you are already there.

Make sure your passport is valid long enough for your stay.

Not all islands have easy access to surf, so the transfer to the spots is important!

The Maldives are alcohol-free, since they are an islamic nation. However most boats, resorts and camps have a licence, so you can consume your beer or cocktails there.

Please inform yourself about the local laws and restrictions before your trip!

What our customers say

"That's the standard of a surf trip I've been looking for. I enjoyed every minute of it."

(Ocean Divine – Maldives)

"That were the best surf holidays ever! Really cool"

(Atoll Challenger – Maldives)

"... It is comfort and cheap and I surf the best waves in the world all day. I am good surfer and I was very very happy. Friendly people, great water... Amazing trip."

(MV Swell – Maldives)

"... The Sea Farer was perfect for our group of six, really clean and well equipped and it felt like a new boat. The crew were fantastic and very keen to ensure we had a great time. ..."

(Sea Farer – Maldives)

"Was a great trip. Super boat with a super crew. Food was excellent. 5 stars! Highly recommended! I will be back!"

Dr. Patrick Morad
(Blue Horizon II - Maldives)

"... Everything is made for you to enjoy the surf at the fullest. Very easy access to the break with the dhoni, they also come to pick you up at anytime. I will be back FOR SURE !!!"

(Blue Star - Maldives)

6 Reasons For You To Spend Your Next Surf Holidays On A Boat In The Maldives


Ultimate luxury boats to travel The Maldives in style

We define ultimate luxury not only by the price tag a boat has but by the number of jaw-dropping moments our guests endure while on holidays. Ultimate luxury the LUEX way means everything you could possibly think of. From exquisite culinary encounters, lightning fast travel speeds, private jacuzzis, Jet Skis, personal yoga coaches to heli drops at your preferred line up - we genuinely mean everything!


Open Boat Trips - arrive and leave as you please

Following the concept of floating hotels, these boats stay in the most popular surf area of North Male. Guests will be picked up and dropped off at the international airport with a tender boat according to their international flight times. Join and leave any day - Best options for legendary straight missions and cheap airfare deals.


Total flexibility to surf the Maldives best waves

Criss-cross atolls and explore the last frontiers of the tropical island paradise with one thought in mind - SCORE PERFECT WAVES. Traveling on a charter boat gives you the freedom, flexibility and total mobility in the search for waves. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in one place waiting for the swell to hit or get completely skunked for waves. Traveling on a boat however mean you get to go wherever the action is.......every day. Your experienced guides and crew are there simply to ensure you have maximum wave time on the best waves and all perfectly suited to your personal surfing level.


Maldives surf charters are accessible for everyone

Maldives surf boats are accessible for everyone – young chargers, old-boy longboard crews, groups made up of surf addicts and non-surfers alike, even a girls-only party. However, they tend to be most popular with mixed groups because the idea of grabbing a surf boat just for you and your surf buddies is one which widely appeals. Boats start out with as few as 4 persons so this dream vision is well within the range of possibility.


Private charter boats for families or small groups

Nothing beats a private charter. Homogeneous skill levels and same surf spot preferences, no lengthy discussion when to and where to go, no instant crowds, no strangers you may not get along with, etc.. Just you and your family or friends. We have plenty of options in all price segments - with some boats require an occupancy rate of 4 or 6 guests only.


Score world-class waves across all Atolls

Do you want to surf the North Male Atoll playground, sneak away from the crowds and surf some jewels in the South Male Atolls, conquer the last wave frontier up north or want to casually cruise the Central Atolls? we got you covered. We can set you up with trips all year around. Cruise south and back up north to save money, fly one way / sail the other or fly -sail - fly. We can arrange whatever itinerary that fits your style, budget, and preference of commute.

Check out these Maldivian surf holidays

One of the hottest and the most reliable surf spots in the world - and you can have it, no matter what!

Surf Boat Charter

With a surf charter you are as flexible as it can be - get to every wave you wanna surf!

Maldives - Central Atolls

Much less crowded than the northern parts of the Maldives, you can have the time of your life here.

It doesn't stop there...We have plenty more on offer for you...check out our whole portfolio of Maldives Surf Trips
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