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Europe is blessed with some of the best breaks on the planet. From Portugal to the UK, points, beaches, and reefs light up in the right conditions, but it’s the Spanish Island formation, 100km (60miles) off the African mainland, that really steals the show when it comes to waves. The Canary Islands have long been touted as the surfing winter getaway and are renowned for consistent and powerful surf. Fuerteventura is the helm of it all and besides featuring 5-star surf for all levels, the island is insanely beautiful, offers great weather all year round and is home to some of the best surf camps you can find. The vibe is something else too, and you’ll find yourself hanging out with other like-minded people in a chilled, relaxed environment and trade tales about past surf trips, future adventures, and everyday goss. If white sandy beaches, world-class waves, affordable accommodation, and a laid back lifestyle is what you are chasing for your next surf trip, then Fuerteventura, often called the Hawaii of Europe for various good reasons, is exactly what you are looking for.

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"I loved staying at the surfcamp and the island is amazing. Also great waves for beginners"

(Las Dunas Surfcamp)

"AMAZING. I learned surfing at the camp and I never wanna do something else than surfing. It was a great experience and I would definitely come again!"

(Star Surf Camp)

"Waves, team, people, food,...everything was perfect. Before I came here I heard a lot about Surf Camps and how good they are…Now I can say that everything they say is true, or even better. ..."

(Rapa Nui Surfcamps)

"If you're not into surfing, you will definitely be after this camp. My boyfriend loves surfing so I went with him. And now I know what he was talking about the whole time. Nice and relaxed people everywhere, great staff and just amazing surfing. I am in Love."

(Line up Surf Camp)

Six Reasons For Booking a Surf Camp on Fuerteventura


Get a taste of the Endless Summer in Fuerteventura

One thing is certain, it hardly ever rains in the Canary Islands. Fuerteventura received around 3,000 hours of sunshine every year and it rains for about 2 hours - yes, that’s per week! The summer months are just perfect, never too hot, never too cold with an easy 27 degrees Celsius average (80 Fahrenheit). Fuerteventura winters are still a breeze compared to other European destinations with a mild 22 degrees Celsius (71 Fahrenheit) while the water temp never drops below 18 degrees Celsius (64 Fahrenheit). On top of it all, you got pumping waves on tap wherever you look to round up a pretty epic time in one of the world’s premier surf destinations.


Fuerteventura is an ultra-consistent surf destination all year round

The Canary Islands are ultra exposed, situated not far off the Moroccan coastline and therefore a prime surf address all year around. with the more mellow summer months perfect for beginners and intermediates. The mellower summer months are perfect for beginners and intermediates to work on their skills before the bigger, heavier and more consistent swells fill in for the advanced surfers to clock some time in the tube. Best time to travel to Fuerteventura if you are chasing world class surf is between October - May but be aware, the offseason has its perks too with less crowded lineups and smaller, manageable & more rippable waves.


You’ll stay the way you want at Fuerteventura surf camps

The beauty of vacationing at a surf camp is that it is up to you how you want to spend your nights. Some people dig the bunk beds and others like the private master suite.

Options range from dorm rooms – shared with your own surf crew or fellow surf vacationers – shared double rooms or shared rooms with 4 beds. However, there is usually the option to get your own room if privacy and the chance to retreat (whenever the fun and socializing gets too much) are important to you and are in line with your trip budget. The great thing with LUEX is that it’s always your choice - shared, super-social, cheap, ideal for solo travelers, couples or whatever else your heart desires.


Plenty to do if you need a break from the surf

The great thing about Fuerteventura is that it has so much to offer away from the wave department. Fancy some epic slides at the Acua Waterpark? A quick strike mission to Lanzarote? Or perhaps a ride along the windy roads on the island’s west side? You get the idea. There is so much to do for when the surf is flat or for when you are all surfed out and need to catch a break.


All the comforts you want for your perfect surf camp stay

Things such as equipment rental, meals with a variety of options, swimming pools, Wi-Fi and much more can all be offered as part of your surf camp experience. Some camps even feature a cinema or offer babysitting services upon request – the possibilities are endless.


Fuerteventura surf camps are for everyone

The social aspect of surf vacation camps makes it a very popular and fitting choice for solo travelers with the instant opportunity of meeting fellow surfers and giving you a place where new friendships can be forged; an ideal way to take the 'lonely' out of solo travel. The surf camp experience is also a great fit for groups of friends, girls and those who like to combine “having a good time” with scoring pumping waves.

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