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Picturesque adventure awaits you on a surf boat adventure

It’s time to check off that bucket list wish. Hop on board an awesome surf boat trip and head off to an exotic location – it’s not a dream, it’s your reality! Forget your worries and hassles, with the expert assistance of a LUEX advisor you can simply focus on enjoying that once-in-a-lifetime boat trip. LUEX offers charter boat trips for solo surfers, families, large or even small groups with only four guests needed to start a holiday dream trip.

Leave it to the experts
  • Right choice / refined selection: We know what boats make customers happy
  • Availability: No need to drive yourself crazy going through lots of websites with limited information and not knowing what's available
  • Early Bird Deals and Best Price Guaranteed: We don't charge you for our service, we charge the boats
  • Professional Booking Experience: We developed a smooth process to minimise the stress of dealing with a large booking
  • Group Payment Tool: We make collecting money from your mates for securing a trip as easy as it gets for you!
  • Pay in your home currency at a very good exchange rate with no credit card fees!
Why book with us

The best thing about booking with us is that we are unbiased. We don’t have exclusive contracts with selected clients but rather have them all to make sure you get exactly the holiday you are dreaming of. No compromises, no sad faces. We offer the widest collection of surf boat packages around.

We have always loved exploring and documenting the many surf resort around the world. Our highly trained staff has spent extensive time living, traveling and surfing from many surf vessels. It’s safe to say we know where the best surf vessel trips are located. With us, it’s always personal. We cater to your needs and come up with the best alternatives that suit your needs.

We offer a best price guarantee - always and forever! We figured out all the cost traps around booking a surf boat adventure so you don’t have to. There are many, but through our extensive network and long lasting relationships, we know how to avoid them, and save some hard-earned cash so you can spend more on the things you want to.

We offer safe, fast and reliable payment and booking options but what makes LUEX stand out is that you are talking to real people! Our dedicated sales agent not only work you through the process step by step but will assist you with everything else you need along the way. Jetting off to your dream destination has never been easier!

At LUEX, you get to talk to real people with real input! We have researched and been on many solo trips and it is safe to say we know how to tailor surf boat adventure, perfectly. No scripted messages, no robot typing - but real-time assistance with that ever so valuable human touch.

Your Experts

From Surfers for Surfers! What makes LUEX stand out from the crowd is our team’s competence and personal approach to YOU.

We all surf and understand YOUR Needs. Combined with our intimate knowledge of each surf trip option we will find and tailor YOUR perfect Surf Trip.

What our customers say

"Relaxing and great family vacation. And also super good surfing"

(Four Seasons Explorer - Maldives)

"..Nothing is too much trouble for the awesome crew. The surf guide was very, very good and found us perfect uncrowded waves (and the occasional margarita). It was an exceptional experience and highly recommended."

(Nusa Dewata Surf Charters - Indonesia)

"I'm super satisfied. They took us to unbelivable waves, boat was amazing and crew really nice. I couldn't wish for anything more"

"This trip is amazing and not cost so much! I love big waves, barrels and fun… 2 perfect weeks in blue water. Thank you captain Eric for best journey ever! :)"

(MV Addiction - Indonesia)

4 reasons why you should book a surf boat adventure


On a surf boat you got the best view ever

Love the sound and soul of the ocean? Well, imagine never having to leave it. That’s the ultimate benefit of booking an adventure on a surf vessel .. With a surf charter vessel you will be on the ocean throughout your trip in your own private floating ‘hotel’. You will be rocked to sleep by the ocean and awake to find it surrounding you.


You can reach every wave with a surf charter

One of the biggest let down on a surf adventure is the inability to reach certain surf spots. You can kiss that notion goodbye when aboard a surf vessel. A dedicated professional surf crew is on hand to guide you towards today's waves or will assist you as you exhaust yourself catching uncountable sets of the finest ocean action around. Also, remember that big break you couldn’t catch because it was just too far out? It’s right there, in front of you when you take a surf vessel trip!


Surf boat trips offer fun for everybody

Most of the boats are chartered by full groups made up of one party but don't assume you have to gather too many of your surf crew together to make this a feasible option. LUEX for example, is proud to offer boats which start with a few guests only ( as few as four or six) – which make it easier for you to organize a group. These trips are either on a fixed schedule or can be chartered for your own preferred dates.


Surf boats visit the most exotic locations

The majority of surf charter trips on offer cover the exotic surf spots within the gorgeous Maldives and Indonesia. The names connected to these read like something from a dream destination catalogue – choose from the North and South Male Atoll – the most well-known and probably most often surfed of the atolls; the Central Atolls of Meemu, Laamu and Thaa with their distinctly secluded feeling and the Southern Atolls of Huvadhoo and Gaafu Dhaalu which offer something for novice surfers through to experts. The Indonesian surf charter vessels ply the waters of the surf iconic Mentawis as well as Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Roti and the Northern Maluka Islands.

Side note: There are also Central American and South East Pacific based surf charter vessels giving you a wide choice of destination options. You have no excuse to adventure!

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