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Aloita Resort & Spa

A world-class surf experience awaits you in Mentawai Resorts

Considered by many as the hidden gem of surfing, the Mentawai Islands, located just off mainland Indonesia offers a paradise waiting for you to discover. With roughly 70 islands in total, the Ments are a world-class destination often described as a “Heaven for surfers.” With ideal weather and impeccable waves offered all year round, this chain of islands is waiting to be explored. What are you waiting for? Contact a LUEX expert now to create a once in lifetime experience for you.

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Be Aware

Although a relatively peaceful and serene place, the Mentawai islands are a fair distance from the mainland. Nothing could be worse than heading to Ments without knowing what to expect. As accredited and highly trained surf tour operators, we have you covered from any issues you may otherwise encounter. Knowing the travel routes and gaining insight from the local communities is an important means of enjoying your surf trip. Stress less about these costly and time-consuming issues by letting us do all the work to get you to the unspoiled and beautiful Mentawai Islands.

What our customers say

"2nd time at Togat Nusa and 2nd time having the best time. I could stay here forever. Waves are perfect, people super nice,. ..I could write an infinite list of things I love here. It’s really relaxing. Congratulations on making such superb retreat!"

(Togat Nusa Retreat)

"Lets start saying this: "Probably the best surf trip I've ever made" :-)... So let me thank once again to Christian and Maximo.... for one of the 10 best days of my life.... THANK YOU :-)"

(Beng Beng Mentawai)

"What can you say about such a perfect holiday. It was really, really the best ever. Surf conditions are amazing - of course - we're talking about Mentawais. Resort is awesome, people are cool, everything better that I could even imagine. Super satisfied! :)"

(Aloita Resort & Spa)

"That was unreal. Spending 10 days at absoultely the best place on the world. Surfing at Mentawais is another dimension of surfing. Every day just the best waves - everything you can wish for - small, fun, big, bigger, barrels...Every surfer should go there at least once in a lifetime!"

(Wavepark Mentawai)

"If you ask me how good my holidays were, I’d say: Absolutely fantastic! Kandui, Malibu, Playgrounds… all of them were super fun! And after surf sessions I got to chill at the cool resort. Hell yeah!"

(Kandui Villas)

"Fantastic, relaxed resort with the arguably best wave in the world just across the bay. Team make you feel like being in paradise and even more so does the wave. All day. Every day. AMAZING."

(Macaronis Resort)

Why You should choose a Resort on the Mentawais


Guaranteed chance to surf great waves

Compared to all the surf spots around the globe, the Mentawai Islands offer a 91% chance of encountering epic waves. Compare that to the 76% chance in Hawaii and the 80 % chance of a good wave in Australia, the odds are in your favour of an epic session, every day! Now pair that with an unforgettable stay at some of the best surf resorts in the Mentawais and you know why the Ments are often labeled a must-go bucket list destination for every surfer.


The Ments got wealth of adventurous activities to explore

Although the Mentawai Islands are famously known for their incredible surfing moments, but if you are looking to escape your luxurious resort suite that is overlooking some of the best waves of the planet for something else to experience, then you are in for a treat. Many of the islands have dozens of things to see and do, from fishing and trekking to snorkeling and a range of cultural places to visit.


Siberut Island is a treasure

Aside from being the biggest of all the islands, Siberut Island is home to most of the Mentawai Island Population. Comprising of mostly tropical rainforest it is a UNESCO reserve. And home of the Siberut National Park, a wonderland of flora and fauna just waiting to be seen.


Get a Surf Resort in a Cultural Place

If you are in search of local culture then you will love the Shaman traditional ceremony. The indigenous people of the Mentawai Islands are the Sikerei tribe. Get picked up from your Mentawai Resort and spend time with them and watch traditional performances which will leave you breathless and in awe of their spirit.


The Mentawais are easy to explore

The Mentawai Islands are a breeze to explore. You can walk around on foot to the beach from most of the resorts, however, if exploration is what you desire, rent a scooter or a bicycle to travel around your island, or take one of the many local charters to travel between islands.

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