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South Africa: Jeffrey's Bay

The best accommodation in J-Bay with views of Supertubes right out front, other right-handers within walking distance and superb guiding and classes offered.

Amenities & Activities

Whatever you dreamed of for your holiday and surf safari, we will arrange it for you.  A visit to South- Africa can not be complete without have taken a game drive. The typical African animals are still a big determination factor for some peoples way of life and are for the others simply a part of their ancient culture. Especially the big five (Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino and Leopard) still have a vote in this country. To get to know the African culture and to try to understand this culture means to try and understand to power, these animals still hold over the human nation. To experience the interaction between mankind and them. This experience you can not find in a zoo, where these beautiful creatures are held behind bars but only in the open nature where they can live their life as wild and free animals. Only this way the animals place on earth can be preserved the way it was meant to be.

We offer you 2 options:


Lombardini game farm

Lombardini Game Farm is situated in the Seekoei River Valley just outside Jeffreys Bay, only a few minutes away. Their professional tour guides take you around the park to introduce you to the wonders of African nature. More than 20 different kinds of African species are preserved in this reservation, including the White Rhino, Giraffe, Buffalo, Fish Eagles, different species of Antelope, etc… Your guide will take you as close as possible to observe and photograph them. Of course safety is always remained. During the tour he gives explanation about the animals you’re spotting, African nature, the danger of extinction,…. and is more than happy to answer your questions. After the drive you have the opportunity to visit the gift shop at the farm and to talk about your unique experience over a nice cold drink.

Lion park

Our second offer is Lion Park in Port Elizabeth, a forty minutes drive away from J-Bay. Lion Park offers visitors a unique close-up game viewing experience of wild animals in their natural habitat. As the name implies Lion Park’s main attraction is the lions. At present, the lion population is approximately 55, most of them white lions. Several years ago the white lion was very close to extinction. To give this species a change for survival, the park started a breeding programme. The aim of the Park’s continued breeding programme is to create a second gene pool to breed healthy white lions and to conserve this rare species. This means encouraging the breeding, raising the cubs to strong and healthy lions and setting them free into nature. Thanks to the great success of the programme, the white lion population increased already by 60.

For interested visitors, feeding time is at 12.00 noon every Sunday and there is also the possibility to pet the little lion cubs. The cubs up to Three months old, are kept apart so they can grow strong to compete with the others. At this stage, they are very playful and curious to humans and don’t mind playing a little game of innocent wrestling or with you. It might be better to leave your flip flops at home because those things seem to be the ultimate toy for them. Apart from its primary role as a game-viewing and lion-breeding facility, the Lion Park is also a renowned Sanctuary which successfully treats and rehabilitates many sick or injured animals. The park also offers tigers, zebra’s (who run around freely) and a big amount of African birds.

After visiting the animals it might be a good idea to enjoy a light meal and refreshments in the African-Theme Restaurant. The restaurant offers a vantage point of the panoramic hilly terrain to the north filled with wildlife, and to the south a view of the ocean, where whales and dolphins are often spotted and is the starting point of the “elevated walk”. The elevated walk is most certainty on your “to do” list. Take a walk along the new Sappi Adamas Mill Walkway and view the animals such as meerkat, crocodile, monkeys and lion cubs, at close quarters. Being above their habitat, makes it easier to observe them and to follow their every move. And don’t forget to stroll through the Curio shop where you are bound to find the perfect African Gift for your loved ones back home.

PP/Night from US$ 130