The Inn Manzanillo Bay

Mexico: Guerrero

Comfortable beach bungalows offered with a smooth left-hander in front, swimming pool, easy access to the airport and surfboard demo centre on site

LowPressure Stormrider Surf Guide says

The state of Guerrero is still haunted by the ghost of Petacalco, an insane, world-class right, in a land of mellow lefts. It’s southern neighbour Oaxaca, is home of the most famous Mexican wave, Puerto Escondido, but it was Guerrero that catapulted Mexico onto the world tourism stage. The state became increasingly popular in the 1940’s with the development of Acapulco, still the #1 tourist destination in the country today. In the 1970’s the federal government tried to repeat Acapulco’s rapid growth, and promoted Ixtapa Zihuatanejo as the place to go. Surfing began in the extremely mountainous state in the 1960’s, with exploration based along a narrow, 500km (312mi) long, coastal strip. In the ‘70s surf explorers Naughton and Peterson unveiled Petacalco perfection to the world.

Grinding, sand-churning barrels can still be found at Petacalco, despite the coastal armouring and West Guerrero is chock-full of thumping beachbreak and a fair number of points and reef/sand combos. East of Acapulco’s madness is almost exclusively sandy beach, punctuated by many estuaries, rivers and streams from the coastal lagoon systems. With the right swell (small to med) and some N or E in the wind, there’s plenty of lightly surfed waves at places like Copala, La Bocana or the left point at Maldonado, which has S wind protection and more options in the immediate area.

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Your Own Point Break

A quick and easy surf vacation from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, Manzanillo Bay is the sparkling blue crescent of the Pacific located in Troncones, just 30 minutes north of Ixtapa and the airport in Zihuatanejo. Hidden away and off the beaten tourist path, Manzanillo Bay is a sanctuary, protected from prevailing winds and large line-ups, and is home to Manzanillo Point - a spectacular left point break that is literally 10 steps and a two-minute paddle away. 12 steps at the most!

The waves in front of the Inn are virtually your own and consistently good; more often than not being surfable all day. Depending on the swell and your skill level however, you may choose to check out one of the numerous other breaks in the area. Saladita - the "wave machine" - is a predictable break for all levels located just down the road and The Ranch - a.k.a. "El Rancho" - thumps out long barreling lefts well regarded in surfing circles around the globe. Depending on the day, we'll point you in the right direction, but usually, you'll like the looks of things right out of our front door.

PP/Night from US$ 98