Surfcamp Las Palmas

Canary Islands, Spain

If your idea of a perfect surf trip includes great weather, a lively atmosphere with some culture and ecology then Surf camp Las Palmas is for you.

Amenities & Activities


The Gran Canaria day trips are for everybody who considers him or herself as a traveler and less as a tourist. With our Surf Camp Las Palmas we organize different tours to less known places, full of little secrets. We know the best parts of the island: villages without any tourists, little hidden bars and the prettiest untouched places. The places where you wouldn’t get to with a tourist guide and where locals enjoy their time among themselves.

Natural bathing pool
The north of Gran Canaria is marked by it’s steep and rocky coast, where you won’t see many sandy beaches, but many waves and beautiful hidden places instead. A lot of spots along the north coast are perfect for taking a bath in one of the various natural swimming pools, which come into being during low tide. The natural swimming pools are filled with water from the ocean and it's an amazing place to go for enjoyment and relaxation.

Trips and hikes in the natural reserve Tamadaba
The natural reserve Tamadaba with its canarian forests of 1200 meters height is a very spectacular conservation area. The entire zone has a great amount of hiking routes for all levels of skill and a stunning view. In the picnic area it is also possible to barbeacue in the shadows of pine trees.

The brine bath Bañaderos, Charco de la Paloma and La Peña del Elefante
The old brine baths that are out of service in Bañaderos radiate a unique atmosphere. La Peña del Elefante is a fascinating arched rock formation. Bath is however only possible when the ocean is calm, so it’s perfect for times with less waves. The trip ends with a remarkable sunset at Charco de la Paloma, a swimming pool surrounded by volcanic stones.

The Roque Nublo
A very famous route, which you can find in every guidebook. The Roque Nublo is a noted place in Gran Canaria and is placed in the center of the island 2000 meters high.

The cave houses of Artenara and the viewpoint of Faneque
By using of abbreviations through a green prosperous bucolic environment we get to the center of the island to Artenara, where you can find 700 cave houses. From the overlook Mirador de Faneque, a 200 meters high and steep ravine, we can gaze at the eastern direction and at the peak of the Teide, a mountain of the neighbour island Tenerife.

Barranco de Guayadeque
A spectacular natural area; brilliant green colour and its rich vegetation, flora and fauna make this impressing location even more beautiful. Moreover there is a cave house at the route to this area which is used as a restaurant since a long time.

The routes of Cuevas Cenobio de Valerón + History and archeology of La Guancha + bathing in natural bathing pools
If you want to learn more about the canarian culture, this Gran Canaria day trip to the east is the right for you. The historical villages are located near the ocean, so you can relax while taking a refreshing bath at the beach of Bocabarranco or in one of the natural bathing pools.

The tour El Confital + Hiking in a volcanic area
El Confital is a magical place of the city Las Palmas. Tracks between volcanic rocks, crystal clear water and a always shining sun make the El Confital to the perfect place to enjoy the day outside.

El Faro de Sardina + El Puerto de Las Nieves + Andén Verde
This is one of the most beautiful tours because it unites the very best of the east coast. The lighthouse El Faro is surrounded by volcanic lava. It doesn’t seem very inviting but it’s nevertheless a breath taking place. El Puerto de las Nieves, a small fishing village with small blue and white houses and lots of restaurants with terraces where you can have a drink and just enjoy the lovely view. This spot is regarded as the starting point of the most beautiful routes of the island. The coastal road leads through the Andén Verde and you reach Aldea de San Nicolás by driving along the ocean surrounded by montains and dramatic looking cliff formations .

Playas Vírgenes
is the place to be for those who are looking for a calm spot to escape the big city’s noises. You can take a bath and have a picnic at the beach, far away from everything else.


The tapas tour each Thursday evening at the old town, we mix with the canary locals in the district of Vegueta.

If you are a fan of the Spanish culture, you should not miss the latest tradition of Las Palmas: The tapas tour in the old town Vegueta. Each Thursday evening around 20 bars and restaurants offer a Tapa + drink for only 2€.

The tapas night creates a festive mood in the inner city; there are people talking, laughing and eating, mostly standing on the streets or in bars with a cold beer or a good wine in their hands. It is the right moment to relax and to enjoy Las Palmas and its nice people. In the old town Vegueta, which consists mainly of a pedestrian zone, the locals mix with students and travelers who visit the city.

Do not miss this experience! There is an exuberant mood particularly after 9 pm and if you like to stay longer than 1am you can continue partying at one of the discotheques nearby. (But don’t forget that you have surf lessons the next day!)

The best way to spend the evening is to mix up with the locals, get to know the culture and just have an incredible evening.


Art, music and culture

are some reasons to decide for the surfcamp Gran Canaria. The music scene has much to offer. Each Saturday from 5 pm till midnight local rock bands play at the surf beach La Cicer.
If you like live music Las Palmas is the right city for you. The concert tour Playa viva takes place each Saturday night and begins normally at the surf house Gran Canaria right next to the beach promenade Las Canteras. In the Rockbar La Guarida, the music mixes with the sound of the sea and the background noises of Las Palmas. Local rock-, jazz-, blues and reggae bands; A little bit of everything and always varying.



You don’t know how to use a retro, analogue camera? Don’t worry, we will show it to you! Everything you need is a film, we take care about the development and scan your surf photos. We want to inspire you and want to be inspired by you at the same time.
The developers of this creative project are professional surf photographers and some of their surf teachers, who combine the work in the water with graphic design and audiovisual production. A unique project, trend setting in the world of surfcamp Gran Canaria. We understand surfing as a form of self expression in the water. Like surfing, surf photography is also a way to express yourself. We offer you the possibility to shoot your own photos during the stay at our surfcamp Gran Canaria and we will provide you all the material, so you can enjoy it. You will work only with analogue cameras and we will show you the basics, so you can use the camera while during the whole stay. The goal? To create a special atmosphere; capture landscapes, laughter and experiences in the surfcamp Gran Canaria. After your stay we will take care about the development and scan your photos, so you won’t have any extra costs. We will upload your surf photos on Facebook, so you can share it with your friends.



Eco surf with us and plant your own tree at Gran Canaria
For each surfer who comes to our surfcamp, we will plant a tree! Realize one of the things you have to do in your life. Plant a tree!


  • To return something to the island, because tourists normally don’t do that
  • To compensate the CO2 emissions caused by the flights to the island
  • To stem the ecological damage caused by surfmaterials of the products we use (neoprene suits, surfboards a.s.o.) Most of the material is created out of crude oil


Leisure activities:

  • Events in Las Palmas
  • Beach tennis with typical Canarian rackets at Playa de Las Canteras
  • Body Surfing at La Cicer, Las Palmas
  • Beach-football matches and beach volleyball
  • Slacklining in Las Palmas
  • Snorkeling at the reef of Playa de Las Canteras
  • Basketball at the court right next to the Canteras beach
  • Frisbee at la Cicer, Las Palmas
  • Bicycle rental


Stand up paddle

SUP Gran Canaria Las Palmas

The City Las Palmas offers the best waves and weather conditions to learn
Stand Up Paddle / SUP Gran Caanaria. A long wave which breaks right next to the Auditorios Alfredo Krauss at the beach of La Cicer, which is known as Los Muellitos, is perfect for SUP. But also at the beach Las Canteras, near to our Surfcamp Gran Canaria, there are a lot of waves for SUP. Those are not so competed as other surfspots Gran Canaria. Because of the characteristics of the waves local surfer don’t take them into consideration usal waveriding. But they are perfect for Stand Up Paddling.

Besides a conservation area is part of the beach of Las Canteras placed in the ocean called La Barra. There is a natural reef which forms a natural swimming pool during low tide and has so a great an easy access for Stand Up Paddlers. That way you can enjoy your day above the flat ocean.

Beginner course SUP WAVES

You are already used to to paddle at lake? Or at the Mediterranean? You have tried to catch a wave, but didn’t really worked out for you so far? We are going to show you everything; the right paddling technique, how to catch a wave, how to position yourself on the board and all that without getting yourself or any other surfer in danger. Private Surf lessons are for all who want to bring their SUP skills to the next level.

PP/Night from US$ 37