Collection of our favorite Surf Camps you will love
  • The Balicamp
    Indonesia: Bali
    Beautiful surf camp in Balinese surf villa for only 16 people max. - arguably the best guiding of...
    pp/night from US$ 72
  • Beng Beng Mentawai
    Indonesia: Sumatra

    Relaxed and intimate surf camp in the Mentawais – world class waves right on your doorst...

    pp/night from US$ 120
  • Ferrel Surf House
    Portugal: Peniche

    Feel right at home in this beautiful boutique surf house. Experience life in one of the best s...

    pp/night from US$ 30
  • Chill In Ericeira Surfhouse
    Portugal: Ericeira

    Brand new surfcamp designed with passion and love. Cozy, comfortable and suited for beginners ...

    pp/night from US$ 16
  • The Lodge Sintra
    Portugal: Lisbon
    Beautiful Surf Retreat near Sintra´s natural park, surrounded by amazing nature and great waves.
    pp/night from US$ 46
  • Star Surf Camp Fuerteventura
    Canary Islands, Spain: Fuerteventura

    Ride the waves of Hawaii without having to leave the continent in this wonderfully located sur...

    pp/night from US$ 24
  • Surf Castle
    Portugal: Peniche

    Seriously a castle in terms of comfort, style and surf set-up – waves all over the place...

    pp/night from US$ 45
  • Lapoint Surf Camp Gianyar
    Indonesia: Bali

    Here you’ll find new friends, waves and a whole other kind of surf experience on the all...

    pp/night from US$ 106
  • Amouage
    Morocco: Taghazout

    Looking for a holiday with the atmosphere of a surf camp and the luxury of a boutique hotel? Y...

    pp/night from US$ 63
  • Star Surf Camp Spain
    Spain: Cantabria - East

    Stunning beaches, perfect waves and breath-taking views are all just a stone’s throw fro...

    pp/night from US$ 25

If your number one priority for your vacation is all about the surfing and getting as much wave time as possible, all with the additional factor that you have limited funds, then surf camps will definitely be a cheap surfing holiday the way to go. These options are all about being able to surf to your heart's content until the sun sinks or exhaustion forces you out of the ocean and all without having to spend a fortune.

The accommodation during your surf vacation will vary depending on which choice you settle for. Options range from dorm rooms – shared with your own surf crew or fellow surf vacationers – shared double rooms or shared rooms with 4 beds. However, there is also usually the option to take your own single room if privacy and the chance to retreat (whenever the fun and socializing get too much) are important to you and are in line with your trip budget. The great thing here is you choose – shared, super-social, cheap, ideal for solo travelers perhaps, or privacy.

The surf services you will find attached to your surf vacation camp are varied and diverse and can either be found as inclusive in the price or as optional extras. Lessons are often part of the deal and cover every skill level – from complete beginners who have never tried surfing before, through the intermediate levels where improving and maximizing surf style are the focus and on up to experienced surfers who want to address any aspect of their style and skill.

Surf guiding is also found, where the staff at your camp will get you mobile and searching out the best (and sometimes secret) breaks in an area. This can be combined with lessons or this option can be a great way for experienced surfers who don't want or need surf coaching to have a real surf adventure holidays and seriously add to their ‘breaks ridden’ list.

Things such as equipment rental, meals with a variety of arrangements, swimming pools, Wi-Fi and much more besides can all be offered as part of your surfing camp experience – there are even such things as a cinema or babysitting services on request – the possibilities are endless.

The social aspect of surf vacation camps makes it a very popular and fitting choice for solo travelers with the instant opportunity of meeting fellow surfers and giving you a place where new friendships can be forged; an ideal way to take the 'lonely' out of solo travel. The surfing camp option is also a great fit for groups of friends, girls and those who like to combine partying with their surfing. Anyone who wants to learn to surf or is interested in taking their surfing to the next progressive level will find a surf camp vacation a great place to do just that and it is for this reason such options are popular with both beginner to intermediate level surfers.

No matter what you group size or make-up or skill level, one thing is for certain – surfing camps are well suited to those looking for budget to medium standards and who want to make their money go as far as it possibly can……with LOTS of surfing in the whole equation.

Surf camps can be found just about anywhere in the world where the ocean swell hits the land and creates a rideable wave. However, the countries which figure most predominantly are Indonesia – particularly Bali but also Sumatra, East and West Java and the iconic Mentawis, the mainland European destinations of France, Spain and Portugal as well as Morocco – particularly Taghazout and Tamragt and the Canary Islands choices of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Of course it is lovely to have so much choice with all the surf camps which are available nowadays but this has a flip side. How do you sort through all the options and how can you be sure that you are getting the most for your money and not buying a package which features things which you may have no need of? The answer to that is easy – just contact LUEX and leave it to the experts. We can help you arrive at the perfect choice for your cheap surf vacation, taking the hassle out of surf holiday choices and tell you not just what is best but what is best for you and your party's needs.