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Find true adventure on a surf charter in the Mentawais

World class waves, coral reefs, rainforests, truly unique culture; the Mentawais Islands are always in contention for taking out first place for best surf destination in the world - Rightfully so! The region scattered off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia displays a selection of waves that is truly unmatched anywhere else in the world when it comes to variety, consistency, and perfection. While some of us wait a lifetime to slide into a crystal clear cave, surrounded by palm trees, and get spat out the back - it is the daily standard in the Ments. Throw the best, most reliable and most comfortable charter boats into the mix and you got yourself a combo that’s hard to beat. Imagine yourself waking up to the sound of pumping surf at daybreak and surf until the sun sets, only to repeat it all over again mañana at a new spot, far away from the crowds.

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The Gaucho in our crew! Nacho studied Business Administration in Buenos Aires and knows his way around surf breaks all over Latin America, Indo & Fiji. A keen explorer, he also had a couple of waves in the Maldives, Morocco, Europe, NZ, OZ & Easter Island! Nacho's favorite surf destination is the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia; however, he will provide you Stormrider guide-like knowledge on any of the dreamy surf areas he manages. Our LUEX in-house barista always makes sure he helps people with anything that might contribute to their best surf vacation ever.

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The right choice matters! There are many traps to step into. Are you afraid photos looking a bit better than the real deal? LUEX team members go on yearly boat inspections to check and confirm that these are up to the standard they offer. Are you overwhelmed by the big offering and not sure what is the most suitable option given your needs? We know all the pros and cons and are in constant communications with all the boat operations, knowing the updated availability and any applicable special deal. Maximize your surf time and minimize boring research time, which might even end up taking you on the wrong boat! Do you need a specific cabin set up? Want certain dinghy power/range? Require a special diet? Have a tight budget? Want to know about the surf guide's capabilities and his knowledge? Just let us know. We know what fits and what doesn't and we'll let you know quickly!

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What our customers say

"...The surf guide was very, very good and found us perfect uncrowded waves (and the occasional margarita). It was an exceptional experience and highly recommended."

(Nusa Dewata)

"...This trip is amazing and not cost so much! I love big waves, barrels and fun… 2 perfect weeks in blue water. Thank you captain Eric for best journey ever! :)"

(MV Addiction)

"Waves, team, boat, crew, food,...everything was perfect. Before I came here I heard a lot about surfing in Mentawais and how good the waves are…Now I can say that everything they say is true, or even better. ..."

(Moon Palikir)

"...These guys know what they’re doing. Seriously… I expected an awesome trip, but this thing exceeded my expectations."

(Pelagic Surf Charter)

"...I was saving money for a long time to go on a trip to Mantawais, but it was totally worth it! Really cool boat, crew and other surfers."

Samudra Biru - Nusantara

"Wooooow…with Moon Palikir you really get what you pay for. The trip was worth every cent. I definitely surfed the best waves and had a time of my life! Unforgettable!"

(Moon Palikir)

Six Reasons For Spending Your Mentawai Vacation On A Boat


The Mentawais feature some of the best waves on the planet

It’s safe to say that you are going to surf the best waves of your life if you decide to travel to the Mentawais. There is no other place in the world that hosts more world-class waves in such close proximity to each other. It’s a surfer’s playground ready to be explored and you can stay right in the middle of all the action. Wake up meters away from Hollow Tree, Maccaronis or Rifles and be the first out there when it pumps - day in day out.


Total flexibility to surf the regions’ best waves

The beauty of vacationing on the surf charter is that you are always close to where the action happens. Criss-cross, zick-zack the region and explore the last frontiers of the tropical island paradise with one thought in mind - SCORE PERFECT WAVES. Time is precious and we want to help you maximize your time surfing pumping waves because there’s nothing worse than being stuck in one place waiting for the swell to hit or get completely skunked for waves. The Ments are a wave playground and your experienced guides and crew will take good care of you, making sure to you’ll have the time of your life in waves perfectly suited to your surfing level.


The Mentawais offer waves all year round.

The Mentawais are one of those rare locations that always seem to have a wave somewhere. Depending on what you are after, the most consistent surf season is between March and November when the place transforms into a swell haven spitting out perfect barrels - sometimes in the double-digit size range, every serious surfer dreams about. Unfortunately, that level of perfection can be bittersweet as it seems to attract the crowds too.

It is worth checking out the “off-season” between November and February if heavy barrels or the heavy crowd factor isn’t really what you’re looking for. There are still plenty of fun waves around and you only share it with just a few other heads in the water.


Plenty of non-surf activities available if you need a day away from waves

The Mentawais aren’t just about surfing until your legs fall off. If you decide to have a "lay day" or you need to nurture your reef booboos then there are plenty of things to do that don't include a surfboard.
Mentawai surf charters are the real deal and offer all the amenities you can ask for. Chill out or have a snooze on the sundeck. Trade your surfboard for snorkel and mask and explore the beautiful world that’s underneath. Watch your favorite surf flick to get you pumped for the next surf sesh or explore the local nearby villages - the choice is yours. Living on a boat - at least is an awesome way to connect with other people you might never cross path with back in the concrete jungle so take the opportunity to make life-long friends while waiting for the tide to drop too!


Mentawais surf charters are the perfect place to connect with others

Welcome aboard everyone! Young chargers, old-boy longboard crew, groups made up of surf addicts and non-surfers alike - the Mentawai surf charters are the perfect place to connect with other like-minded surfers and trade stories after a day of sharing epic days in paradise. The special thing about boat trips is that there is never a dull moment, the spirits are sky high and the vibe on board is something you have to experience first hand to believe it. Boat trips are magical and a once in a lifetime bucket-list moment for many surf travelers.


Bring your family or friends on board for a private getaway on a surf charter

Plain and simple; you can’t really beat a private charter. Imagine spending a few days on a luxury hotel on the water with no one else but your family or friends and cruise from spot to spot to surf epic waves. You are your own navigator. Private surf charters are the real deal because it enables you to go where you want to go - when you want to go, without having to check in with the rest of the crew on board.

Tropical Surf Trips

Tropical surf all year long - there is always a spot for you in Indonesia!

Indonesia - Mentawai

There are high quality waves for every surflevel on the Mentawais.

Surf Boat Charter

With a surf charter you are as flexible as it can be - get to every wave you wanna surf!

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