Xinalani Retreat

Mexico: Nayarit

Stay in an exclusive retreat with out of this world facilities, staff and activities. Soak up the views and the ambience at this beach side resort.


What about safety in Mexico? Is it safe to go to Xinalani?
Though Americans have been advised in recent years to travel to Mexico with caution, the Puerto Vallarta area hasn’t been affected by crime. Violence is located in other regions of Mexico far away from Puerto Vallarta. Also, there are no roads to Xinalani! Xinalani is accessible only by water, making the resort peaceful, secluded, and a real pain in the butt for a criminal to get to. We want our guests to feel completely secure, that is why, although our area is completely safe and has record low crime rates that most American cities envy, we offer a fully escorted shuttle service from the airport to the resort. Read more about safety in Xinalani here.

Internet & Communication

Is there Wi-Fi?

No. During your stay at Xinalani, we challenge you to get out of the rat race. Find out how sunrises feel so much better when you don’t rush to check your phone for email. Evenings are magnificent when you focus on the gorgeous beach sunset for yourself and not for your Facebook wall. No text messages, instant messenger or email notifications of any sort, a dream come true. This week you can choose to disconnect and find inner peace.

Of course, each guest has different needs and responsibilities, so you can use Wi-Fi at the frontdesk when it is working. Remember we are located in a remote jungle area with no road access, hence no land telecommunications. Meaning our Wi-Fi connection is usually unstable. Sometimes there can be no Wi-Fi at all for prolonged periods for reasons completely out of our control.

Is there cellular phone service?
We do get a decent cell phone service from major Mexican operators. Guests reported that both AT&T and Verizon work all right.

Location & Transportation

How far away from the airport is Xinalani?
Xinalani stands about 20 miles south of Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR), it will take you minimum 45 min to get to the resort from the airport. Depending on boat traffic that day, it may require some waiting time (up to an hour) at the API Terminal Marítima pier. Check out Xinalani on Google Maps to get a sense of location and distances.

How do I get to Xinalani?
In order to get to Xinalani, you will have to take a boat, there’s no access by road. Please read detailed instructions, times and costs about boat transfer, in How to get there.
You may also choose the comfort of the Shuttle Service ($100 per person round trip) and be picked up at the airport and transferred to the resort in a personalized fashion.

My arrival flight lands at 7:30 pm, can I still make the last boat?
We request that our guests select an arrival flight that lands no later than 4:30 pm, it makes things much easier for the boat transfer. Our last boat service leaves at 6:30 pm from a little fisherman town called Boca de Tomatlán, 45 min south of Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR).
Traveling by boat at night is not recommended for safety reasons. For that matter, if you cannot be at the pier at 6:30 pm we recommend you spend the night in Puerto Vallarta and catch an early boat in the morning.

My departure flight leaves at 7:00 am, How can I be at the airport at 5:00 am?
We do recommend our guests to select a departure flight that takes off no earlier than 11:00 am, it makes things much easier for the boat transfer. Our first boat service leaves at 8:00 am from Xinalani.
Traveling by boat at night is not recommended for safety reasons. For that matter, if you have to be at the airport very early in the morning, we recommend you spend the night in mainland Puerto Vallarta and catch an early taxi to the airport in the morning.

Is there parking area near the resort?
There’s a public parking area in a small fisherman town called Boca de Tomatlán, 45 min south of Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR), where you can catch a boat (or “panga” in local Spanish) to go to Xinalani.

Can we take a boat back to town and go shopping?
Yes, there are frequent water taxis that can bring you to Puerto Vallarta, or you can charter the Xinalani panga to take you to town and pick you up when you’re done shopping and sight-seeing. We can arrange a day or afternoon trip to Puerto Vallarta for shopping and stuff. The boat costs $20 US per person round trip min 4 people. It will drop you off at Playa de los Muertos pier in downtown Puerto Vallarta, and will collect you when you’re done to bring you back to the resort.

Check-In Check-Out

At what time can we check-in?
Starting at 4:00 pm

At what time is check out?
Between 7:00 am and 11:30 am

Children Policy

Are children allowed in the retreat center?
Little babies younger than 5 years old are not allowed at Xinalani, the minimum age for our guests is 6 years old. For children from 6 to 12 years old the charge will be 50% off from the total cost of the room per night. Guests older than 13 years old pay full rate per night.

The Beach

Is the beach swimmable? Is it safe to swim?
Yes the beach is swimmable and safe most of the time. During the winter, from November to March, we’re exposed to North Swells that give us great waves, perfect for surfing. Those waves can be intimidating to some swimmers. The water is clean and beautiful.

Is the Ocean warm enough to swim?
The water is warm enough all year long: low 70s in the winter, and mid-80s in the summer.

Is the beach sandy or rocky?
We are very fortunate at Xinalani because we have immediate access to two wonderful beaches. The one in front of the resort has both sand and great inspiring animal-shaped rocks. It also has private natural coves.
The other beach on the left-hand side when facing the ocean is pure sand. That beach gets a very nice surf break in the winter season from November to April, surfers enjoy that beach a lot.

Are there long chairs and umbrellas on the beach?
Yes, Xinalani has a nice beach club with long chairs, and umbrellas. Ask our waiters for the Bar Menu, and enjoy our special cocktails (mmm margarita!), while relaxing.

Do you have a swimming pool or a hot tub?
No we don’t have a swimming pool nor a hot tub, just the second biggest swimming pool in North America: The Bay of Banderas. If you’re feeling like a sweat, we can offer you a rustic steam bath in our temazcal.

How’s the surf?
Quimixto is a very nice left surf break, perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. You can read more about surfing at Xinalani here.
To get frequently updated surf reports and swell statistics, please visit, or any other qualified swell forecast website.

Do you have surf board rentals?
Yes, we have the following board inventory immediately available on property:
– four 6-footer short-boards, for intermediate and advanced surfers
– one 7.2 feet short board
– two 8 feet long boards
– two 9 feet long boards
– three 10 feet stand-up paddle boards
The cost of board rental for 2 hours is $35 USD. For a whole week, it is $200 USD.

Should you require a specific board size or shape, please email us at least two weeks before arrival so we have time to look for it with our usual providers. To guarantee the best surf experience, we recommend you bring your own board. A private English-speaking surf instructor is available upon request. Learn more in Surfing Classes

Food & Beverages

Do you have wine on the property or do we have to bring our own?
Yes, we serve wine, beer, and a selection of delicious fresh hand shaken, stirred or mixed cocktails. Drinks from outside the resort are not allowed on the property. Want to bring your own bottle? Our corkage fee is US$50 per bottle.

We need animal protein; we like to eat meat, is that possible at Xinalani?
As a matter of fact, and due to popular demand, we have modified our menu to include more fresh fish, seafood, and occasionally some chicken. Please take good note of the fact that our kitchen does not serve red meat.

We are vegan, raw foodist, etc? How’s your menu?
Although we try to cater to mainstream yogis (vegetarian with fish and sea food), our menu may be adapted to our guests’ needs, please send us your specifics at least two weeks before your arrival. We can cater to vegan, raw, gluten free requests. Some requests may trigger an additional fee.
Ask us for a sample of our Menu to have an idea of what will be served during your stay at Xinalani.

I’m allergic to gluten, mushrooms, peanuts, etc..
We can help you, let us know of your food allergy 2 weeks at least before your arrival to the retreat, and we’ll make sure your diet restrictions will be catered to.


How many rooms do you have?
There are 23 rooms in total, 8 Eco-chic suites, 5 Petite Suites, 8 Deluxe Rooms and 2 Shared Palapas, Small & Big Palapa.

Which rooms have king size beds?
Eco Chic Suites 2, 4, 6, and 15 have king size beds.

Petite Suites 8 & 11 have king size beds.

Can you accommodate 3 or 4 people in one room?
Yes, but the three or foursome would have to share two double beds. Inquire with us for the rates of triples and quadruples. Or we can have a single bed added to your Eco-chic or Petite Suite at an additional charge.

Do rooms have privacy?
All the accommodations we offer are open air, however, due to talented architecture, our suites give guests a great sense of privacy. The sound of the Ocean and the Jungle cover conversations.

What rooms have a view to the Ocean?
Although the Eco-Chic Suites have a broader and nicer view, all rooms in Xinalani have a view to the Ocean.

Do rooms have windows or are they totally open to the elements?
One of our guests recently wrote that Xinalani’s suites have three walls and one window open to the universe. We left the window facing the ocean open so our guests can gently blend with the elements and enjoy this natural wonder. All the accommodations we offer are open air, which means you need to be open to the occasional visit of a harmless wild animal (no worries, coatis are very friendly).

Is there electricity in the rooms?
Yes, all rooms have very low consumption LED bulbs that give a nice dim ambar lighting at night time, there’s also a reading area. Should you wish to read in your bed at night, please bring a book light or a head light.
There are two 110 V outlets in each room to plug cameras, cell phones and battery chargers. Xinalani does not allow the use of hair dryers or other high intensity electric devices that could damage the electric installation.

Do rooms all have their own bathroom?
Yes, all rooms have their own private bathroom.

Is there hot water in the rooms?

Can I use my own soap and shampoo?
In an eco-friendly effort, we recycle all water for irrigation so we kindly ask you to use only biodegradable soaps and shampoos. The ones we provide you with are all organic and biodegradable.

What are the room categories?
From the higher end to the most accessible: Eco-Chic Suite (either 1 King Size bed or 2 double beds), Petite Suite (either 1 King Size bed or 2 double beds), Deluxe Room (either 1 Double Bed or 2 single Beds), Small Palapa (Shared dorm with 4 single beds) and Big Palapa (Shared dorm with 8 single beds).

Do you have a dorm or a bigger room that can accommodate families?
Yes, the Big Palapa has 8 single beds and two full bathrooms. We also have a Small Palapa which has 4 Single beds and one full bathroom.
How many Shared Palapas are there?
We have 2 Shared Palapas, Small & Big Palapa.


What’s the weather like?
If you wish to know the average temperatures and rain statistics, click on the previous link for reliable information or run a Google search with the words Weather+Puerto+Vallarta.

What about bugs and mosquitoes?
There are very little bugs and mosquitoes (except during the rain season which is July to September). If you are worried about bugs, rest assured that you will feel protected at night by the gorgeous silky white nettings on top of the beds. Most public areas at night are lighten by lemongrass candles that repel bugs, and if you need an extra protection, you can purchase eco-friendly mosquito repellent from our boutique.

Do you have international liability insurance?


Is Xinalani accessible to people with limited mobility ?
Unfortunately not. On the contrary, getting to Xinalani requires a certain level of physical fitness. Xinalani was designed for people in search of some kind of adventure. To get there, you will have to travel by panga, a small (25-30 ft) fiber glass mexican boat with an outboard engine. You will most probably wet your feet and knees as you will jump off the boat on to the beach alla Indiana Jones! Our retreat center is built on a very steep terrain and there are many many stairs, and no elevator, which is let’s face it, a once in a lifetime opportunity to get back in shape.

Staff Gratuities

If we want to leave a tip, how does that work?
Tipping is customary in Mexico. You may leave gratuities at check-out and the management will distribute them to the staff evenly. Min recommended $15 US per day and per guest.

Spa Tips & Policies

1. Reservations are made at front-desk. Our receptionists can assist you in the correct selection of your treatments. Listed prices are in USD, all local taxes included.

2. Treatments can be charged to your room’s bill and be payed at check-out.

3. Gratuities are not included. We recommend a minimum of 15% of gratuities for your therapist. You can pay tips in cash directly to the therapist, if not, you can sign for them, they will be charged to your room’s account due at check-out.

4. Please do not forget to show up for your appointment. No-shows will be fully charged to your room’s account.

5. Spa services are not cancelable but can be rescheduled based on Spa availability if advised with 24 hours anticipation.

6. We recommend to be at Xinalani Spa 15 minutes before your appointment. Arriving late will limit the time of your treatment. It is recommended to drink water before your services and to avoid taking a treatment with a full stomach.

7. For all guests who have any ailment or health condition we request to fill our medical survey and notify the Spa therapist before your treatment.

PP/Night from US$ 175