Tailgate Alaska - World Freeride Festival


The ultimate freeride party, the most epic mountains. What more could you ask for? Join the world’s largest backcountry gathering.


Tailgate Alaska

The Tailgate Alaska Freeride Festival was founded in 2008 as a way to honor the pioneering spirit of riding in Valdez, while giving access to a whole new group of riders in an affordable way.

Set in the ultimate arena for riders, in the middle of Alaska's Chugach mountain range, Tailgate Alaska is your opportunity to come ride the most compelling peaks in the world at their best. Access to powder and mountain terrain is virtually unlimited.

Our goal is to get more people up to Alaska to enjoy the best riding on Earth!



Tailgate Alaska utilizes a crew built from mountain veterans: The staff of the Alaska Snow Information Center, US Snowboard Team, Alaska Back Country Adventures, Alaska Rendezvous Adventures, US Grand Prix, AMGA Mountain Guides, The Olympics as well as a crew of former professional athletes, Alaska legends and legends in the making


Andrew Hardingham

Event Host

Andrew Hardingham is a profoundly unique individual and will no doubt be getting in tune with his internal powder pig at Tailgate Alaska. Andrew will serve as host and, we'll have to wait and see what happens next.


Mark Sullivan

Event Director

Mark Sullivan founded Tailgate Alaska World Freeride Festival in 2008 with the idea to make the world’s best mountains and snow conditions accessible to more people. Mark’s event experience includes working for NBC Sports at the 2002, 2006 and 2010 Olympic Winter Games, working for the US Snowboarding Grand Prix from 1999—present, and more than 10 years of working at the US Open of Snowboarding. In addition, Mark founded the World Quarterpipe Championships in 1998 and the Cutters Cup World Park Building Championships in 2001. As the Editor in Chief of Snowboarder Magazine, and later Founder/Publisher of SNOWBOARD Magazine, Mark’s media expertise has exponentially grown the event over its first five seasons through international media exposure.


Day Franzen

Operations Director

Day Franzen is the man around Tailgate — from driving the cat, to directing all aspects of the Tailgate base camp, Day has been there and done it all when it comes to resorts. He was a co-founder of the world-renowned Cutters Camp terrain park camps. Also as Founder/CEO of Kingvale, Day was involved in all aspects of operating and managing that groundbreaking operation. As freestyle terrain park manager of Mt. Snow, Day takes a mountain of experience from the West to developing cutting-edge terrain on the East Coast.


Elizabeth Sullivan

Office Manager

Liz runs the office and helps Mark with pre-production for the Tailgate events. Her experience as Group Managing Editor of Primedia's American Motorcycle Magazine Group, as well as co-founder and inaugural Managing Editor of SNOWBOARD Magazine, makes her an indispensable part of the Tailgate team.


Jeff Harper

Video Manager

Jeff has been involved with video production for more than a decade, producing First Hand episodes for Fuel TV as well as managing all aspects of Crankworx Colorado's (now named the Colorado Freeride Festival) event and media production.


Osifer Moss


In his day job, 'Osifer Moss' is a Sergeant and watch commander in the Burlington Vermont Police Department. He deals with messed up shit all day/night long — drug dealers, wife beaters, homicides and hopped-up frat boys. At Tailgate, he oversees security and responds to any "situations" that may arise. 'Osifer Moss' works with local and state police in Alaska to ensure a smooth-running event — while getting his share of heli laps.


Pam Grillo Robinson

Head Chef

To 'keep it in the family,' it only seemed natural to bring Pam Grillo Robinson in as Head Chef. As the very loving mother of A-Rob, she is already part of our family, and we are honored to have her back for the 2013 event.


Rasmus Ostergaard

Sponsorship/European Ambassador

Rasmus has been involved with the snowboarding industry for a long time. How long? Remember Crazy Banana? He was the Scandinavian distributor — well, Ras has learned a lot since the early '90s. He has gone on to be the CEO of Method Snowboard Magazine and currently is a partner in Chuckbuddies LTD.



Sean Wisner leads Tailgate Alaska's safety efforts. As Director of the Alaska Avalanche Information Center, he organizes a crew of snow safety professionals to generate snow reports, teaches classes and acts as on-site responders to incidents on the Alaskan venue.


Joe Weber bleeds Tailgate. We mean it, just ask to see his tattoo. Joe has been coming to Tailgate for a few years and has expanded into an operations role. In the off-season Joe runs, I Rip'Em, You Ride' Em Splitboards.


Tyler Dewitt is coming back for his third year at Tailgate Alaska. He is a veteran of big-mountain riding and helps out with operations at base camp.


Eric Eckles brings years of resort operations experience to the Tailgate staff. This upcoming 2013 event will be Eric's third year on the Tailgate operations team.


Andy Bergin-Sperry is a bad ass up-and-coming rider. He also happens to be a responsible kid, ready for the work of helping hundreds of riders access the backcountry. When not organizing things at base camp, look for Andy to pioneer new ways around the mountains.


"Opie" is the current defending champion of Man Games and the announcer for those competitions. If you have any questions about sledding or about the tech side of your sled, Opie is the man to go to. His fun-loving, hyped-up bellows will lead you to him.


Nick Alexakos works on the Flow World Freeride Championships contest formats and judging. He is one of the most experienced veterans of the competition circuit, as the US Snowboarding and Freeskiing Event Manager at USSA, and the Media Coordinator at ESPN X-Games.


Eric Webster brings more than two decades of competition management to the Flow World Freeride Championships. In addition to working with NBC Sports at the Olympics, Eric is competition director for the US Ski and Snowboard Grand Prix competitions.


Nicolas Demetrio is a well-loved member of the Tailgate family for a few years now. The Chilean sensation ensures everyone around base camp is having a good time.



PP/Night from US$ 399