USA: Orange County - South

A guided B&B surf experience in California, the classic surf destination.

All About Surfing

Surfing is different. Surfing is a lifestyle. Surfing is addictive. And it is certainly a lot of fun. Of course, surfing is done in the ocean, and everything you do out there is dangerous. There are Risks, so that's why we at TheCaliCamp send you only with trained and experienced surfers.

Surfing has a long History. European encounter it the first time 1767 when they arrived at the coast of Tahiti. The fascination of Surfing is incredible. I'm writing this as a Swiss Guy who grow up in a Country with no ocean. Only Mountains. So I did a lot of Ski, Snow- and Skateboarding (I even got a ticket for it). But when I caught my first wave, it changed everything.

It's right, you only ride a wave for an average of six seconds. You may even go out on the Ocean and you wait an hour for a good wave. But then there is one coming. You start to paddle, the wave takes you, you jump on the board - and then you feel it - a moment of magic. That's all you're looking for and for that moment in time, its all that matters.

At TheCaliCamp we want you to have that magic moment. So we train our Surfguides to bring you to the best spots, to give you a safe and awesome experience. No matter if you are a beginner or a experienced surfer. You can be sure, everyone at the Camp knows that very special feeling, when you get up on your Surfboard and feel that magic moment. See you when you get here.

PP/Night from US$ 142